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This Unusual French Onion Soup Is the Best You'll Ever Eat

French onion soup is the culinary equivalent of being curled up with a plush blanket in front of a crackling fire. Ooey, gooey, salty, and savory, there is really nothing quite like it this time of...

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One more Paris lightening round - Chez Janou or Bistro Bellet?

by mdershewitz 6 years ago

We are looking for a delicious and fun mostly-classic French bistro...which one of these is preferable? Staying in the Marais in 3 weeks... Thanks!


by bayoucook 11 years ago

Please use this space or the created category links to discuss recipes, results, and reviews. See Guidelines for Posting Recipes - remember to paraphrase or use a link. This should be fun, let's ge...

The missing elusive complex backnote

by Puffin3 6 years ago

Many who have eaten seafood dishes in S. French restaurants will say there's a certain backnote flavor that isn't found in NA resturants at all or rarely. Is it the type of seafood? Is it the wate...

What do you use Duxelle for?

Hank Hanover
by Hank Hanover 11 years ago

Duxelle is a chopped mushroom dish. It is fairly common in french cuisine. Here is a link to a recipe for it. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-live/mushroom-duxelle-recipe/index.html ...

Caneles in Montreal?

by jlunar 9 years ago

Hey guys, I'll be heading to MTL in a couple weeks and am curious to know if anyone had suggestions on finding some good caneles? Maybe I searched it wrong, but I couldn't find mention of it on the...

Lyon, France

by JW206 6 years ago

Bonjour! I am new here and just wanted to share my recent experience eating in Lyon, since I found this site so helpful when deciding where to eat and thought I should give back to the Chow communi...

French? Midtown...Midtown East

by r32nissan 6 years ago

Any suggestions for good solid french fare in Midtown/Midtown East? Anywhere between 45th - 55th streets and 2nd Ave to 6th ave? Have gone to Papillion, La Genouille, L'entrecote (it's in my bu...

Le Select

by millygirl 6 years ago

Just returned from a very disappointing lunch at Le Select. We use to go quite often and enjoyed many meals there. Was craving onion soup and Le Pappilon is closed Mondays so we decided on LS. ...

Paris 2 and 3 stars

by BSR84 7 years ago

Going to Paris for the first time with my girlfriend late summer. Would like to try one of the really high regarded Paris restaurants. Not super concerned with price, just going for the quintess...

Help with my food itinerary

by sgilliga 6 years ago

Hi all, Thanks in advance for your help. I am planning a 3-night trip to NYC in June, and have to decide on three dinners. Right now I am thinking 1) sushi omekase, 2) French, and 3) tasting menu. ...

Rebelle - Paris On Le Bowery

by mitchleeny 7 years ago

We had a quite fine meal the other night at Rebelle, the restaurant that has opened right next-door to Pearl & Ash; it's from the same team, with a chef recruited from Restaurant Spring, in Paris. ...

Republique (A Photo Story)

by TheOffalo 7 years ago

[From: http://theoffalo.com/2015/03/republique/.] It’s funny, I’ve seen République appear on a few “Best New Restaurant” type lists at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, but I...

What happened to Le Papillon on Front?

by jillvis 10 years ago

Our family has been going to Le Papillon for years. When it moved to Front Street, the same familiar menu followed. We went there the other night, hoping for the same familiar menu, and we found th...

"Sweet Note Dessert" - Gem of a find in Markham and offering the BEST Souffle in the GTA, period!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 8 years ago

In the mood for a great dessert Souffle? This newly opened cozy little dessert boutique in Markham offers IMHO, the best tasting French Souffle in the GTA!! Better than Didier ( now closed ), Ici B...

Client lunch by Lincoln Center

by edc09 7 years ago

Hi guys, I need to give suggestions for a client lunch by Lincoln Center. The suggestions I already gave were shot down (see below). Looking at $20 plates (per person). The client likes Ame...

Paris Trip: Too much of the same?

by jba256 7 years ago

In Paris for a week in May. I've got queued up: - Neige d'ete - Le Cinq (lunch) - Les Déseteurs - Le Relais Louis XIII - Encore (lunch) - Verjus - Chez L'Ami Jean Also planning/ho...

Praline- Artisinal Made-In-House French Chocolates and Baked Goods !

by opinionatedchef 7 years ago

Jpan99 mentioned this new Belmont shop on the New Openings thread in early Jan. I haven't been there yet, but their products look lovely on their website.The owner, Sophie, trained in France and is...

Aux Merveilleux de Fred – Heavenly Meringue Pastries

by ZaZa 7 years ago

We just got something really good in the West Village. This patisserie just opened today for business. I think they’re already tired of me. Nearly every day I’ve been popping my head in the door...

Good pastry shops (French?)

by JunieB 7 years ago

I've been to Paris Baguette inside H Mart in Elkins Park and it's actually decent, but I was wondering if there are places in the city where you can go sit and have a good latte or a nice cup of te...

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