13 Make-Ahead Freezer Meals for Easy Weeknight Dinners No Matter What

Meal prep is great for knocking out various components to use in breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week, but complete make-ahead freezer recipes can be even better for those nights you just...

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Refrigerator/freezer organization

by Ucdavis 8 years ago

How do you organize what you keep in your kitchen fridge and freezer AND garage or basement fridges/freezers? What goes where?

Using Walk-In Freezer to Cool Food

by lamb_da_calculus 9 years ago

I'm lucky enough to live in a dorm with kitchen facilities that include a walk-in freezer. It's about 9'x5'x9', maybe a little less. Today I roasted some cauliflower and since I didn't want to leav...

Need new fridge -- get bottom freezer?

by alkapal 11 years ago

I need a new refrigerator, but have a small kitchen. So, I can't get a huge one. I don't think any side-by-sides would fit. But, I want the most efficient use of space, and was wondering, is it be...

42" bottom freezer fridge?

by slada 9 years ago

Hi all I am looking for a 42" bottom freezer fridge- want the width of the entire appliance for use in the fridge rather than a split side by side. I know KA/JA make one, any experience with this ...

Chest freezer

by nikkihwood 10 years ago

We are about to enter kitchen reno hell. Fortunately, we will not be at home for it. [how great is that? Designer will email photos every day.. I will still worry. We've dealt with this team in th...

Subzero or Thermador Refer/freezer?

by SamP 13 years ago

Hi, can you help me decide between the Subzero or Thermador refridgerator & freezer? Is the Subzero all that much better because of its dual compressors? Is the Thermador actually, noticeably quie...

Freezer Smells Activated Filter Carbon??

by sakeandgin 9 years ago

Can I use the Carbon that you would put in a fish tank in my freezer? I think I saw this mentioned on a cooking show. Baking soda did not help nor a thorough cleaning.

What is the coldest part of a bottom-freezer refrigerator?

by goodeatsgal 9 years ago

Traditionally (I think), the advice to store things in the coldest part of the refrigerator has referred to the type of refrigerator which has the freezer on top, and to store things on the bottom....

Need advice for which large chest freezer to buy

by bustersfriend 10 years ago

Please share the good, the bad & the ugly before I make this substantial purchase. Need at least 19 cu feet (our smaller chest freezer just barely held the 1/2 beef we purchased last year & that m...

Thermador Built-in Refrigerator and Freezer Columns

by travelinfoodie 10 years ago

I have fallen in love with the sleek look of the Thermador Freedom Collection built in fresh food and freezer columns. However, I can't find any reviews on them. We all know pretty is nice but ...

21 cubic ft. freezer vs. 17 cu. ft freezer-- much of a size difference?

by achilles007 10 years ago

Hi am deciding between a 21 cu. ft freezer going for $479.00 on Craig's list versus. a 17 cu. ft. one that is going for $150.00 Obviously SIZE is of MUCH importance-- but my preferred budget is ...

Bottom Freezer - Love or Hate?

by pongstress 11 years ago

Hello! I'm considering a "bottom-freezer" refrigerator for the 1st time and can really use some feedback: Here are my reservations: 1) Bottom swing door annoying - ? (Pull out drawers see...

Fridge/freezer thermometer

by hobbess 11 years ago

Anybody have a specific recommendations for a fridge/freezer thermometer, something to measure the temperature of a fridge? My fridge has a knob to help control how cold it is, but its kind of use...

Freezer alarm?

by mommasue 11 years ago

OK, so I had a freezer (in the garage) go 'dark' for...who knows how long? Everything was warm & stinky, total loss, freezer had to go, and we got a new one. Just realized the NEW one was off, foo...

Drawer vs. Door under-counter Freezers?

by cwladis 11 years ago

We are remodeling our kitchen in Manhattan (so space is very limited), and are looking at under-counter freezers. We've been looking at Summit appliances so far. I'd like to have a freezer for tw...

Electrolux French Door, Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator, any experiences

by SARAMOR 11 years ago

any one have one of these? are they worth the extra money say over a KitchenAid or Maytag? any issues or problems with them?

Looking to purchase upright freezer--your experiences?

by nofunlatte 11 years ago

I've got a milestone b-day in a couple of months and I'd like to treat myself to something big! I am looking to buy a freezer, probably upright because of the ease of access to food and the smalle...

Fridge w/o freezer

by bmorecupcake 12 years ago

I have been trying to find a full-size home refrigerator with no freezer, one large vegetable cabinet at the bottom, and a minimal number of very sturdy shelves. Preferably without any door shelve...

Buying half a pig...what size freezer do I need?

by grandgourmand 12 years ago

I'm planning on buying half a pig. Space is an issue. Is a 5 cu. ft freezer big enough?

small patio sized outdoor freezer

by thew 12 years ago

did a littlke googling last night late, but thought i'd throw it out here aqs well. i'm looking for a small freezer (im guess 3 - 5 cubic feet, but that's really just off the top of my head) tha...