Are non frost-free freezers really better for meat storage?

by ipsedixit 10 years ago

I've been told that the now-common frost-free freezers can promote freezer burn in meats (and seafood) because the ai...


AzCoronaDog commented 3 days ago

Horrible freezer odor problem

by takadi 6 years ago

So I've got this problem where almost everything I put into my freezer will have the smell and taste of chemical/plas...


fresyl commented 12 months ago

Power Requirement for Chest Freezer?

by reub 10 years ago

Hi All, Thanks to everyone who's posted with great information on chest freezers in past threads. I have one quest...


altaf1 commented 1 year ago

Compact Over the Counter Freezer

by kenwbrowne 1 year ago

Hi. I am interested in getting an over the counter compact freezer to install above my counter. I am installing a ref...

hill food

hill food commented 1 year ago

Horrible odor coming from freezer and frig!!!!!!!

by melinda67 3 years ago

Last week, i noticed a bad odor in freezer, only smelled somewhat in refrig but mostly in freezer. I cleaned it out, ...


thegforceny commented 1 year ago

Optimum freezer temperature

by Boxman 1 year ago

Intellectual curiosity got the better of me this evening, so I'm turning to the experts. What is the optimum free...


MikeG commented 1 year ago

Freezer: Upright - Small - Auto Defrost == Does such a thing exist?

by negscj 7 years ago

Hi. I'm looking for a freezer. I want it to be: upright (not chest) small (anywhere from a tiny 1 cubic foot ...


jojo123 commented 2 years ago

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small chest freezer recommendation

babette feasts
by babette feasts 2 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a small chest freezer, around 5 cubic feet, preferably energy star, and wondering if anyone had a...

Best freezer/microwave safe food storage containers

by josephnl 3 years ago

We are a family of two, and invariably when I make soup or stews, I want to freeze leftovers in pint or quart contain...


kaleokahu commented 3 years ago

What freezer to buy?

by bachchick 3 years ago

I had a small cheap upright freezer that stopped working (of course it was full of meat et. al.) That was bad enough,...


coll commented 3 years ago

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refrigerator freezers with open wire racks vs closed bins

by bukaren3 3 years ago

Which is better for maintaining food quality?

Labeling plastic containers for freezer storage

by rdt01 4 years ago

Hounds, What do you use to label plastic containers in your freezer, to keep track of what and especially when you...


Sniggles commented 4 years ago

Replace Upright Freezer that Lives on Back Porch?

by DebinIndiana 4 years ago

This is a long post, about a freezer in an unheated space. I'm looking for advice on a replacement freezer. We li...


DebinIndiana commented 4 years ago

Are commerical fridges and freezer okay for a residence?

by sktexas 4 years ago

Considering buying commercial fridge and freezer (separate units, compressors) but have read reviews about loud decib...


ferret commented 4 years ago

French Door, Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - New Owners, Please Post

by liu 12 years ago

We are about to purchase a French Door Refrigerator with a Bottom-Freezer. It seems that our choices are limited to A...


bfridge commented 4 years ago

Frozen ice on the OUTSIDE bottom of my freezer: how did it happen?

by gfr1111 4 years ago

My girlfriend and I own a Samsung refrigerator that is about 18 months old. It is one of those models that have rece...


genoO commented 4 years ago

freezer door left ajar OVERNIGHT!!

by kseiverd 4 years ago

Obviously NOT on purpose. Discovered it this morning with ice in bin starting to get a bit sloshy. All I could do a...


Chemicalkinetics commented 4 years ago

Problem with fridge/freezer--any advice?

by italianyc84 4 years ago

We've lived in an apartment the last two years, the landlord says the fridge (a frigadaire) is only about 5 years old...


mikie commented 4 years ago

Refrigerator/freezer organization

by Ucdavis 5 years ago

How do you organize what you keep in your kitchen fridge and freezer AND garage or basement fridges/freezers? What go...


DuffyH commented 5 years ago

Using Walk-In Freezer to Cool Food

by lamb_da_calculus 6 years ago

I'm lucky enough to live in a dorm with kitchen facilities that include a walk-in freezer. It's about 9'x5'x9', maybe...


NVJims commented 6 years ago