Fort Collins


Smoked ham hocks in N Colorado

by FoodFan100 3 years ago

Is there anywhere to buy smoked ham hocks in Loveland / Fort Collins area?

Asian in Fort Collins?

by sweth 6 years ago

Any recs for even vaguely authentic Asian (east, SE, or south) in Ft Collins? Here for a week and the locals I am staying with are insisting that there is none that they have found yet in a year he...

Top restaurants on Christmas day in Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland or Windsor (or nearby), Colorado

by pooky 7 years ago

Can anyone make a recommendation for Christmas Day dinner in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley or Windsor for 6 adults? Two of the adults are in their 80's but they are open to most kinds of food. T...

Fort Collins - Don't want breakfast

by Seanchai 7 years ago

It's odd for a town the size of Fort Collins to have so many of their "best" restaurant options be breakfast places. I'm going to Fort Collins on a mostly beer-focused itinerary that has us ending...

Dining suggestions in Fort Collins and Boulder?

by Peasweet9 8 years ago

Hello all! My husband and I are looking for any great suggestions you have of CAN'T miss meals! We live in LA (just moved from NY) so ideally something unique and "colorado"... We're so excited....

ColoRouge by MouCo Cheese Company in Fort Collins

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

In mid-July, my first stop on arriving in Fort Collins was to stop at the Sunday morning farmers market. I discovered MouCo’s booth and tried samples of the Camembert and ColoRouge cow’s milk...

Recommendations for Fort Collins?

by fdlvr01 11 years ago

We are new to Fort Collins and would love some recommendations/reviews of local fare. We are fairly eclectic in our food choices, so whether it's Italian, Mexican, Chinese, American, or whatever.....

Fort Collins Ice Cream: Pioneer, Kilwins & Walrus

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

Two Sundays ago I arrived in Fort Collins to 97-degree weather. Too hot to feel like eating much, so I took on the chowhounding assignment for National Ice Cream Month to check out some of the loc...

Potstickers by A and M Specialty Asian Foods at Fort Collins Farmers Market

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

Two weekends ago I arrived at the Sunday Fort Collins farmers market in time for lunch. A sweltering day with temps over 95 degrees before noon, I certainly felt for this lady slaving over the hot...

Fort Collins,Co

by normanp6809 10 years ago

We are coming up to bring daughter to Colorado State in August and need some suggestions for great eats. Your thoughts?

Anniversary Dinner in Fort Collins, CO or surrounding cities. Ideas?

by coffeebean2006 11 years ago

Hi, My husband and I will be staying in Fort Collins area for our anniversary. We are from Chicago and not very familiar with the restaurants in that area. We are looking for something that ha...

Trip Report: Denver/Fort Collins/Niwot-Longmont

by boyzmom11 11 years ago

Just spent five days in Denver and found some of the suggestions very helpful, so wanted to thank everyone and report on our findings. First day we had to travel up to Fort Collins and had break...

Suggestions for road trip eating from Fort Collins to Moab via Jackson WY and Sun Valley ID?

by Okcfind 12 years ago

Upcoming 2 week road trip, looking for dining options, mainly curious about any road side haunts. Going from Fort Collins, Co up to Jackson Wy, then over to Ketchum-Sun Valley, ID. Returning via Pr...

Fort Collins and Denver

by Moonsammy 12 years ago

Hello, My colleague and I will be working in Fort Collins for three days and then spending one night in Denver. We won't have time for any long, indulgent meals in Fort Collins but we will b...

Nice dinner in Fort Collins?

by lavendula 13 years ago

Heading into Fort Collins in 2 weeks - looking for a nice dinner option, preferably not a brew pup! Haven't had the best of luck with food in FC, so thought I'd look to the experts for help :) ...

Fort Collins lunch suggestions?

by Heyteacher 13 years ago

We are headed up on Tuesday from Denver for lunch and the New Belgium tour. Besides Big City Burrito, what would be other tasty recs for lunch? Anywhere, any type of food - thanks!

Fort Collins - Good for Chowhounds?

by aurora50 13 years ago

Hi everyone. My sister and I are exploring different options for moving (in the future) from our place in the greater Los Angeles area. I've started a Northwest thread asking about Washington and...

Roadtrip: Madison, WI to Fort Collins, CO

by hotdiggitydog 13 years ago

In a couple of weeks three friends and I will be driving from Wisconsin to Colorado to visit college friends. We will be taking I-80 the whole way through Iowa and Nebraska (unless the flooding in ...

Fresh Fish in Fort Collins/Loveland Area

by daves_32 13 years ago

good afternoon, could anyone recommend a good fishmonger in the Fort collins/Loveland area? Spring runs of river salmon, trout, and other fish would be great. Any place to go? a good grocery s...

Loveland, Fort Collins, Rocky Mountain NP and area

by wulf325 13 years ago

I have seen the posts on this area and was wondering if there is anything new. I went to open table and found the Canyon Chop House and Chimney Park but saw no posts on those here. Anyone have an...