Lockdown in Florence: How One Italian Family Is Coping by Cooking

Over the past month, life as we know it has been irrevocably altered. The new normal, as we’ve been prone to call it, revolves around staying indoors as much as possible, finding a semblance of community...

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Restaurants in Milan, Florence and Paris

by princetonchowhound 3 years ago

In the second half of December, my husband and I and another couple are going to spend several days in Milan and Florence and would like to "eat like the natives." My husband and I will be spending...

Florence Trip Report Feb 2018

by shliz 3 years ago

I lived just outside of Florence for a year in 2014, and just returned for a month, which allowed me to update and refine my "golden list" of where to eat. This is a summary of the places we tried ...

Venice - what am I missing? (And a night in Florence?)

by ponteuf 3 years ago

Hi all, headed to Venice in 2 weeks (!!). Staying in an apartment close to St Marks, we have three nights. After obsessive reading of this board, we've made two reservations, Alla Frasca and Osteri...

Sunday Lunch in Florence

by ponteuf 3 years ago

Thanks to those who have helped me out with Venice! We're set on our two Florence dinners (Sostanza on Friday, and Osteria Tripperia il Maggazino on Saturday). On Sunday, we'd like to have a lunch ...

Tuscany and Florence Foodie Trip

by nyperr 3 years ago

We are planning to go to Tuscany next month and are looking for for really, really great Tuscan restaurants and trattoria - not necessarily 5 star formal white glove service (and not any typical to...

Itinerary for Florence/Rome/Amalfi - any advice?

by LaLaLisa 3 years ago

Hi all! My husband and I are going on our honeymoon to Italy in April and food is a big part of the trip! I've put together an itinerary with a lot of the info here and on Katie Parla's site, b...

Feedback on my Florence, Perugia, Rome restos

by Scagnetti 3 years ago

We're a 70 year old couple, first time travelers to Italy, enjoy a drink, good walkers so here is our 411. All of these choices were sourced from Chowhound, food websites and the book Italy for ...

I found the best restaurant in Florence!

by roseberk1 3 years ago

I just got back from Florence and ate the best Italian food I've ever had in my life at Il Vecchio Cigno. Thought I'd share this little secret with my fellow Chowhounders! Not a big menu but everyt...

A Crudo, Florence

by GrumpyHusband 3 years ago

Near Santo Spirito. Basically a small bistro serving raw items. Fabulous atmosphere in a quaint store front. owner, Nicolas was engaging and fun. We asked him to choose plates for us. A spicy beef ...

Thoughts on a Few Restaurants in Florence

by mitchleeny 3 years ago

We're going to be spending a few nights in Florence, before heading to Rome. Wonder if anyone has tried any of the following places: Essenziale La Bottega Del Buon Caffè La Cucina del Ghia...

Food for Shore Excursions Florence Rome Naples Venice Ferraro Modena

by glecroy 4 years ago

Sorry for the long post but I could use some help. We are going on a Mediterranean cruise in June 2018 and have very little time to see everything once we leave the ship. It will be our first tim...

Long Thanksgiving Week Trip Report (Rome, Florence, Orvieto)

by concordcourtney 4 years ago

Thanks to all here who offered advice and also to the websites of Mss. Minchelli, Parla, and Fant we ate a lot of great food during our recent trip. In brief, we were a party of three: myself, my h...

4 days in Florence - restaurant critique

by ekartash 4 years ago

We are off to Florence next week for 4 nights. We studied abroad there about 15 years ago and have been back a few time since. While we have our few favorites, we wanted to add some new destinati...

Christmas 2017 in Florence

by acwernick 4 years ago

I saw that there are older discussions on this topic, but wanted to know if anyone has recent suggestions for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dining for a family of four (including two teenagers) i...

Help plan a tour to Rome

by Wiari 4 years ago

My wife and I are planning a trip to Rome for our 10th anniversary next year. We are looking to go in the Spring (April - May), and stay 5-6 nights. We have never traveled international, so this wi...

Trip Report: Venice, Emilia Romagna, Cinque Terre, Tuscany

by aphie 4 years ago

Just returned from our first trip to Venice, Emilia Romagna, Cinque Terre and Tuscany. Had many great meals and many many gelatos during our two weeks. Thanks to all the contributors to Chowhound w...

Milan, Lake Como, Liguria, Florence - September 2017

by hucklecat 4 years ago

A few notes from my 2+ weeks in Italy. Piemonte specifics here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/piemonte-september-2017-1062869 MILAN: I spent a busy week in Milan for work and my free time was ...

Florence Itinerary Review

by SaraPA 4 years ago

We are visiting Florence for the first time Fri Sept 1 and leaving Tuesday AM. Staying in an apartment near the Duomo. I could use some help/advice/review of an itinerary Fri: Arriving around...

Florence itinerary and Sunday dinner questions

by aphie 4 years ago

I will be visiting Florence in October for a first-time visit. We will be arriving Friday night and dropping off our rental car and flying out Monday afternoon. I am having trouble finding a recomm...


by Multifoiled 4 years ago

Has anyone been to this newish restaurant? I read a write up of it on Elizabeth Minchilli's blog and it intrigued me. I also saw it listed on Eater's 10 Hottest new restaurants in Florence posted 1...