From salmon to battered cod tacos, find top recipes and tips for cooking fish and ask Chowhounds where to eat the best fish dishes in restaurants near you.

Breaking Out the Grill? Try One of These 15 Seafood Recipes

Grilling season is synonymous with summer, but really, in most climates you can grill outside all year, even if there's a little snow on the ground. Many of us tend to focus on burgers, brats, and kebabs...

August 2012 Cookbook of the Month, Planet Barbecue: Poultry, Fish, Shellfish, Vegetables and Vegetarian Dishes

by L.Nightshade 7 years ago

Please use this thread to report on dishes from the following chapters in Planet Barbecue: Poultry, pages 351 - 418 Fish, pages 419 - 480 Shellfish, pages 481 - 526 Vegetables and Vegetarian Di...

Halibut or salmon collars... recipes/preparation ideas?

by wabi 10 days ago

Every year I go to Alaska to fish for a week, and end up bringing home about 100 lbs of processed fish. This last year I brought home a bunch of salmon and halibut collars as I did not want that...

What types of fish do you recommend cooking in a non-stick pan?

by Tektrex 20 days ago

I currently own a 9-inch (22cm) Le Creuset TNS shallow skillet which I use solely for the purpose of cooking fried/scrambled eggs and omelettes. I'd like to invest in a larger 11-inch (28cm) for mo...

April 2019 COTM SFAH: Main Dishes

by Westminstress 3 months ago

Welcome to April 2019 Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters of SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT: BEANS, GRAINS, AND PASTA, p. 280 EGGS, ...

Cooking frozen cod fish

by codmeister 1 year ago

I am trying to bake frozen Costco cod fillets. The directions say to pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees, thaw the fillet, then bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until the internal temp. is 145 degrees. ...

Fish measuring device

by Fuffy 11 years ago

I had a little flat metal fish shaped object (I think it was called a Fish Perfect) with which to measure fish to find out how long to cook it according to the Canadian method (I think at 425 or 45...

Pacifico Striped Bass - Ocean Farmed near Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Last week I was served Pacifico farmed striped bass (aka Lobina) three times. As ceviche at Da Toni, grilled with crispy skin at Fauna and poached and sauced at Origen @ Encuentro, the fish was del...

Butterfish: Where to buy in Los Angeles?

by foodfever 2 months ago

Anyone know where I can purchase fresh or frozen Butterfish in LA and surrounding cities? I used to love it as a kid. Thanks!

It's Trout Season Again!

by jambrogi 3 months ago

My husband is a freshwater fisherman, and it sounds like he plans on bringing home trout for dinner tomorrow. I am very "meh" on trout as they are...well, bland. A couple of weeks ago, he cooked ...

"Faltche fish" - gefilte fish made from ground chicken

by helou 8 years ago

My mother used to make something we called "faltche fish" - literally fake fish. It was made like gefilte fish but out of ground chicken white meat. I've tried to make this but it comes out dry a...

Why does my fish smell like ammonia?

by bella 15 years ago

I made a skate wing this evening and one half of it (it was still on the "bone") smelled like ammonia after I cooked it. I vaguely recalled having a similar experience with cod at a restaurant yea...

Parisian fish restaurant that doesn't break the bank?

by ac2s4 3 months ago

So I'm looking for an à la carte fish restaurant in Paris that's not insanely expensive and my searches are coming up empty (even with the Dossier of this week about new seafood places). I'm lookin...

Blue Marlin, does it taste like any other fish? [Moved from Home Cooking board]

by Rick 11 years ago

They had Blue Marlin at the store For $10/lb and the guy behind the counter couldn't tell me if it tastes like anything else or not. I bought some catfish for dinner and didn't really need the blu...

Beware the Arrowtooth Flounder!

Will Owen
by Will Owen 4 years ago

I was looking for a nice small piece of catfish to have for breakfast – fried catfish and eggs is a favorite of mine – but all my neighborhood Ralphs had was some nuggets, and really big fillets in...

GTA (Scarborough to Brampton) ISO a few items

by itryalot 4 months ago

I'll be there for work mid/later this week and am looking for a few items: 1. Italian Sausages (Sorella's in the Junction is closed but were the authentic go to)...

Shad fish - where can I buy?

by ssaibal 7 years ago

Hi, I have visited this site a few times, but finally felt compelled to join and open this thread, for a very simple reason - craving for Shad fish! I come from the north-east part of India ...

Salmon woes....

by traceyck 5 months ago

First of all, I am committed to liking salmon no matter what. I don't care for the taste, but with my family history of heart disease, I must eat it. I had it one time and I liked it. I've had it a...