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January 2017 COTM -- SIMPLE: Fish; Roasts; Chops & Sausages; Chicken 122-233

by blue room 2 months ago

Use this thread to post your reports on recipes from SIMPLE. Please include the page number and put the recipe name...

EllenCooks commented 4 hours ago

What is swai fish?

by Angelina 5 years ago

I see this always in my supermarket (frozen and at Wegmans here in NJ) but I have no idea what type of fish or what i...

misterchi commented 4 days ago

Getting rid of fish smell after cooking...

by Rabbit 10 years ago

Apologies in advance if this is on the wrong board. I'm trying to be all health conscious, which (for me) means ea...


flappergirl425 commented 4 days ago

Fish ends?

by cookingofjoy 16 days ago

Our family is spending the spring semester in Middletown, CT, and we've been trying to take advantage of the local of...


cookingofjoy commented 5 days ago

January 2013 COTM: JERUSALEM -- Stuffed; Meat; Fish

by blue room 4 years ago

Please report on these recipes here: Stuffed 150 - 171 Meat 172 - 213 Fish 214 - 239 The Chowhound Team ha...

greedygirl commented 8 days ago

Are you getting Petrale Sole or Tilapia at Bay Area restaurants?

by Mission 12 days ago


davidg1 commented 8 days ago

Boston Fish Share

by pistachio123 5 years ago

Hey Chowhounds! I recently discovered a couple of fish shares in the Boston area - one called Cape Cod Fish Share an...

C. Hamster commented 10 days ago

Seafood Risotto Help

by Ali G 13 days ago

I'm planning to make risotto tonight for a Valentine's Day dinner. We are adding lobster, shrimp, and some scallops....

Ali G commented 12 days ago

Are fish eyes considered edible?

by CindyJ 1 year ago

Just wondering. This was a topic of conversation at the dinner table last night.


Querencia commented 15 days ago

March 2009/July 2012 COTM Fish Without a Doubt: Poaching, Steaming, & Boiling

by foxy fairy 8 years ago

**March 2009 Cookbook of the Month** is Fish Without a Doubt by Rick Moonen and Roy Finamore Please post your ful...

alex9179 commented 20 days ago

SEAFOOD CURRIES – Home Cooking Dish of the Month, January 2017

by LulusMom 2 months ago

We’re welcoming in 2017 with Seafood Curries here at Home Cooking Dish of the Month. This is the thread for reportin...


HDecker commented 22 days ago

Cooking seafood to perfection?

by cookiekakie 28 days ago

Hello Chowhounds! I typically buy frozen and fresh seafood in large quantities, but since my family is small, we ge...

Ttrockwood commented 27 days ago

Norwegian farmed salmon better than Atlantic farmed salmon?

by Monica 2 years ago

Anyone has anything to say about Norwegian farmed salmon? I have been seeing more of this and wondering if it's bett...

mcf commented 28 days ago

Colatura and Asian Fish Sauce: what's the dif?

by katzzz 4 years ago

I've read about colatura, Italy's liquid essence of anchovy. It sounds great, but I've never seen it on sale in any o...


TheRealAaronS commented 29 days ago

Need a substitute for halibut

by Clarissa 10 years ago

The fish will be dredged in flour and fried. I've been told to avoid halibut. What is a similarly sweet, non-fishy ...


Smokeydoke30 commented 1 month ago

frozen fish from China: worth a try?

by ltsering 3 years ago

Grocery Outlet has various bags of frozen wild fish -- salmon, hake, flounder -- which are from China. Would you buy ...


Broady01 commented 1 month ago

Help with Steamed Vegetable Dumplings and Steamed fish with Crispy Bean Topping

by jnk 1 month ago

Back in the 90's there was a Chinese restaurant in Queens NY called "The Queens Dumpling House" and it was fantastic....

jnk commented 1 month ago

where to buy fresh fish off the boat

by lianas 9 years ago

Does anyone know of a place where I can buy freshly caught fish off the boat? something in the Miami/ Key biscayne/ N...


ferret commented 1 month ago

fresh fish/seafood DFW?

by kvenezia 4 years ago

I recently moved to the Southlake area and I am having trouble finding fresh fish (to prepare at home, not a restaura...


neiladammcginnis commented 1 month ago

Fish Sticks--yes, fish sticks!

by randyjl 5 years ago

I remember how good fish sticks were back when I was a kid. The best ones I have found today are Schwann's. Can anyon...


Querencia commented 1 month ago

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