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From salmon to battered cod tacos, find top recipes and tips for cooking fish and ask Chowhounds where to eat the best fish dishes in restaurants near you.

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Substitute For Fish Sauce

by FrenziedTexasMomma 2 hours ago

Almost afraid to ask. I know there isn't a true substitute for the real thing. But, here goes. My SIL is very allergi...


ratgirlagogo commented 37 minutes ago

Looking for advice on Fish Heads

by Rebel46 2 months ago

Hello Interested in cooking Fish Heads (mainly variations of Fish Head Curry) and was wondering if people could ad...


TheraPetAndy commented 5 days ago

Extra Large Fish Poacher

by Ginger9 7 years ago

I saw another post regarding fish poachers (, but I'm looking for a very big ...

tim irvine commented 11 days ago

Getting rid of fish smell after cooking...

by Rabbit 10 years ago

Apologies in advance if this is on the wrong board. I'm trying to be all health conscious, which (for me) means ea...


redgurl commented 21 days ago

Smoked & Cured Sablefish

by biggreenmatt 1 month ago

Hi all- quick question about making smoked sablefish at home. I've been making lox, gravlax, etc., for the better ...


acgold7 commented 1 month ago

July 2014 COTM: Radically Simple - Pasta, Fish

by delys77 3 years ago

Greetings all! Please use this thread to post your reviews of the following: Pasta Fish Remember to review...

MidwesternerTT commented 2 months ago

Frozen Tilapia tastes earthy

by shana 11 years ago

Hi there - I got a large tray of tilapia filets from costco about a month ago - I divided them up into 2 fillet servi...


ltdorn commented 2 months ago

Delicious Salmon Recipe - Help me!

by pumpkinspice 2 months ago

I have a beautiful piece of salmon waiting to be cooked. Usually, we do teriakyi or cedar plank but I am looking for ...


pumpkinspice commented 2 months ago

Re-packaging frozen fish into smaller pieces: tips?

by Olivia 6 years ago

I have dozens of 2-4lb frozen pieces of frozen salmon and halibut (fileted, boneless, skin-on). The lodge cryovac'd ...


Iowaron commented 2 months ago

Cod marinade?

by mamatoy 3 months ago

I have never been a great cook, but recently I've made a concerted effort to try harder. What can I marinade cod in ...


saregama commented 2 months ago

What is swai fish?

by Angelina 5 years ago

I see this always in my supermarket (frozen and at Wegmans here in NJ) but I have no idea what type of fish or what i...


TIPPER77 commented 3 months ago

Best Fish and Chips?

by full up 11 years ago

I have a serious craving for fish and chips and am looking for the best place in the new york area! any leads?!

erica commented 3 months ago

Hook Fish Co

by marssy 3 months ago

Mr. Wong and I were curious to try Hook Fish Co; being it so close to home it was a no-brainer to walk there.

marssy commented 3 months ago

Tiny dried shrimp and fish in Mexican markets - how are they used?

by rworange 11 years ago

I've been checking out Mexican markets near me. All of them seem to have dried shrimp or teeny, tiny whole dried fish...


jizoedotcom commented 3 months ago

MAY 2017 COTM: AOC, reports on Salads & Fish

by pistachio peas 8 months ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from AOC: SALADS & FISH (p. 53-151) If you are the fi...


valadelphia commented 3 months ago

April 2015 COTM: POLPO, chapters 3 & 4, Fish & Meat

by MelMM 2 years ago

Use this thread to post your reports from Polpo, chapter 3, Fish (pp. 103 - 143) and chapter 4, Meat (pp. 145 - 189) ...

JoanN commented 3 months ago

What to do with prepared herring in cream sauce

by Ellyn 4 months ago

Hey all. I bought a small jar of herring in cream sauce to try it out. I put it on some rye bread and found it to be ...


medlar commented 4 months ago

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