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"Created Date" in a thread's topic header box

by KTFoley 4 years ago

It might be just me. My local community is often blessed by contributions from users who arrive at a thread via some route that suggested the topic to them. It's lovely that they are inspired...

Search limited by Dates

by prasantrin 4 years ago

Would it be possible to add a date feature to the search function so searches can be limited by user-defined dates? For example, if I only want results for restaurant recommendations in Montreal...

Feature Request- When a new tag is added to a post

by cwdonald 4 years ago

Having multiple tags on a post can be useful. However, when someone, (original poster or CH moderator) adds an additional tag to a post the post is added to that feed/search but the date is still a...

Please Add Site Feedback and/or Chowhound Site Tags

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 4 years ago

Also testing for Site Feedback. Ah - Feature Request! That's the blasted tag I was searching for. I had to open a new tab to search, using "Discover" to finds the damn thing. Not what I'd call i...

Beta-testing a new post in Site Feedback using tags

by LindaWhit 4 years ago

Attempting to start a new post in Site Feedback via the Beta version, to see what we have to do to create a new thread, as I've been avoiding the Beta for as long as I can. So I'm required to ch...

Option to turn off auto follow when posting

by rasputina 4 years ago

Can we have a way to turn off the auto follow feature for every thread we post on? It makes the whole "follow" feature redundant. Just because I posted on a thread doesn't mean I want to follow it ...

One question about the new site

by MonsieurGhislain 4 years ago

I know there are at least three threads about the new build, but TL:DR, and at this point I'm just frustrated with the entire thing. So here goes. Are you working on something to tell us, when w...

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