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Hazelnut Extract

by Reehmeo 17 years ago

Looking to purchase some hazelnut extract in San Francisco. Perferably in a larger quantity. Does anyone know where I may find this? Thanks in Advance, Michael

how do I make my own vanilla extract?

by AndieCat 18 years ago

I bought two vanilla beans (they are long and folded in half), I have vodka. How much vodka should I add to the beans? Should I scrape the beans before pouring the alcohol? How long does it take fo...

rave for CVS imit vanilla extract

by charliebaltimore 18 years ago

[Moved from Manhattan board by moderators] Quite surprised when Cooks Illustrated rated CVS premium vanilla extract very high (#2 overall) out of all real and imitation vanilla extracts. I am...

Almond paste and extract

by Paul Lukas 18 years ago

Why do almond paste and almond extract both smell so much like cherries? Just askin', Paul

almond extract

by charliebaltimore 18 years ago

Any store suggestions for purchasing real almond extract? thanks

homemade vanilla extract

by raj1 18 years ago

Has anyone out there made their own vanilla extract by steeping vanilla beans in alcohol? I'm trying this at home in small batches with whiskey (from a Damon Lee Fowler book) and with vodka ( a la ...

Vanila Extract

by DavidH 19 years ago

I am currently making 4 different kinds of extract. I was curious if anyone if doing this and what method you are using. Thanks.

Black Walnut Extract

by Clams247 19 years ago

A friend of mine from Kentucky/Tennessee gave me a recipe calling for black walnuts. He says I may us as a substitute regular walnuts soaked in black wanut extract. On line I find medicinal blac...

maple extract & Entenmann's

by jellyapple 19 years ago

Well, no one has responded to my "Help!" message below, so i thought i'd try a more specific subject heading. OK -- Where can i buy maple extract? It has proven to be a most elusive ingredient for ...

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