Emulsifying Pecorino

by kd360 2 years ago

I recently went to a restaurant and had some outstanding Cacio e Pepe. Sitting at the kitchen counter I noticed that the chef had container of pre-prepared cheese and pepper. He add a few scoops of...

Carbonara: A couple of personal approaches

by antihawk 4 years ago

Hi, all. Carbonara is certainly in my top three pasta dishes. I have two approaches that I'd like to share, and see if anyone else does something similar, and hopefully pick up helpful tips and ...

Cacio e pepe: tossing cheese in cornstarch

by antihawk 4 years ago

Hi, all. I originally discovered the technique of tossing cheese in cornstarch from Heston Blumenthal's cheese sauce recipe. After testing myself, it did indeed prevent the cheese proteins from ...

Butterscotch Sauce Separation vs. crystallization

by klosmd 5 years ago

My butterscotch sauce is separating and I do not know how to stop it. Initially, I was trying to prevent crystallization so I substituted some of the sugar with Karo. Then the separation was too o...

Konjac Root Powder

by lacoet 6 years ago

Hi, I just bought a jar of Konjac Root Powder and I want to use it as emulsifier for a salad dressing but I haven't been able to find any recipes on the net. Has anybody used it for this purp...

why oh why can I not emulsify???

by cleopatra999 9 years ago

I consider myself a good cook, but I have one area that I absolutely fail almost every time. I cannot for the life of me make mayonnaise, specifically ceaser salad dressing. I have tried every impl...

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