Electric Kettles

12 Coffee Products You Never Knew You Needed

Does social distancing have you missing Starbucks—and frantically Googling how to make good coffee at home? All you really need are good beans, a decent coffee maker, and maybe one or two of these useful...

Electric tea kettle recs?

by MonicaMadeIt 1 year ago

Any positive or negative recommendations on electric tea kettles? Here's why we need one: My husband and daughter love tea (not I), and make it by boiling water in a pint glass in the microwave...

Mauviel Tea Kettle - bad idea? (rust)

by virtualdestructor2 4 years ago

Anybody knows what is up with quality of Mauviel tea kettles? Looked inside one at Williams-Sonoma store today - bottom half-inch was hard-core rust belt (real flaking rust, not yellow/reddish spo...

Recommendations for a stovetop or electric kettle?

by arvi 4 years ago

Can anyone recommend a tea kettle they like? I'm hoping to find one that is all stainless steel or with minimal plastic inside, but I'd appreciate any recommendations. I nearly bought the Chantal M...

Steel or glass electric kettle?

by maxmillan 9 years ago

After reading through a couple of threads about electric kettles, I am still unsure as to which brand to buy. I have an aversion to plastic touching my food. I notice that some of the ones I've s...

Electric teakettle recommendations?

by witnessprotection 14 years ago

Despite my general resistance to gadgets that do only one thing, I'm considering going the electric teakettle route for speed and ease. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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