Scrambled? Poached? Fried? Over easy? We've got every recipe and cooking technique for eggs, plus Chowhounds tell you where to go for the best breakfast or egg dish near you.

It's National Egg Day, so Get Cracking: 11 Enchanting Egg Recipes

Eggs are a building-block ingredient, essential for scores of cooking techniques. The thing about eggs, though—unlike other essential ingredients like flour—is that they also stand on their own, as...

Bird Egg Beans

by elaineathon 11 years ago

I bought a gorgeous handful of bright pink (magenta?) speckled beans at the farmer's market yesterday. The sign said they are called "bird egg beans" but the only reference I found to them on the I...

Want To Find A Great Chopped Egg Sandwich

by MISTER_C 7 months ago

I am looking for a restaurant that serves a great chopped egg sandwich with thick creamy filling. I am looking near Westmount/Snowden/NDG/Cote Des Neiges/West End areas.


pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 2 years ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: THE GRIND (p. 99-112); FISH & SEAFOOD (p. 116-145); and EGGS (p.150-171) If you are the first to report on a recipe, ple...

Watery egg salad - what to do?

by Summerfield 12 years ago

After I make some version of egg salad and place it in the fridge overnight for the next day's lunch, invariably the beautiful consistency of the salad that went into the fridge is lost by morning....

Reboiling boiled eggs

by TroyTempest 2 months ago

Asking for my girlfriend. "I hard boiled 6 eggs yesterday, and when I opened one this morning, it clearly wasn't cooked all the way. Can I boil these eggs some more, or do I have to throw them away?"

The Golden Age of Breakfast and Brunch in TO

by prima 1 year ago

This is a shout out to my favourites over the last year. Feel free to share yours. Daily breakfast and brunch The Stockyards: amazing breakfast sandwich Emma's Country Kitchen Bar Buca Zel...

Scones - egg or no egg?

by emmisme 11 years ago

My "go to" recipe for scones is really good. The recipe I use contains no eggs but I've seen recipes that do contain eggs. What would the addition of eggs do for the texture of scones?

Fresh Egg question

by DonnaMarieNJ 3 months ago

I'm making a mousse recipe that calls for eggs separated. The yolks are to be cooked to 175 degrees, and the whites call to be just whipped. Can I use eggs that are fresh? Meaning just laid yest...

April 2019 COTM SFAH: Main Dishes

by Westminstress 7 months ago

Welcome to April 2019 Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters of SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT: BEANS, GRAINS, AND PASTA, p. 280 EGGS, ...

The Simple Egg

by kanab 5 months ago

If I am going to make scrambled eggs for morning breakfast for our guests, my wife says to all, "oh he makes such great scrambled eggs" and now I am sunk because everyone is going to ask you, "what...

Poking holes in hard-boiled eggs?

by The Pie Queen 17 years ago

I have been making a lot of hard-boiled eggs lately. I used to poke a little hole in one end, just because that's what my mom does, but I became frustrated with the fact that some of the eggs alway...

Fried egg, crispy egg, soft egg?

by Chandler114 5 months ago

Sometimes when I go to make an egg, be it sunny side up or over easy/medium/hard, the egg is this beautiful, white, glossy oval. Almost like something out of a cartoon. (Then sometimes I can't make...

Must-Try breakfast!

by SourLime 6 months ago

Here’s what you need: An egg (or two), Bagel (I usually use plain), and Hot sauce (optional) How to do it: Fry egg/s (I like mine sunny side up), then put bagel in microwave for about 30 second...

October 2012 COTM: 660 Curries -- Spice Blends & Pastes; Appetizer Curries; Poultry, Game, and Egg Curries

blue room
by blue room 7 years ago

Please post reviews for these dishes in this thread: Spice Blends and Pastes …. 11-42 Appetizer Curries …. 43-118 Poultry, Game, and Egg Curries …. 119-168 The Chowhound Team has asked ...

Silver Forks: Science or Superstition?

by vjb 7 months ago

Some old recipes specify the use of a silver fork in food prep: beating egg whites; beating whole eggs; mixing eggs, water and sugar; scoring a cucumber; scoring peaches; testing the consistency of...

Egg white question

by Teammom21 6 months ago

If I am programmed to eat 200g of egg whites (protein) how many tbsp of egg whites (carton) would that be?

ISO: Small or Pee Wee Sized Eggs

by uberathlete 4 years ago

Hello Just wondering if anyone knows places to buy small or pee wee sized chicken eggs in the GTA (not quail eggs). Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Carbonara Day - April 6, 2019

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Gambero Rosso has announced the third annual edition of #CarbonaraDay for Saturday, April 6, 2019. What's your version of this iconic dish? Please post a photo here if you make it this weekend....

How to make an egg patty?

by ViolentScarlet 7 years ago

Does anyone have any tips on how to make an egg patty, like basically scrambled egg but in patty form like they put on breakfast sandwiches? I know they sell rings for this purpose, but does anyon...