Scrambled? Poached? Fried? Over easy? We've got every recipe and cooking technique for eggs, plus Chowhounds tell you where to go for the best breakfast or egg dish near you.

It's National Egg Day, so Get Cracking: 11 Enchanting Egg Recipes

Eggs are a building-block ingredient, essential for scores of cooking techniques. The thing about eggs, though—unlike other essential ingredients like flour—is that they also stand on their own, as...

Raw Egg Safety? [Split from Cookware community]

by eugenep 1 month ago

I was planning to make a raw-egg chocolate mouse and I make mayonnaise from scratch regularly. I use only organic eggs but I wonder if its safe?

Substitute for Sugar When Tempering Eggs?

by westes 3 months ago

In recipes that blend eggs into a sauce - like custard - sugar has a chemical role in helping to disperse the egg protein throughout the solution before it hardens. Is there a substitute to sugar...

Full English, Full Irish, Fry-ups 2020

by prima 3 months ago

Where are your favourite breakfasts in Toronto these days? For a Full English, I usually visit The Oxley or The Queen & Beaver. Thanks for any recs.

Vegan Egg Wash?

by zackly 4 months ago

I have a vegan friend who I want to bake bread for. I would like to top the loaf with seeds but I need a substitute for a beaten egg. I've seen some plant based egg substitutes online. Is this the ...

Cooking shakshuka in a tin-lined copper skillet?

by josemartinlopez 4 months ago

When I try cooking shakshuka for one in a stainless steel skillet, some of the crushed tomato and diced onion and bell peppers sometimes form a burnt crust at the bottom. Would this be easier avoid...

Scrambled eggs with ketchup - how strange/common is this?

by Liz CT 15 years ago

I grew up enjoying scrambled eggs with a little bit of ketchup, as this was how my mom always ate them. But now we both find ourselves sharing stories of meeting people who react to the combination...

Why do some Italians put "Hard Boiled Eggs in Pasta Sauce" ?

by MariaRN 7 years ago

Hi All ! The curiosity is killing me! While reminiscing with my Parents, we started a huge conversation about my Grandmother putting eggs in her Sunday Pasta Sauce. I have NEVER heard or se...

Anyone Tried Making Scotch Eggs Without Flour & Egg Wash?

by aT0Mic 6 months ago

Especially for _baked_ Scotch Eggs, it occurred to me that the sausage might cook better if not coated with the tri-breading coating. The rendering fat could soak into the crumbs and have a frying ...

Sonoma County Egg Hunt: I Brake for Fresh Farm Eggs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

Over the past year or so, I’ve made a point to stop whenever I see a roadside sign offering “Eggs” along the back roads of Sonoma County. I’m spotting them with increasing frequency and more will ...

Cured eggs for an umami boost

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Interesting piece that landed in my inbox today on making cured eggs or yolks for extra umami in dishes. Dry salted, wet brined, soy sauced, smoked.

Anyone ever eat the egg raft after clarifying stock?

by ipsedixit 12 years ago

The egg raft is supposed to collect all the "impurities" but isn't that just code for "flavor"? Wouldn't that make the egg raft rather, um, tasty?

6-inch tin lined copper skillet for frying single eggs - talk me out of it

by josemartinlopez 7 months ago

As an indulgence, I'm toying with the idea of buying a 6-inch tin lined copper skillet for frying single eggs. You'll laugh, but some weekend mornings (or even late nights), I just want the perfect...


pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 4 years ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: THE GRIND (p. 99-112); FISH & SEAFOOD (p. 116-145); and EGGS (p.150-171) If you are the first to report on a recipe, ple...

The Golden Age of Breakfast and Brunch in TO

by prima 3 years ago

This is a shout out to my favourites over the last year. Feel free to share yours. Daily breakfast and brunch The Stockyards: amazing breakfast sandwich Emma's Country Kitchen Bar Buca Zel...

Plastic egg container question

by MamaManda23 7 months ago

Hi all, my neighbor dropped off some eggs for us from the grocery store yesterday. It was about 75 out but they were in a bag in the sun for about 10 minutes. When I brought them in they were still...

October 2012 COTM: 660 Curries -- Spice Blends & Pastes; Appetizer Curries; Poultry, Game, and Egg Curries

blue room
by blue room 8 years ago

Please post reviews for these dishes in this thread: Spice Blends and Pastes …. 11-42 Appetizer Curries …. 43-118 Poultry, Game, and Egg Curries …. 119-168 The Chowhound Team has asked ...

The Milkman Cometh - Moreda Family Farms Delivery to Sonoma and Marin

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Petaluma's Moreda Family Farms is bringing back the milkman with home deliveries to Marin and Sonoma counties. In addition to its own cream-top, organic pasteurized milk from grass-fed, pastured co...

Hard boiled eggs

by getthemack 9 months ago

Trying to show my wonderful, hard headed wife I wasn't insane when I stirred my hard boiled eggs, I went to the net to find other insane people to agree with me, (I did) and realized nobody mention...

Long Beach Beer Lab for challah and baking supplies (and beer!)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Long Beach Beer Lab has pivoted from gastropub to seller of sundries. In addition to beer and pizza, it's offering eggs, milk, flour, yeast, bread, etc. for pick up or delivery via postmates. http...

Freezing Hard Boiled Eggs

by Pryderi 7 years ago

I have more eggs than I can eat, and I'm looking for a way to preserve them. I thought about hard boiling, peeling, then freezing them. It would be convenient to have the eggs whole, but I'm not ...