Dungeness Crab

This Recipe for Pork Adobo and Egg Noodles Comes with a Story

In the cookbook “A Place at the Table,” chefs from all over the world are gathered together under one cover. You’ll flip through to find the likes of Dominique Crenn of France, Michael Solomonov of...

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Dungeness crab recipes

by divadmas 4 years ago

What are your favorites? Generally I just have it boiled, chilled with mayo.

Cooking dungeness crab - reserving crab butter

by analogarsonist 4 years ago

Hi, Looking for some advice on cooking a dungeness crab that I can serve along with the crab butter in the top shell that people can scoop with their spoons. My current method: I steam the ...

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

by DezzerSF 5 years ago

New May Wah on Clement was selling dungeness for $4.99/lb last Saturday night. I bought two for a total of 4.6lbs. 1 was lively, the other not so much. I've had sweeter, but not sure where the crab...

What's up with Dungeness Crab?

by TommyG2013 5 years ago

Anything going on with crab I don't know about? Whole foods (San Rafael) hasn't had any for the last 3 weeks and prices seem high (about $10.50 - $11 at Alioto's at the moment).

"Live" Dungeness crabs--can you taste the difference?

by ChrisG 5 years ago

While up in the Bay area over the holidays I had my first Dungeness crab--outstanding! Now I am wondering how the local live crab (you know, the ones swimming in the big tanks at oriental superm...

Live Dungeness Crab Season 2014/2015?

by okiedokieartichokie 5 years ago

Any reports of Live Dungeness crab around town? Prices? Looking forward to crab feast for NY eve.

Dungeness Crabs?

by CookbookRick 5 years ago

Has anyone seen Dungeness crabs in Chinese markets or elsewhere? (I remember that they had them for a couple of seasons at Shoprite in tanks.) I have a hankering to cook them for New Year's, as i...

Dungeness Crab Prices 2013/2014 Season

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

The fishing fleet started hauling in their crab pots at 12:01a today for the season opener and sailing our favorite crustaceans into port to markets. Tell us where you're finding crab today and thr...

Raw bar and Dungeness crab eastside: Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville

by Tom Hall 5 years ago

Where should I go for raw oysters? Happy hour value a plus. I want Dungeness crab also. I prefer a simple preparation or will take out and prepare myself. Coming from out of state. Thanks, Tom...

Where to find Dungeness crabs in the boston area?

by nasilemak 5 years ago

Which seafood markets would likely have them? And are there any local restaurants that offer solid preparations of it?

A call for Dungeness crab recipes please!

by Carb Lover 14 years ago

As excitement for this season's Dungeness crab stirs west coast hounds, I don't believe we've had a thread to gather recipes. If so, I didn't see it and would appreciate any pointers. For those who...

Live dungeness crabs. Anyone seeing them in the markets yet?

by TailbackU 5 years ago

I miss the days when the korean markets would have them for $1.99/lb. I feel like those days are long gone.

F/V SamPam in Bodega Bay –-- Salmon and Live Dungeness Crab off the Boat

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

After February’s Chowder Day in Bodega Bay (an outstanding event, btw), I called Paisano Brothers to see if live crabs were available. Affirmative, so I headed over there. Driving down Eastsho...

November, 2014 Dungeness crab sport fishing season opens Saturday 11/1, Commercial starts 11/15

by zippo 5 years ago

from Santa Cruz Sentinel - Sport fishing: "Those fishing from a party boat south of Mendocino County, including the Monterey Bay, have a limit of six crabs that measure at least 6 inches across...

Cooking dungeness crab the Maryland way?

by kriss1 5 years ago

I grew up in Maryland but now live in Oregon and had a question. While I love the meatier dungeness crab, I really miss the Maryland style of steaming them with old bay. I've scoured the coast and ...

where to get (asian style) dungeness crab??

by ckl 11 years ago

lived in the Bay Area for a year, and feasted during dungeness crab season... it's one of the few things I miss having moved back to NYC! in particular, there was this place in SF called PPQ Du...

what happened to dungeness crab season 2014 in los angeles?

by vminla 6 years ago

so i typically cook live dungeness crab a lot when they are in season between november and may, but this year i have yet to see even one live crab. just called around and no one seems to have any. ...

Dungeness crab tonight

by fourstar 6 years ago

To purchase today in Chinatown or North Beach, cooked (preferred) or live, or even takeout, where should I go?

Whole Dungeness Crab in the Olympic Peninsula

by ohso 6 years ago

Excluding the Dungeness Crab Festival, are there any good restaurants on the Olympic Penninsula where I can find steamed or chilled whole Dungeness Crab? Thanks in advance.