Holiday Glassware Guide: The Essential Wine Glasses for Holiday Entertaining

When it comes to wine, the vessel matters. Consider your glassware when planning your Thanksgiving and winter holiday meals. If you have a set of Riedel stemware for each varietal—bravo. If not, stock...

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Those dishwasher safe wine glasses

by Monica 5 years ago

I see that there are a lot of dishwasher safe wine glasses these days. Where have i been?? But are they truly dishwasher safe? Maybe I am old fashioned but I just can't imagine putting wine glas...

Zalto Wine Glasses

by jon0001 5 years ago

Hi, I'm thinking about buying a set of Zalto wine glasses but I hate to spend so much money without trying them first... Does anyone know of any restaurants in Toronto using them? I'd love to go ha...

Help identify glassware from around 1970

by JHJH 5 years ago

Can anyone identify the maker and pattern of the etched crystal wineglass in the attached photo - purchased around 1970.

Does anyone recognise this wine glass type?

by JohnHyde 5 years ago

A friend of mine has broken some of a set of wine glasses that are of sentimental value to her; Could anyone point me towards a make or other information that might help me find replacements? It w...

Perfect Cocktail Glass

by Candy 5 years ago

My new issue of Palate magazine came the other day and in it was an ad and in it as a prop which was the perfect cocktail glass. http://www.newyorkfirst.com/productimages/02333b_full.jpg. I've not...

Poll: Favorite everyday glassware?

by BonBon79 5 years ago

So hounds, what are you drinking your water and wine out of on a daily basis? Are you happy with the quality of the glassware?

Your fantasy place setting

by law_doc89 6 years ago

Eating is supposed to be fun, unless we live in pure subsistence. My fingers, and a hollowed gourd are enough for subsistence. About a decade ago, I saw a set of Tiffany silver on eBay ( why?) t...

How to buy 50 teacups on the cheap?

by krp312 7 years ago

Hi everyone, First time poster here, got a problem. I'd like to buy 50 teacups (with matching saucers) for a bridal shower but I'm finding things can get pretty expensive. The teacups don't even...

Riedel wine glasses

by BDD888 9 years ago

Why are the Sommelier line Bordeaux glass larger than the Vinum? 30oz vs 21.5oz? Are they both made the same way? (e.g. blown). What makes the Sommelier line so much more expensive? $140.00 CDN for...

I am looking for three sorbet hand painted collection tabletops unlimited coffee mugs

by Tammysue57 7 years ago

I am looking for three sorbet hand painted collection tabletops unlimited coffee mugs to complete my set. where can I buy these? The three that I have were purchased in a thrift store and I love them.

serving port -- proper glass?

by alkapal 12 years ago

what is the proper glass in which to serve port? i've recently seen it served in a sherry-size glass (filled to the rim, almost), and seem to recall years ago seeing it in a brandy snifter. i t...

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