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Do I need both a VitaMix and A Juicer?

by omotosando 9 years ago

Okay, with a busy lifestyle, I find it no problem eating fruits - put piece of raw fruit in mouth, eat. Vegetables a...

MacGuffin commented 5 days ago

sun dew orange drink

by Rob 15 years ago

I bought Sun Dew orange drink at Pathmark in Queens.Sun Dew tastes sweeter than it used to and the color is a brighte...


ladybugs1 commented 10 days ago

Birthday Dinner in a trendy-ish/Modern Vibe Restaurant

by maria504 1 month ago

We are in New York for my birthday March 25th, looking for any restaurant recommendations. We live in New Orleans so ...


Blumie commented 1 month ago

98-year-old needs to gain weight, doesn't eat enough: Food suggestions

by jhopp217 6 years ago

Hey, my grandother has emphysema and the docs said she burns approximately 3000 calories a day just trying to breath....


marylatorre commented 3 months ago

Champurrado in San Francisco?

by lexvegas 3 months ago

anyone know a good spot for this delicious breakfast beverage in san francisco? TIA


lexvegas commented 3 months ago

What to do with 2 quarts leftover unspiked wassail?

by thurley001 5 months ago

I made a lovely wassail in the slow cooker for Thanksgiving. I kept it unspiked so guests could add their choice of ...

twodales commented 5 months ago

Looking for MiLem

by margaretelise 2 years ago

There is an excellent sweetened lemon mixer called MiLem. It was difficult enough to find on the East Coast and I've ...


ferret commented 5 months ago

Wine near Bellevue

by silveropera 5 months ago

A friend's sister is gravely ill and I'd like to pull her away for a glass of wine. The closer the better - she needs...

Ttrockwood commented 5 months ago

La Bodega or Le Select?

by swn 13 years ago

I'm visiting Toronto this coming weekend. It seems like you can't go wrong with either one of these, but I wondered i...


JennaBean commented 6 months ago

Where can I get Cedrata Tassoni in the U.S.?

by neocount 8 years ago

When i was in Italy I fell in love with this very sweet beverage that appears to only be marketed in particular place...


mercatoitaliano commented 7 months ago

Arnold Palmer R.I.P

by syrup09 7 months ago

Arnold Palmer died today. He deserves mention on a board because of the drink that bears him name, (half lemona...

512window commented 7 months ago

Foods to eat and drink with an upset stomach

by hi 11 years ago

what should you drink and/or eat when you have the... runs? i'm wanting warm mile but i should avoid that??


Nicki35 commented 8 months ago

The NY Egg Cream, worth it to order the U-bet syrup?

by SavoryTv 4 years ago

I'm determined to try the famous NYC Egg Cream drink, and contemplating ordering the U-bet syrup online since I won't...


Florida Hound commented 9 months ago

Will I hate campari?

by CJB12 5 years ago

I mainly drink irish whiskey and IPA beers, but after reading posts here and seeing a lot of love for it, I'm particu...


julesrules commented 9 months ago

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Free Slurpees on 7-11 Day

by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

7-Eleven is offering free small slurpees today, July 11, between 11am and 7pm. This is 7-11 Day and the 50th annivers...

Stomach Flu--What to Drink? Nibble?

by thegolferbitch 10 years ago

The horrible stomach flu has struck our household. Other than Coca cola (which I remember from my childhood as a stom...


grangie angie commented 10 months ago

Afternoon celebratory drink/food near Back Bay

by Matt H 11 months ago

Hey everyone, My wife is being sworn in as a US Citizen next Thursday at Hynes Convention Centre. I wanted to tak...


treb commented 10 months ago

ISO nice bar near Pearson

by Lemon Tart 11 months ago

I'm driving a client out to the airport tomorrow, and would like to beat the traffic by driving out there first and f...


KitchenVoodoo commented 11 months ago

After work drinks near 64th/Broadway?

by sake 11 months ago

My friend will be coming from her work which is downtown. We'd like to meet somewhere that's not a hotel, if possible...


fm1963 commented 11 months ago

slush puppy in new york - does it exist?

by lisabnyc 10 years ago

i know we have slurpees at 7-11, but i am having a serious craving for a slush puppy...has anyone ever seen a machine...


ImMintyFresh commented 11 months ago

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