Dress Codes

Look the part. Discuss restaurant dress codes with other Chowhounds to make sure you'll fit right in, plus share your thoughts on dress codes in restaurants.

Holiday Party Dress Codes

Dear Helena, Every December, I throw a fabulous holiday party. And I mean fabulous. I have an eight-foot tree. I make three kinds of cheese balls, and I decorate the entire house with...

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Tio Pepe

by sweetpotater 15 years ago

We're headed to Tio Pepe for Restaurant Week and wonder what the dress is like there -- I assume I should make my husband change out of jeans. Also, any can't miss menu items?

Dress at Brasserie T?

by applebrownbetty 6 years ago

Hi all- I'm getting off a plane then going straight to dinner at Brasserie T. What is appropriate attire for dinner there?


by LB1987 6 years ago

Just wondering if anyone has dined there? Week be going there Saturday night for summerlicious but unsure of a dress code. I was told it's quite fancy but can't find anything really

Copenhagen: Restaurant requiring a Jacket

by Indy 67 6 years ago

As best as I can remember, one restaurant where we have reservations actually requires a jacket for the men. My husband didn't balk at this since the historic weather averages call for high tempera...

Dresscode at Osteria Francescana

by cgwitteveen 6 years ago

Hi, We have a reservation for Osteria Francescana in a couple of weeks. While I'm not too worried about what to wear, my boyfriend is having a bit more trouble with what to pack, considering the...

London: Jacket requirement for men?

by Indy 67 6 years ago

As best as I can remember, one restaurant where we have reservations actually requires a jacket for the men. My husband didn't balk at this when we researched the historic weather averages for earl...

Steakhouse dress code

by gavspen 6 years ago

Of all our favorite steakhouses, which would you say has the most casual dress code? I have no problem dressing up a little but my friend likes to, shall we say, dress down? As in shorts, sneakers,...

Dress code at Jeffrey's (lounge)

by Chicken_Bosom 6 years ago

Would nice shorts and polo shirt be appropriate for happy hour in the Jeffrey's lounge (~5-6pm)?

Will we be overdressed?

by TTG 6 years ago

Coming to Philly in a few weeks for a girls' weekend with my sister and would like to get dressed up for a night out at Distrito, followed by cocktails at Hop Sing or Ramstead Room. Will we be ove...

S. Mpls Restaurant with Racist Sign?

by ChancesR 6 years ago

There is a restaurant on Minnehaha Ave. in South Minneapolis with a puzzling sign right next to the entry door. The sign states the establishment has a dress code that prohibits entry to those wea...

Ess Zimmer (Munich) and Restaurant Fischer (Nuremberg) Dress Code?

by gblcsw 6 years ago

Can anyone tell me about the dress codes at Ess Zimmer and Restaurant Fischer? Are jackets required for men? We will be traveling lightly and would prefer not to have to bring a jacket for my hus...

Charleston Dining Dress Code

by chowmensch 6 years ago

My wife and I and another couple will be spending a long weekend in Charleston beginning on April 17. We have reservations for dinner at McRady's, Hank's Seafood and Magnolia's. What's the dress co...

Dress code issues

by sophielu 6 years ago

We will be in Japan for the first time in a few weeks so what to pack is on my mind. A few places require jackets, so we know what how we need to dress for those. The ones I'm unsure about are with...

Manresa dress code plans [Los Gatos]

by Heeney 6 years ago

wife and I are planning on a long daytrip drive from San Francisco down hwy 1 to Big Sur. We will be eating at Manresa on the return back to SF. The question basically is this: we would like to...

Mr. B's Bistro - reservations? Dress code?

by JoanArkham 7 years ago

Hello, all! We are coming back to New Orleans January 2, exactly one year after our last visit. (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/928051) I'm hoping we don't get a repeat of the polar vortex so I c...

Dress Code - William Penn Inn

by Betharu 7 years ago

Need some advice. My client is having their holiday party at the William Penn Inn - a lunch next Friday. I mentioned to them that they might want to send out an email to the staff advising of pro...

Fairgrounds food and dress code?

by daffodilly 10 years ago

We are planning to go to the races Thursday (Thanksgiving) and have dinner at a restaurant later that night. What are the lunch options at the track and what in general should we wear? I checked Y...

Dress code for Identità Golose?

by macaronette 7 years ago

My husband and I have reservations at the 2014 Identità Golose (http://www.identitagolose.com/sito/en/75/875/identita-new-york.html) dinner and are wondering about dress code. Jacket for him? Wou...

Alinea Confirmation E-mail - "Our dress code would ask that gentlemen wear a jacket in the dining room"

Ciao Bob
by Ciao Bob 7 years ago

Is this for real? Do I HAVE to wear a jacket if I have already purchased my tickets? I wear nice clothes when out, no shorts and sneakers (or - heaven forbid - sandals) but I hate sport jackets, ...