YUBU by The Shota | Financial District – San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

Friday, April 30, is the final day for YUBU by The Shota lunch and dinner donburi and inari sets for take-out and delivery. The high-end omakase restaurant will be returning to indoor dining. In...

Shalala Ramen in Mountain View offers ramen or curry rice to go

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Mountain View's Shalala Ramen has stayed open during the Covid-19 crisis offering Japanese appetizers, ramen, curry rice plates, mini rice bowls, and beer and sake to-go. Ordering is on-line for pi...

Best Oyako Donburi in Bellevue

by Jeffo405 6 years ago

Looking for great Oyako Donburi in Bellevue. Alternate question: best Japanese in Bellevue. Thanks!

Authentic Japanese Tendon (tempura donburi) in GTA

by Ritsuko 6 years ago

Anyone has recommendation for authentic tendon in GTA? The type with tempura on top of rice, drizzled with tentsuyu? Too many places I've been just offered tasteless tempura with rice and sauce (no...

Donburi in Adams Morgan -Report

by Steve 6 years ago

It's hard to argue with a cheap and delicioud dinner, and that's exactly what you'll get with Donburi, serving various rice bowls underneath DC Arts Center in Adams Morgan. These are serious con...

Beef donburi?

by stak 8 years ago

Does anyone in Montreal offer this? Azuma has some donburi dishes but not beef, for some reason. Anyone else?

Tsukiji donburi

by Scharn 11 years ago

I could swear that I read something about an especially good bowl of rice and raw fish, that one of the posters here had at Tsukiji. Now I'm browsing this board for half an hour, and still I can't ...

Oyako Donburi in DC

by stuckinschool 10 years ago

Hi all, I'm a recent transplant from the Bay area with a major craving for my favorite Japanese comfort dish- oyako donburi. Any ideas where I might be able to find one in the District? Thanks i...

Nakaochi donburi at Sushi Tomi in Mountain View tomorrow (9/23/10)

by vincentlo 11 years ago

Sushi Tomi is offering nakaochi donburi (rice bowl with raw tuna scraped from the main bone, usually quite fatty and yummy) tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 23) as one of their lunch specials, for around ...

Unagi (Eel) Donburi in Manhattan

by chibisakana 11 years ago

Anyone know the best place to sit down for BBQ Eel in Manhattan? Definitely want a big big bowl of it, not sliced up sushi pieces. As authentic as possible! Thanks!

Everything Donburi--help me find excellent donburi

by prasantrin 12 years ago

Since I'll be leaving Japan in a few months, I've decided to try to get my fill of foods I love but don't eat very often. One such food is donburi. With its many varieties, standard and modern, c...

donburi suggestions in Shinjuku

by meatballs 11 years ago

Hey fellow chowhounders, I'll be heading to Tokyo for the first time in September and wondering where's the best place to get donburi in Shinjuku? I know there's a great website that recomm...

Looking for the best Donburi

by bctien 11 years ago

I've tried searching through the boards for Donburi discussions but it is always just a quick mention when people are discussing Ramen or Sushi. But Donburi rocks my jollies so I was hoping there w...

donburi near Flatiron?

by glemby 11 years ago

Can't get the cover feature of the latest Chopsticks NY out of my head: DONBURI. MUST. TRY. Anyone have a recco for a place I could try for lunch from my perch near the Flatiron Bldg.? I'm especial...

FiDi sushi or donburi

by david kaplan 12 years ago

Reviews on this board of Tokyo Express have been generally poor; there have been a couple of older posts on Sawaii Sushi on Kearny which were more favorable. Is Sawaii Sushi still the best bet for ...

New Japanese Donburi Restaurant on Robson St.

by CheapAppetite 12 years ago

New Japanese restaurant called Donburiya just opened today. It locates next to Don Guacamole on Robson (1329 Robson). 5 menu items to choose from now. Small bowl $5.50, Big Bowl $6.50. On Sept 10, ...

Does anyone do veggie donburi-Not Ten Don?

by PinotPlease 12 years ago

Hey 'Hounders: Wondering if anyone knows where to get veggie Don. There are a lot of places that do don with meat and veggie tempura don (Ten Don) I even saw a place where the do a sort of cook...

Oyako Donburi

by chowser 12 years ago

There are as many recipes as recipe sites for this but I haven't found anything on this board. Does anyone have a good one? I like the flavor to be soaked through the rice. Is Jasmine the ideal ...

good unagi donburi in west l.a.?

by jwchen 13 years ago

Hello, my 3 year-old son is craving grilled eel, and we're new to Los Angeles. I'd be grateful if someone could recommend a child-friendly Japanese restaurant on the Westside where grilled eel is ...

Donburi in LA

by MarikoDeVille 14 years ago

I would usually go to Suehiro's in J-Town for Donburi, but I am now searching for other places since I am planning to have some the morning of Thanksgiving and need to find a place that's open. ...