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Trader Joes Pie Crust discontinued

by vvv03 12 years ago

just wanted to report a Trader Joe's product that is going to be discontinued -- the frozen pie crusts in the dessert section. I went to buy it today to make a pie, and the TJ guy who showed me whe...

Green and Black's Caramel Bar discontinued? (moved from Ontario board)

by rat under paper 13 years ago

I have looked in the usual places for what was, perhaps only in my opinion, Green and Black's best chocolate bar flavour: milk chocolate with a sea-salted caramel centre. I've heard a rumour that s...

Correction: Haagen-Dazs is not being discontinued in Canada

by kitchensalive 12 years ago

(Note: The title of this post has been edited. Please see corrections further down the thread for more information. -- The Chowhound Team) 3 tubs for $10 at Loblaws. Here's the response from Nes...

Did Tropicana discontinue its S/F Fruit Punch?

by aynrandgirl 13 years ago

It hasn't been available for weeks now. They're pushing this godawful "Berry" flavored crap instead, but the shelf tags for Sugar Free Fruit Punch haven't been removed. Tropicana is also going thro...

Trader Joe's Discontinues King Arthur Flour

by OneJayneDoe 12 years ago

Trader Joe's will no longer carry King Arthur Flour, effective as of (I think) three weeks ago. TJ's was my go to place for KAF. Yesterday, I purchased the last bag on the shelf. The King Arthu...

Is Cuervo Classico being discontinued?

by EWSflash 12 years ago

For a cheap, friendly tequila I really love Cuervo Classico. Suddenly the BevMo doesn't have it any more, and it's being replaced with Cuervo Blanco, which I believe was replaced a few years back w...

Trader Joe discontinues Orchard Fruit Apricot Bars

by AD 16 years ago

Trader Joe discontinues Orchard Fruit Apricot Cookie bars. Where to find them now?????

sabra tuna discontinued

by matzohrella 13 years ago

sad day for jews everywhere. official word from sabra headquarters is that they discontinued the tuna in all sizes to make room for newer products.

Discontinued Williams-Sonoma Products: Well, Give Us the Recipe Then

by digitante 13 years ago

After not having been in the store for the last few months, I recently discovered Williams-Sonoma had discontinued their very tasty Shanghai Grilling Paste. All of their grilling pastes, actually....

spega italian yogurt - discontinued?

by greenpaint 13 years ago

past two weeks, i've been going to two diff trader joes (bellevue and issaquah, wa) in search for my spega yogurt. i finally asked someone at tj about it and he says it's been discontinued. i ca...

Dacor Millenia Double Ovens Discontinued- Help!

by cookielover 13 years ago

We are about to renovate our kitchen and I just learned the Dacor Millenia 30 inch double wall ovens we picked out are being discontinued. Does anyone know why? We are still able to get this model ...

Trader Joe's To Discontinue Chinese Imports

by ChinoWayne 13 years ago

From the L.A. Times today ( http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-tj12feb12,0,4678115.story ): "Trader Joe's said today that it would remove some Chinese-grown foods from its stores over custo...

Spega Italian Yogurt - discontinued?

by greenpaint 13 years ago

past two weeks, i've been going to two diff trader joes (bellevue and issaquah, wa) in search for my spega yogurt. i finally asked someone at tj about it and he says it's been discontinued. i ca...

CF Donovans discontinues lunch

by Pegmeister 13 years ago

Just an update for all the Donovans enthusiastics; they are no longer serving lunch. This is really disappointing to me because I'm someone who likes to ditch work for a half day and grab a bite h...

Dessert tasting menu now Perigee has discontinued it

by Bigtigger 14 years ago

Anyone able to recommend a reasonably upscale dessert tasting menu that is offered in the GTA ? Never got to try Perigee's, and am sorry they apparently discontinued it. Thanks !

Starbucks discontinuing Light Note Decaf

by Anne 14 years ago

Starbuck's Light Note Decaf has been our morning coffee for years. Last week when I went to the local Starbucks to get another pound, I was told that it is being discontinued. Bummer! Any ideas ...

Not Oreo, Not Hydrox... Name this sandwich cookie!

by CulinaryKate 15 years ago

The name this candy bar topic reminded me of my quest to find out what these cookies were called and if they still exist. When I was a kid growing up (in the 80's, this isn't that long ago peo...

My favorite T. J.'s preserves have been discontinued

Pat Hammond
by Pat Hammond 15 years ago

If you were a fan of Trader Joe's Fresh Fruit Preseves, (apricot, strawberries, cherries) they're discontinued. The jars just kept diminishing, until there were only three left on the shelves. I ...

Quaker golden grits discontinued, anyone know of another source?

by Tee 15 years ago

As many of my fellow grits lovers know, Quaker has discontinued their golden grits. I contacted Quaker directly and they confirmed this. I used them in my cheese grits as regular white grits are (t...

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