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My favorite T. J.'s preserves have been discontinued

Pat Hammond
by Pat Hammond 13 years ago

If you were a fan of Trader Joe's Fresh Fruit Preseves, (apricot, strawberries, cherries) they're discontinued. The jars just kept diminishing, until there were only three left on the shelves. I ...

Quaker golden grits discontinued, anyone know of another source?

by Tee 14 years ago

As many of my fellow grits lovers know, Quaker has discontinued their golden grits. I contacted Quaker directly and they confirmed this. I used them in my cheese grits as regular white grits are (t...

Bombay Masala (Greenbelt, MD) discontinues Indo-Chinese menu -- other options?

by ADL 15 years ago

They told me last night when ordering takeout. This is still a decent local Indian restaurant, but now it's somewhat less interesting. Anyone know of other places (preferebly in in P.G. Co.) tha...

discontinued bed and breakfast cereal

by Christina 16 years ago

Hey everyone. I had a question and was wondering if any of you could help me with answering it...My Dad and I have been unable to find for some time a cereal line of several different mixes that wa...

Ikea Orange Chocolate Discontinued

by JACKIE1214 16 years ago

They discontinued their orange crunch choclate bar- Where can I buy/find a similiar product in NYC?

Big Lots - where ghosts of discontinued food products live

by Cathy2 17 years ago

Hi! Once again we return to beautiful Waukegan, where shopping opportunities reside, to visit an old faithful: Big Lots. Depending on where you are in the country, it can also be called Odd Lot...

Ginger Altoids Discontinued

by galleygirl 17 years ago

So, I finally remembered to check at my neighborhood Trader Joe's for the Ginger Altoids, celebrated in song and legend..;) The cupboards, all of them, were bare, and the cashiers said that they ...

Find recently discontinued placemats

by Tom Steele 19 years ago

As a Christmas present, I gave my mother eight Pimpernel International placemats--laminated wood, cork-backed, sturdy, with a pattern called "Winterthur." I bought them at Macy's in Herald Square M...

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