Made In Launches Sleek-Yet-Simple Plates & Flatware & We’re All In 

If you follow my writing with any degree of vigor you know by now that I’ve developed a not-so-secret crush on the kitchen brand Made In. Everything that this new-ish direct-to-consumer cookware company...

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American made dinnerware at H.F. Coors

Sid Post
by Sid Post 7 years ago

American made and "not" Chinese made dinnerware is a theme often discussed in the forum so, I thought I would share my newest discovery. Yesterday, I found myself in Tucson, Arizona and killed...

Best Choice Dinnerware

by MrsAbby 14 years ago

I'm looking for a set of dinnerware that I can use everyday for both casual and formal entertaining - without being worried about chipping and breaking the pieces. I would like something that can ...

In the market for new dinnerware for casual-elegant hosting. Casafina maybe?

by eviemichael 8 years ago

As of now, I received gold rimmed lenox dinnerware from my mom (In my 4 years of having them, I've used them more than my mom did in 30 years!) and I also have casual china- the roulette royal staf...

White dinnerware. Help, please.

by mkatieq 8 years ago

I am looking for white dinnerware for everyday use. Here are my requirements: 1. I want to store my dinnerware in my upper cabinets and they need to be 11" or smaller. I have found that when ...

not so big dinnerware

by renshiwo 8 years ago

Advice on where to purchase (online) dinnerware sets that are fairly petite? Maybe a large plate of 9"? 10-12 oz. mug? Looking around most sets seem to be 11" for the large plate, and some of th...

Family Dinnerware

by jacewildman 8 years ago

I am searching for dinnerware that I can use for everyday use. I have a 3 year old in the house and want to get him involved in helping to set the table and clean up. I really want to avoid the p...

What is the gold on edges of china dinnerware

by Rella 8 years ago

I've oft wondered what material is on the edge of a plate like this. It must be something powerful not to disintregrate over the years .

So how long will a porcelain dinnerware set last?

by snax 10 years ago

I’m thinking about investing in Pillivuyt dinnerware. I love beautiful things, and things that last. I also love to use my beautiful things, and unlike my mother-in-law (only using her China at...

Help in matching "white" dinnerware

by cattleya 12 years ago

Hi all! I'm new to chowhound, and a relative newbie at setting a (nicer) table. I got married over 3 years ago, but just didn't have time then to think about china, stemware, etc. but have fina...

Everyday stemware, dinnerware and glasses

by brooklynmasala 14 years ago

I have been buying my everyday dinner sets, stemware and regular drinking glasses from Crate and Barrel and just don't like the quality of them. What are reasonably priced brands that are top-qual...

Christmas gifts - dinnerware

by MarietteB 10 years ago

I was made aware of the Fortessa outlet on this board. I have snagged some great things there. But, now they are having a holiday sale. Today, I bought some lovely German made wine glasses for $1 e...

Durable Colorful Dinnerware - Le Creuset? Emile Henry?

by SimonF 10 years ago

I would like to get some durable (I tend to drop things) colorful dinnerware. Anyone have thoughts on Le Creuset vs. Emile Henry? Any other recommended brands? Thanks!

Color of dinnerware - turn on / turn off / don't care

by southern_expat 11 years ago

I might be a lunatic, but this issue never bothered me before this christmas, and I'd like to hear opinions. I received a set of very beautiful pasta dishes, handpainted with a rustic design, pret...

Ask Aida dinnerware

by dolly52 10 years ago

Does anyone know they sell the pretty teal cookware, I think it is so pretty, hope there are not super heavy.

Wedgewood, Apilco, or PB dinnerware?

by mrs.corgi 12 years ago

I know this topic has been discussed somewhat, but I could really use some help selecting my "fine" dinnerware. I want all white dinnerware that I can mix with seasonal/holiday accent plates (most ...

Fire King Jane Ray dinnerware microwaveable?

by javaandjazz 10 years ago

I tried today for the first time and used a fire king jane ray soup bowl in the microwave oven and it survived. I only heated up the food for 1 1/2 minutes. so, I am assuming I can use it more ofte...

Where in Manhattan to buy casual dinnerware

by javaandjazz 10 years ago

Looking to purchase some casual dinnerware. Can't seem to find anything I like online and was just looking for something different. Any smaller independent places where I might find something or I'...

Which dishes from your dinnerware set do you love to use---and which just sit in the cabinet?

by artemis78 10 years ago

Yep, another registry question....for our wedding, we are registering for "real" dishes for the first time, which is very exciting after living with hand-me-down dishes for many years. However, bec...

Genmert Inc Sonoma White Open Stock Dinnerware Collection

by anndillman 11 years ago

Looking for nice white, inexpensive dinnerware. I found Genmert Inc Sonoma White Open Stock Dinnerware Collection at Linensnthings. With shipping and coupon I can get a dozen each of dinner plate...

What cookware/dinnerware/silverware did Santa bring you?

by foiegras 11 years ago

I got some silver in my pattern ... salad/dessert forks and demitasse spoons. I did not request the demitasse spoons, mind you ;)