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Throwing a dinner party should be fun--get advice from our community on how to do it right, from suggested schedules to go-to recipes to thoughts on a playlist.

How to Build the Ultimate Taco Bar

There’s no need to wait until the next Cinco de Mayo (or Tuesdays, for that matter) to get your taco on—but October 4 is National Taco Day, so it’s the perfect time to break out your go-to taco recipe...

Best vegan recipes for a reluctant wannabe mostly-vegan?

by highlyunlikely 4 months ago

I am hoping to expand my vegan repertoire this summer, mainly for health reasons and because it's better for the environment....but I am not at all excited by the majority of vegan cookbooks/recipe...

Entrees for entertaining that are not large hunks of meat

by soccermom13 5 months ago

I have come to the realization that I don't like cooking large hunks of meat or poultry for entertaining for a number of reasons. I prefer what we Minnesotans call "hot dish"---one dish mains ...

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Biryani for 800

by kySafran 10 months ago

Just in case you need to knock up a curry for 800 once lock-down is over and group gatherings are something to be celebrated again, instead of shunned. Here's a recipe. 4.5kg/10lbs of chilli & 7kg...

Westchester Broadway Theatre, Elmsford, to close...

by gutreactions 12 months ago

The Westchester Broadway Dinner-Theatre in Elmsford has announced it is closing after a 45-year run. A victim of the pandemic. Have you been? Anyone have any memories to share? (Was not sure what...

In a world w/o Uncle Boons... Location Help for a 40th b-day party

by MissMara 1 year ago

So I was looking to throw a 40th birthday in January (or whenever the world opens back up in NYC) with ~15 -20 ppl. I had my heart set on Uncle Boons but I just heard they are closing. True Heartbr...

Food Network Alert: 'Questlove's Potluck' airs tonight, May 28...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

The Food Network is hosting 'Questlove's Potluck', a virtual dinner party with celebrity guests and favorite recipes. It airs at 10 p.m./9 central time. It is a fundraiser for America's Food Fund. ...

“I won’t eat a piece of that birthday cake you blew out candles on because of germs!”

by SamuelAt 2 years ago

Recently my GF and I have become more serious and so we’ve been doing that coupley-thing—Netflixing, cooking, and generally socializing less. My GF has become a Master Chef with her slow cooker, a...

Key west theme party for end of july

by ZoeyCovey 1 year ago

We have wanted to do a key west themed party this summer so we’ve been brain storming ideas of what we should have. Please comment, add ideas or nix ideas. Specialty cocktails 1. Mojito 2....

What would you do if too many non-RSVP show up?

by kelvin_of_ranard 2 years ago

Hypothetically, let’s say you invited 20 friends to your home for wine-tasting and dinner. 10 of the invitees rsvp within the allotted time. Plus two are “likely maybes”, which makes 12 total. At...

Looking for a solid mid-range place in Brooklyn for 50 pax

by Agordo 2 years ago

Hi my girlfriend and I are eloping in early May. Afterwards comes the impossible task of hosting meals with various families. For my Haitian side (i'm all mixed up), I am looking for a place in Bro...

Cooking temperatures at 10000btu or 54000btu

by wrongasian 2 years ago

Hello foodies. I'm shopping for an outdoor grill and/or wok unit and most seem to come at 10,000btu's while several more heavy duty outputs at 54,000btu's, advertised. There seem to be a majo...

Coq au vin menu for six person dinner party * input?

by dilettantecook 2 years ago

Hi folks, Longtime reader, first time posting! I'm planning a small dinner party for six that will include an older European couple. My proposed menu: ~ cold-smoked sturgeon with black rye...

Lobster Ravioli - Cheese or no cheese?

by NomadicFoodie 2 years ago

Ok so I know Italians don't typically pair seafood with cheese, but I'm searching for a great Lobster Ravioli recipe for New Year's Eve and it's seems most of them have either ricotta or marscapone...

Invited to potluck party and brought main dish, feelin used

by darlenebb 2 years ago

Feel used when asked to bring ribs and chicken for potluck event for 40 people and the person organizing brought a plate of brownies and some decorations. Dumb me agreed to bring two racks of ribs...

Toronto : How to hire extra help to help with at-home dinner party?

by vicki_vale 7 years ago

Hi Toronto hounds, Can anyone suggest where can I hire extra help to clear dishes and tidy the kitchen for an at-home party in Scarborough during the Christmas holidays? Here in NYC, I can hir...

Menu Suggestions

by Meorchard 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I haven't been on this site for a long time. I'm hoping for some ideas for a dinner menu. I've made homemade ravioli, one with four cheeses and the other is mushroom. Today, I bough...

Banquet for 250 people: Palais Royale or The Old Mill? Where else

by prima 3 years ago

Looking for a venue that offers rentals, that is on the cheap to modest side , preferably less than $80 per person, and I realize that will be a very basic menu. Accessible by TTC. This is for a sp...

The Farmers Guild Summer Soiree 7/28: Voices from the Field, Petaluma

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Date and Time Sun, July 28, 2019 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT Location Five Springs Farm 4497 Adobe Road Petaluma, CA 94954 "Join us at beautiful Five Springs Farm for an afternoon of local fo...

Going to a Pot Luck

by twodales2 2 years ago

We've been invited to a casual evening with friends. There will be around 16 people. The Hostess is providing chicken and broccoli casseroles and a salad. People have offered to bring the fol...

Polenta Bar Dinner Party (Vegetarian)

by nature_trash 4 years ago

Hello, I am throwing a dinner party for about 20 friends for my birthday. Last year I did the Momofuku pork shoulder with lots of sides & it was great. This year, I am planning to make a lar...