Dinner Party

Throwing a dinner party should be fun--get advice from our community on how to do it right, from suggested schedules to go-to recipes to thoughts on a playlist.

Tips & Tricks for Pulling Off a Perfect Dinner Party with No Planning

Do you want to be the kind of person who throws spur-of-the-moment dinner parties that are totally fabulous? We'll let you in on a few little secrets to pulling it off. Who are these fabulous people...

The Farmers Guild Summer Soiree 7/28: Voices from the Field, Petaluma

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 days ago

Date and Time Sun, July 28, 2019 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT Location Five Springs Farm 4497 Adobe Road Petaluma, CA 94954 "Join us at beautiful Five Springs Farm for an afternoon of local fo...

“I won’t eat a piece of that birthday cake you blew out candles on because of germs!”

by SamuelAt 1 month ago

Recently my GF and I have become more serious and so we’ve been doing that coupley-thing—Netflixing, cooking, and generally socializing less. My GF has become a Master Chef with her slow cooker, a...

Going to a Pot Luck

by twodales2 3 months ago

We've been invited to a casual evening with friends. There will be around 16 people. The Hostess is providing chicken and broccoli casseroles and a salad. People have offered to bring the fol...

Banquet for 250 people: Palais Royale or The Old Mill? Where else

by prima 5 months ago

Looking for a venue that offers rentals, that is on the cheap to modest side , preferably less than $80 per person, and I realize that will be a very basic menu. Accessible by TTC. This is for a sp...

Polenta Bar Dinner Party (Vegetarian)

by nature_trash 1 year ago

Hello, I am throwing a dinner party for about 20 friends for my birthday. Last year I did the Momofuku pork shoulder with lots of sides & it was great. This year, I am planning to make a lar...

Hors D'oeuvre recipes needed

by zook 6 months ago

I’ve been tasked with providing the hors d’oerves for a NYE sit down dinner party for 12 guests. The hors d’oerves will be traveling about an hour to get there. No oven access on site. They most...

Vegan Wellington Recipe

by WaxyK 7 months ago

I am planning a holiday dinner for friends and beef tenderloin is the main. I need a vegan main to go along side it. In my research for ideas online I discovered vegan wellingtons that I think fit...

What are your entertaining go to meals?

by dmarie979 8 months ago

I feel like I'm making the same dishes over and over when I host a dinner party. I like to be able to do some (or all) of the prep work ahead of time so I'm not cooking like a mad woman while peopl...

Dinner Party for 6

by nessness 11 months ago

Im having my brother and 3 brothers in law for dinner next week and wanted to make this Jamie Oliver recipe! Struggling with what else I can serve as part of a family style sharing meal. Any ideas?...

Summer Dinner for 30 at rental property in France

by abgilliam 11 months ago

We are having a summer dinner party for 30 at a rented chateau in France. We will arrive 6 days before the dinner. Kitchen is fully equipped. I am not overly impressed with caterers I have seen, ...


by akdad 11 months ago

If one were serving a carpaccio (think tenderloin, watercress, pickled radish dressed with a little lemon, olive oil and sea salt) what would you follow up with as entree?

Thank you dinner

by akdad 11 months ago

Having a family member do some work at the house soon, and looking to host him and his lady as payment. He is meat and potatoes and his lady is a salad lover. We will be starting of with Cynar spri...

Grilling for meat eaters and vegetarians at the same time

by rbrbr 12 months ago

Hi all- I'm looking to entertain for a big group (20 or so) and I have a mix of meat eaters and vegetarians, and am looking for grilling ideas to take care of both- ideally something related (ie ...

Strip steak sandwich

by mamab44 1 year ago

Great sale on strip steaks and I want to grill some early in the day before having 11 people over for dinner. Serving space is too small for everyone to put together their own sandwiches so can I p...

Sides with roast pork?

by NYchowcook 3 years ago

I am planning a dinner party with a terrific, local roast pork shoulder. I plan to roast with fennel seeds, rosemary and garlic. Would love ideas for side dishes. Mashed potatoes? Roasted asparagus...

Menu help for small girls' night in for mom's bday

by inlovewiththedusk 1 year ago

Hi there! I'm having an impromptu dinner for a total of 6 women (including me) where we'll be celebrating my mom's 75th birthday, but very casual. I usually love scheming up a menu for such occas...

Tom Collins party

by akdad 1 year ago

This spring/early summer I am planning a cocktail/dinner party around a Tom Collins bar. I’ll have a lazy susan with kaffir lime leaves,strawberry, mangos, different citrus, cucumbers, herbs,etc wi...

St. Patrick's Day house party foods for home base meetup and after party

by ZoeyCovey 1 year ago

There will be 8 of us. meeting up at my friends house near downtown. We will pre party there, uber in 2 cars out downtown, uber back, after party and sleep over. I get to be in charge of the fo...

Dinner with inlaws

by Lillla 1 year ago

I am a newlywed and my in-laws are coming next Sunday to eat my cooking for the first time, there will be 5 of us total. I would like to impress with a French inspired meal. French onion soup to st...