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How many people will a goose feed?

by MrFerociousDinosaur 1 month ago

I am going to host a dinner on July 29, and there will be 7 people eating, myself included. As stated in the title, t...


BigG commented 8 days ago

Cottage pie oven time

by E_M 28 days ago

I am making a cottage pie tonight. My MO is to brown the veggies, then the meat, top with mashed potatoes & cheese, a...


hotoynoodle commented 28 days ago

looking for a Romantic and Intimate Dinner and Dance

by Zoso 7 years ago

Hello, I have been looking for a Formal/fancy Restaurant that has dinner and dancing on a more romantic and persona...


Christelle commented 1 month ago

1.5lb Pork Shoulder Roast recipe for dinner TONIGHT! HELP

by edbapp 6 years ago

Everything that I am finding on the internet is for much larger roasts! Someone please help me with a simple but deli...


amylounoo commented 1 month ago

First time NY weekend help

by tachbrook82 1 month ago

Hello, off to NYC for the first time this weekend. I am from London and a big foodie and so of course it's high on t...


thegforceny commented 1 month ago

3 dinners in Paris

by jnk 2 months ago

when we honeymooned in Paris 25 years ago there was an article that I attached about great chefs that had opened bist...


jnk commented 1 month ago

Help with road trip from Boston to PA

by citygrrll 2 months ago

Hello ‘Hounders! Heading out in mid-July with Hubs & the 4 year old for a drive down to Hawk Mt. in PA. We are foodie...


truman commented 2 months ago

Toronto - Best Value Classy Eats

by sydneywells 2 months ago

I love cheap eats and want to keep all the pluses of a cheap eat destination (amazing value, amazing food!) but need ...


johnandjane commented 2 months ago

Tony's DiNapoli, UES, took good care of our crowd...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

It was our annual birthday/Father's Day gathering and this year we brought it to Tony's DiNapoli on 3rd & 64th. We we...


gutreactions commented 2 months ago

Recos by Vic Theater

by Francis 2 months ago

Want to impress some out-of-towners (probably 10 people) and show there is more to Chicago than great pizza and hot d...


Gonzo70 commented 2 months ago

What is the worst wedding reception dinner you've ever had?

by alliegator 5 years ago

I've had some pretty bad stuff at receptions, and I've had some good stuff, too. But tell us about the worst meal you...


Georgia Strait commented 3 months ago

Spaghetti - any ideas?

by DorotaMZURc 4 months ago

Hi ! I want to do great spaghetti to my boyfriend. We love that dish ! Have you got a simple but delicious recipe?


Thymus commented 4 months ago

Black eyed peas and collared greens

by akdad 4 months ago

Doing an event soon where I’ll be making black eyed pea and collared green soup with smoked ham hocks for a large gro...


Ttrockwood commented 4 months ago

Jean-François Piège ... finally settle down here? Talking about Le Grand Restaurant

by Bu Pun Su 4 months ago

In the mid 00’s, Alleno, Barbot, Piege, Moret (and a few others) were considered as young and talented chefs that wou...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 4 months ago

Potatoes got me stumped

by jettmixx 5 months ago

I’m going to be making chicken curry for dinner and I thought to add in diced potatoes. Crazy as it sounds I don’t w...


Querencia commented 5 months ago

First time high end sushi in Tokyo

by rockunited 5 months ago

Hi, Have been reading a lot on these forums and done quite a bit of research but still a bit confused. Would really a...


tanseaway commented 5 months ago

15 people for Mother's Day Dinner in Portland, ME

by mikdoh 3 years ago

There are 15 Mothers/Daughters spending the weekend in Portland, could anyone suggest a dinner place for us on Saturd...


Madrid commented 5 months ago

Help - easy dinner for 16 people

by SLM222 5 months ago

As part of a new parent group, I need to serve 16 people dinner. All attendees will have newborns so something easy t...


pumpkinspice commented 5 months ago

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