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"San Franciscan" Menus?

by JaneDoe123 8 days ago

Hiya. I'm heading home for the holidays to Nebraska after about ten years. No one in my family has ever been out this...

MidwesternerTT commented 3 days ago

Boob Toob Dinners

by Perilagu Khan 5 years ago

Unless there was a really big football game on, my mom basically forbade chuffing in front of the teevee. Therefore, ...

Perilagu Khan commented 5 days ago

Worcester, MA: rehearsal dinner suggestions?

by chnewbie 6 years ago

Happy New Year, foodie friends! Here's the challenge: 70 people; Friday night; informal. I'm looking for a place ...


templemaven commented 6 days ago

Where to eat in Portsmouth, NH?

by Marisa23 2 years ago

The hubby and I are taking two days to explore Portsmouth. Can you please recommend some must-try spots for all meals...


mmattimore commented 8 days ago

Best places for dinner near DFW airport/on road between Dallas and Austin?

by llgb 8 months ago

Where can I take two food-fixated visitors from overseas after I pick them up at the airport, or on the road to Austi...


laurals commented 15 days ago

Can I eat bacon after use by date?

by alesandra 22 days ago

I have some bacon in the fridge and the use by date on the packet was 4 days ago. Is it still ok to eat? (Wanted to a...


acgold7 commented 22 days ago

How do you serve and seat a family holiday dinner for 20?

by DeniseM 11 years ago

In all the party planning articles, books, and blogs I never find the real nitty-gritty... how do you serve a big fam...


amypal1 commented 23 days ago

Thanksgiving Dinner in Chambersburg, PA

by tapas gal 10 years ago

Hello I am seeking a good place to have Thanksgiving Dinner in the Chambersburg Pa area. My husband and I will be ...


waternymph commented 23 days ago

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Le Gabriel Paris (by the former head chef of Senderens)

by Bu Pun Su 27 days ago

Selecting where to dine at 2-star Michelin in Paris could be tricky sometimes. Based on my experience, it’s often hit...

Dinner at Guy Savoy Paris

by cegray 7 years ago

I must admit, I’ve been stalking Guy Savoy a bit from afar for years. I almost booked a meal at his restaurant in Las...


Bu Pun Su commented 27 days ago

Reasonable places for dinner in Costa Mesa near Performing Arts Center

by lindyber 6 years ago

Best places to eat dinner near the Segestrom Center in Costa Mesa,Orange County. No Sushi or high end places, just ar...


oldpluto commented 28 days ago

Don't miss _______ in San Francisco

by Disneyfreak 2 months ago

Dish please, if you will, about the things you would tell people to not miss when they are visiting San Francisco. ...

HungryHobbit commented 1 month ago

NYC restaurant recs for group of 5 ladies

by dualvansmommy 1 month ago

I'm meeting my group of High school friends from overseas visiting the city on their trip, I live near the city from ...


Andy T. commented 1 month ago

Good cheap-ish eats near NoMad, all meals and snacks

by flygirl 2 months ago

Good morning everyone Off for another 30 hour trip to NYC. One afternoon and night, plus one day. So I figure I ha...

thegforceny commented 1 month ago

East Village Eats

by kristytaves 2 months ago

Hi! I'm new to the Chowhound community. I am going to visit my friend in the East Village next week and would love an...

erica commented 2 months ago

Dinner in Monetcatini near Tuscany

by clarkgranny 3 years ago

Just booked 5 nights in Montecatini over Thanksgiving because I got a great deal on air, hotel and car included. We d...


Cflower5 commented 2 months ago

San Francisco help please

by Disneyfreak 2 months ago

I am heading to San Francisco for the first time in 5+ years. I will be there with my boyfriend at the very end of Oc...


tre2012 commented 2 months ago

The Dumbest Taco Problem Ever

by JasperRabbit 3 months ago

Taco Tuesday is a favorite around here. Well, "was." We used to be vegetarians, and I'd use soy-based veggie grou...


Ainsley71 commented 2 months ago

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