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Place to eat at the bar solo?

by ebone 11 years ago

Hi everyone, I will be in Nola starting next Wed for the weekend (and staying in the Quarter). What I am looking for from this thread is a place to dine at the bar Wed night. I will be by mys...

Can you eat at the bar at Stella?

by lsinicki 11 years ago

Hi, I'm heading to NO on Friday and will be there for a month. My restaurant list is way long, but a person can only afford (and digest) so many big dinners. Is it possible to eat at the bar at St...


by trimtab 12 years ago

As a frequent single diner, I'd appreciate hearing CH-ers thoughts on restaurants with the best bar service. It's got to be a decent bar scene, not too crowded but lively. Maybe a flat screen or tw...

Louisville - Magnolia 610. Can we eat at the bar?

by ciciNYC 12 years ago

Can we walk in & eat at the bar at Magnolia 610 at 7:30 p.m. or so on a Thursday night? We're in town for the St. James Court Art Festival. & I don't want to make any reservations because as an...

restaurants in Vegas - where to go to eat at the bar?

by tarein 13 years ago

A friend and I are spending a weekend in Vegas in February, staying at the Palazzo. We'd like to try a couple of really good restaurants, but prefer to eat at the bar and have a couple of starters...

Looking for casual good food near FQ where a single can eat at the bar

by chrisonli 13 years ago

I'll be in NOLA for work this week and am staying until early Sunday morning. Looking for a couple of places for dinner where I can eat casually at the bar - since I'll be dining alone. I'm staying...

Craft - Can You Waltz In and Eat at the Bar?

by omotosando 13 years ago

I feel like going to Craft on Saturday night, but there are no reservations until 10:00 p.m. Anyone know if you can just drop in and eat dinner at the bar? Also what is the bar area like?

Where's the best place to eat at the bar or in the next-door cafe?

by gold75 14 years ago

Next week I will be in San Francisco on business (but not with a huge business expense account) for a few days and have one dinner on my own. When traveling, I generally like to suss out the wonde...

Best places to eat at the bar (Dallas)?

by johnny 14 years ago

I am wondering where people really enjoy eating at the bar in Dallas. I am looking to for a great wine and food atmosphere. Thanks

Restaurants where you can eat at the bar

by cricri7 14 years ago

I am leaving for NY tomorrow morning and I am going alone this time so I am looking for new places where I can have dinner by myself at the bar, something I love doing. I tried a couple of places o...

Can I eat at the bar at Babbo?

by mlin1 14 years ago

I am going to be in NYC June 1-3, and getting ready to call first thing in the morning to get a reservation for Friday June 1. I would need a table for 3, and I wonder what I will do if I am not s...

Traveling on business solo - great places to eat at the bar in SF

by crazylash 15 years ago

Any recommendations of places in SF that are great for a single female business woman to eat at the bar? I'd love to try one of the new hot places in the city. I'm allergic to seafood so sushi and ...

Do you like to eat at the bar - or get a table????

by Shefood 15 years ago

I don't know about the rest of the hounds, but I just LOVE to eat at the bar. I enjoy eating out so much that I hate when the check comes and I feel like I need to make a decision, should I stay h...

Old Bath House, Pacific Grove -- Eat at the Bar

by mspea 16 years ago

I've been meaning to post for ages about the bar menu at the Old Bath House -- specifically the steak sandwich. (Other things sound good, too, but I haven't tried them.) It consists of two small ...

A few good places for a single person to eat at the bar?

by Marty W 17 years ago

I will be coming this weekend (Sat - Tues) for a conference and am looking for some nice restaurants where I can get a great meal (IE dining room service) at the bar. I plan on a return late night...

best place to dine at the bar late-ish in midtown west

by sam 17 years ago

Looking for suggestions as to a good place to have dinner at the bar around 10 pm in the midtown west/carnegie hall vicinity. Hopefully someplace that there will not be too long a wait to get a se...

Blue Hill: Can you eat at the bar?

by Bar Eater 17 years ago

We like eating at the bar at restaurants (USC, Lupa, Babbo, Grammercy Tavern & Red Cat are favs) & want to try Blue Hill & forego a table reservation. Does anyone know: if they serve their regula...

50 Carmine St - eat at the bar?

by jasmine 17 years ago

Hi. I was wondering, can you at the bar here? Thanks.

Fun restaurants to eat at the bar?

by Jamie 18 years ago

Searching for a recommendation for friday night dinner at a nice restaurant where we can enjoy a few drinks and maybe some apps and entrees while sitting at the bar? I have done this a few times a...

best places to eat at the bar?

by tashNY 18 years ago

Looking for ideas on the best restaurants for bar dining... someplace where you can get good food and ambiance (i.e. not a lot of elbows in your back), and a variety of appetizers that you can make...

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