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Sugar high ahead. Get the best dessert recommendations from Chowhounds, from restaurant dishes to bakeries, plus baking inspiration and ideas for the perfect dessert to make for any occasion.

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Seeking the REAL "Brooklyn Style" Cannoli Recipe

by vtheory 7 years ago

I have a serious Cannoli recipe problem, which I've been unable to resolve for several years. As many cannoli-philes...


tntwo commented 18 hours ago

Cold Brew Ice Cream

by Pwelsh4 2 days ago

Hello there everyone! So to get straight to the point, I was going to make some coffee ice cream for a friend of m...


Nyleve commented 23 hours ago

Compressed fruit without the vacuum?

by kkdcalgary 3 days ago

Dear Chowhounders; I was wondering if anyone has tried to make compressed fruit without a vacuum? I read the idea ...

dave_c commented 3 days ago

Cheesecake Recipe - Weequahic Diner, NJ

by ChowJon99x 1 month ago

Classic Cheesecake Recipe - from Weeqauhic Diner, Newark, NJ (1938 - 1967) Considered one of the best cheeseca...


Sonya_sSon2 commented 7 days ago

Cannoli Filling: Mascarpone vs. Ricotta

by knoxhound 12 years ago

Transplanted New Yorker wishes to make NYC-via Mulberry Street-(love it or leave it)-style Cannoli Filling. The quest...


NUESTRO123 commented 8 days ago

First time ice cream maker, long time eater - I have a few ?s

by cristaal 13 days ago

I have been playing around with my new ice cream machine-the typical freeze the base kind Cuisinart- and no matter wh...


echonielsen commented 9 days ago

June 2015 COTM: VERDURA - Side Vegetables and Desserts - pp. 245-300

by MelMM 2 years ago

Use this thread to report on the following chapters of VERDURA: Side vegetables - pp. 245-280 Desserts - pp. 281-...

EllenCooks commented 11 days ago

No bake cheesecake bars

by DivaMari 16 days ago

I live in Florida. It is hot and I did not want to bake. I thought no bake cheesecake bars would be a good choice. Yo...


MikeG commented 15 days ago


by oakjoan 9 years ago

Here's the thread for the chapter in The Perfect Scoop entitled: ICE CREAMS. He has separate sections for other fro...

auburnselkie commented 16 days ago

Frank Stitt’s Southern Table: . . . and Something Sweet to Finish

by JoanN 9 years ago

February 2008 Cookbook of the Month, Frank Stitt’s Southern Table. Please post your full-length reviews of dessert...

JoanN commented 23 days ago

How to use a souse or head cheese mold?

by Modemac 25 days ago

I recently acquired a vintage cast iron head cheese mold: a scary looking bust of a pig's head, about eight inches ac...


joonjoon commented 23 days ago

June 2017 COTM: The Malaysian Kitchen, reports on Desserts

by pistachio peas 2 months ago

Use this thread to report on recipes from the following chapter: DESSERTS (p. 293-326) If you are the first to ...

MmeFleiss commented 26 days ago

A Creamy Style Cheesecake, Like Spread?

by TheKnottyHooker 1 month ago

Hi. I recently bought a Philadelphia Cheesecake Cup. It had a creamy style cheesecake on one side and cherry topping ...


TheKnottyHooker commented 27 days ago

Post theater Vegan dessert in Manhattan

by ABK71 9 months ago

Hello hounds, looking for suggestions for a sit-down vegan dessert after the theatre ...flexible on location, license...


ChowJon99x commented 1 month ago

General Discussion Be the first to comment

Tavern Restaurant - Coconut Cream Pie Recipe

by ChowJon99x 1 month ago

- Former New York City Mayor (and Congressman ) Ed Koch, who had once lived in Newark's Third Ward and graduated from...

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Qatayef @ Kunafa King in Fresh Choice Marketplace | Garden Grove

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

My first stop on reaching Orange County from San Francisco was Fresh Choice, the huge halal supermercado in Garden Gr...

Crowd size dessert

by Jocote 1 month ago

I volunteer for the Meals on Wheels program and next week I have to make the dessert for approximately 45 elderly peo...


Tara57 commented 1 month ago

White vs. yellow cake for layered cake?

by leca 1 month ago

I'm going to be making a 3 layer almond birthday cake, and it will be the first layer cake I've made. Layers will be...

babette feasts commented 1 month ago

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"Sweet Note" - Really delicious new SEASONAL products worthy of mentioning!

by Charles Yu 1 month ago

Just came back from afternoon tea with a couple of old Calgarian friends. Chef Owner Candy introduced a couple of ...

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