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ISO Hi-Q Des Moines Chinese

by THM 16 years ago

I'm an NYC hound whose RV-retired parents are working at Adventureland this summer - wanna send them to a nice Chinese restaurant for their anniversary. Which is the BEST in the Des Moines area - b...

Reviews: Mosaix (Des Moines) & good news for Wichita

by SmallCap 16 years ago

I figured it was finally time for a few comments on Mosaix Wine Bar in Des Moines, as I am a semi-regular patron there (they're located just right down the street from my home). Mosaix is a myste...

vegan friendly in des moines?

by skittish 16 years ago

Hey, guys. I'm new here and I'm looking for somewhere I can eat in Des Moines, (preferrably the south side). I'm vegan and I like almost any type of cuisine, just wanted to know what was the most...

Ames, Des Moines, Omaha

by janeofah 17 years ago

My husband is looking for a dinner spot - medium priced - in Des Moines, not too far off I-35 or I-80. The men he's travelling with like meat & potatoes kind of meals. They'll be travelling on...

Des Moines

by Rothko 17 years ago

Are there any ideas for Asian or any inexpensive, authentic ethnic food for a traveler from another land?

Road Trip to Des Moines

by rlc 17 years ago

Our kids just moved from Seattle to Des Moines. We will be leaving Western Kentucky next week to visit them. Our primary route is I-57 through Champaign, to 74W through Peoria to the Quad City ar...

Des Moines Bound

by elr 17 years ago

I'll be arriving in Des Moines tomorrow evening, and wanted suggestions for dinner. Am staying at Hotel Ft. Des Moines, and will be w/o a car, so hope to find some place w/in walking distance. A...

Survey of Des Moines' best eateries

by Frisia 17 years ago

I just discovered this website by reading Calvin Trillin's book "Feeding a Yen". Great book. Even greater website. I work in Des Moines and live near Pella. I would love to gather the collectiv...

Des Moines: help re: Big Daddy's BBQ and Taste of Thailand?

by jay 18 years ago

Hi, Two questions: 1. Is Big Daddy's BBQ still open for restaurant service? Anyone know the hours open on a Tuesday? 2. I've heard good things about Taste of Thailand. Coming from Seattle, I...

Des Moines Farmers' Market?

by Missy P. 17 years ago

I will be traveling from Oakland, CA to Des Moines this summer (late June) with my boyfriend, a Des Moines native. I'm addicted to farmers' markets--which are spectacular in the Bay Area--and am r...

Des Moines area vegetarian

by redlamb 17 years ago

I moved to the Des Moines area, from Omaha... And am still looking for any vegetarian restaurants. My personal fave in Omaha is McFosters Natural Kind Cafe. (The name may have changed a bit... I'm ...

real food in Des Moines

by Mr Dario 18 years ago

Hello can anyone help out a Chowhound flight attendant? Ive got a layover in Des Moines on Friday.Im staying at the the Des Moines Marriott.Ill be in time for an early dinner..Im looking for real f...

Des Moines area steak

by Paul Lukas 18 years ago

I'm going to be in Des Moines and am looking for a good steak. I don't mind driving as much as an hour out of town for it. The ones I've read about most often are the Iowa Beef Steakhouse, the 801 ...

Des Moines Lunch/Dinner

by BChow 18 years ago

Meeting & golf in Des Moines next week. Need suggestions on local flavor lunch/dinner spots. We've done the tenderloin place(?) on the south side. Where else should we go? Steaks are ok, fried chic...

West Des Moines - Good Coffee?

by JugglerDave 18 years ago

Is there any good AM coffee in West Des Moines? I'm looking for sonething like Peet's or a decent espresso place for 7AM, not the stuff you find in one of the chain restaurants in the PM. Close t...

breakfast in des moines or ames

by tom logeland 18 years ago

I have never found a decent breakfast place in either Des Moines or Ames. Are there any?

New York Chowhounder going to Des Moines - suggestions?

by Miss Poste 18 years ago

Hi, I'll be visiting Des Moines in August, and searching high and low for some restaurant recommendations. There was an older (10 months ago) thread praising some Vietnamese spots, and I'd lo...

Des Moines, Iowa recommendations

by Ed Norton 18 years ago

Heading to West Des Moines and am looking for some good steaks. Also not looking to spend a fortune either. Anyone have any faves in Des Moines or West Des Moines? Some good BBQ or fried chicken ...

Des Moines suggestions

by Big Fat Moe 19 years ago

I have to spend alot of time over the next few months in Des Moines, Iowa. Any suggestions? Thanks

Des Moines dinner

by Bill Wood 19 years ago

I need suggestions for a good place to take 45 people to dinner. We have a bus tour going there in March. Should be bus parking available and several menu choices. Thanks. Please reply by E mAIL.

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