Loving Scrapple: A Cherished Memory of Mid-Atlantic Mystery Meat

Beloved by some, reviled by others, and unknown to many, scrapple is an enduring breakfast food in the mid-Atlantic—and a treasured, tangible link to the past. Scrapple...

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Day-to-Day Eats? - Southern Delaware (Rehoboth, Lewes, Georgetown, etc)

by fpatrick 4 years ago

We'll be moving to the Lewes, DE area in early-to-mid 2016, and are concerned that the major task ahead of us will be finding Day-to-Day eats that meet our life-long Central Jersey options. Looking...

Thanksgiving in Rehoboth Beach?

by SarahGB 4 years ago

Any recommendations for good restaurants doing Thanksgiving in Rehoboth Beach this year?

Lunch in Dover, Delaware

by Barbarella 4 years ago

Traveling from Belmar, NJ to St. Michaels, Md. And looking for lunch in Dover. Any suggestions for some good food

Rice...New Asian/sushi place on Limestone Rd

by sal_acid 4 years ago

Stylish decorations but so-so food. Fried pork gyoza were floppy and barely fried on their bottoms. A "special" roll (i forget the name of it) was un-interesting and built so tall that i couldn't ...

Papal Munchies

by cwdonald 4 years ago

The Pope is descending upon the city this weekend. I am curious what establishments are able to remain open given the travel locations. Also, in addition to the Papal Beer specials are there any re...

Zatarain's Crawfish Boil in Delaware

by MissMoxie911 4 years ago

Is there anywhere I can find Zatarain's Crab, Shrimp, and Crawfish Boil (any flavor) in or around Wilmington Delaware? I'm from Houston TX and I miss it!

Anywhere worth eating at in Dewey Beach? Also Rehoboth

by curioussheridan 4 years ago

There are no recent postings, so I wondered if there is anything worth tasting in Dewey for breakfast and lunch (and any good coffee?) We'll probably go into Rehoboth for dinner, which I haven't b...

Wilmington delivery options/transportation to downtown area

by sasha1 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm leaving the left coast in about a week for a business trip to Wilmington. I've never been there before. Will be staying in the outskirts (Doubletree on Concord Pike) and prob...

Rehoboth Beach Delaware--Long Weekend

by jmol11 7 years ago

Hello foodies! First time in Rehoboth this weekend, from NYC; looking for foodie recommendations. Interested in pubs/casual to fine dining suggestions. Thank you!

Birthday dinner and brunch, Wilmington/Brandywine area, Restaurant Week

by cgh 4 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, I'll be in the Wilmington/Brandywine area for my birthday (Sept 19). I was happy to see that it is also Brandywine Restaurant week, so I want to consider those options along wi...

Korean BBQ & Sushi Bar in Newark, DE (I want recipes!)

by muzicman82 5 years ago

My girlfriend and I LOVE Korean restaurants. One of our favorites is Korean BBQ and Sushi Bar in Newark, DE. http://www.yelp.com/biz/korean-barbecue-and-sushi-bar-newark If you like Korean foo...

Help Me Find a Place to Meet in Northern DE?

by Fiona 4 years ago

Hello - I am meeting a friend for dinner on a Thursday evening and neither of us can think of a place that is not Christiana Mall. We need a place between Newark and north Wilmington. Moderate pric...

Culinaria (in DE) Any good?

by sal_acid 4 years ago

Kind of an odd article today in the News Journal http://www.delawareonline.com/story/life/2015/07/09/culinaria-owners-sell-brandywine-hundred-eatery/29907711/

What is your favorite restaurant near Middletown, DE and why?

by cke25 4 years ago

Looking for a Chow-worthy spot to take Grandpa for Fathers Day? No particular cuisine in mind, just quality food at a reasonable price.

Lewes Delaware area - good foods, 5 yr old friendly

by mansfield 4 years ago

We are taking our 5 yr old to the lewes area for a long weekend over the 4th (and a dog!). What are the best kid friendly restaurants for lunch and dinner? I hate bad food! Thanks!

Lewes Delaware

by judyep 4 years ago

Heading down to Lewes 4th of July weekend. Any new restaurants in town? I see that Cafe Azafran is closed. Did anything replace it? It's just myself and my husband...looking for dinner recommenda...

Skipjack in Newark DE

by sal_acid 6 years ago

A new place in the Shops at Louviers, at the old location of Johnsons Grille, and a few other equally forgettable places. Its run by the ex-chef at Krazy Kats so the guy knows how to cook. Ther...

Living in Newark, DE.

by kiwi 15 years ago

I'm considering applying for a university position in Newark, Delaware and was wondering if anyone out there can tell me about the city. My wife & I live in NYC, and were just trying to get some th...

Blue Crab Grill, Newark DE

by jujuthomas 6 years ago

Went to visit the inlaws yesterday in Newark, and they took us to Blue Crab Grill for an early dinner. (thank goodness, the initial idea was for applebees. UGH) There was a local band just finishin...

Bakery in Newark, DE

by Karen K 7 years ago

My son, a freshman at U Del, turns 18 later this month. Is there a good bakery in the Newark environs that might deliver a cake, cupcakes, or cookies to a student at the university?