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A best way to sanitize cutting board?

by alex 13 years ago

Ive seen cooks use a h20 and bleach solution as a disinfectant. any suggestions?

John Boos Cutting Boards in Toronto?

by Cityplace 13 years ago

Any cheap sources for Boos cutting boards in Toronto? Or will ship to Toronto, Ontario, Canada?

caring for a bamboo cutting board

by sloped 13 years ago

How do you care for your unstained babmboo cutting boards? Mine has a "raw" feel and no stain. Do I still need to use mineral oil on it? TIA!

What to do with a wooden cutting board of unknown origin?

by Vexorg 13 years ago

One of the things thar came with my apartment was a wooden cutting board which is "built-in" to the cabinetry (not really, but it's obviously designed to be there). I've been there for over a year...

Smelly Cutting Board

by mielimato 13 years ago

I made fresh sardines last night and this morning my cutting board still smells very fishy. I've tried scrubbing it extensively with lots of soap but that has not worked. The cutting board is mad...

Extra Large Glass Cutting Boards / Counter Protectors?

by biltong 13 years ago

I'm looking for some plain, frosted, tempered glass, cutting boards / counter protectors that are inexpensive and extra large. I need 24" x 24" so that we can extend the life of my folks counter to...

Bamboo cutting boards at TJ Maxx/Homegoods

by emdb 14 years ago

I was at a Boston-area (Somerville) TJ Maxx/Homegoods combination yesterday and picked up some "TruBamboo" bamboo cutting boards for nice prices (20 for a 35 dollar one, 15 for 25, etc.). I got a ...

Did I ruin my cutting board?

by Scribbler 14 years ago

I got a beautiful Pro Chef cutting board as a Christmas gift from my brother. Rubbed it with olive oil as directed. Lately I've noticed dark spots on it looking almost like mildew, but it's in th...

Best/Minimum SIze for a cutting board

by nikki 14 years ago

I am buying a John Boos cutting board is 12 by 18 by 2 an OK size or do I go for something bigger(if so what dimensions)?

How to care for bamboo cutting board?

by adp0 15 years ago

Just got a lovely one for Christmas, and it did not really come with detailed info on its care. Any advice is welcome. I assume I should not put it into the dishwasher, and I have some food grade...

cutting board care

by beaumont 15 years ago

i just got a beautiful new wooden one and was wondering how you all clean and care for it?

Frosted Glass Cutting Board-Warning

by Marco 17 years ago

A two part message, first, beware if you have a frosted glass cutting board. I did have one (and DID is the key operative word here). One morning while I was washing it, it suddenly shattered int...

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