How to Turn Melted Ice Cream From Summer Disaster Into Secret-Ingredient Desserts

From soft serve cones to pints of dairy-free ice cream, there's no form of frozen treat that isn't delicious. Generally, we want to eat our ice cream before it melts (although when it's a little soft...

Touble shoot my flan please

by OnceUponABite 14 years ago

The flan part turned out beautifully, custard, rich, set just perfectly. BUT the caramel part was a total failure. Instead of melting and being the nice gooey topping on the flan itself, my carme...

Best Apple Pie, Best Crème Brûlée, Best Apple Pie in TO, that can be shipped or delivered to East York?

by prima 29 days ago

Where would you suggest? I'm open to restaurants, bakeries or grocery store versions. I picked up a nice apple pie at the Rolling Pin (cash or debit only) in Oct. No delivery though. Thanks ...

Substitute for Sugar When Tempering Eggs?

by westes 3 months ago

In recipes that blend eggs into a sauce - like custard - sugar has a chemical role in helping to disperse the egg protein throughout the solution before it hardens. Is there a substitute to sugar...

Creme brulee ramekin help?

by DonaldT123 7 months ago

I'm trying to identify the brand of round ramekin Anna Olson uses for her creme brulee recipe, without success. Can anyone identify it? Doing google searches got me nowhere, unless it's a design th...

How to thicken pastry cream?

by bakerslove 9 years ago

I made pastry cream to fill Eclairs last night and its a bit more pourable then pudding like. How do i thicken it? I really don't want to start all over. Should i just put it on the stove again? or...

Portuguese Custard Cream runny inside after baking!

by likwid8 1 year ago

I've followed a few similar recipes in Portuguese and in English to get an idea of the similarities in making these delicious tarts and mine all came out runny in the middle, even after leaving the...

Lemon Curd Questions

by Purdys_99 8 years ago

Hey everyone, So I just finished another batch of lemon curd for a fruit tart, and while my history of lemon curd has mostly been pleasant, there are still a few things I struggle with. My ma...

Can I eat this lime meringue pie?

by jeanbeank 3 years ago

I made this recipe http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/lemon-and-toasted-coconut-meringue-pie-106440 and used lime instead of lemon. I know I should have waited 4 hours to let the pie ...

Egg Custard Snoball

by gregb 11 years ago

Can someone enlighten me as to what this egg custard flavor is? It's orange, has a vanilla flavor to it, and goes great with marshmallow, but that's all I know!

Creme Custard?! (vs Flan vs Brule)

by CHnewb 3 years ago

So a local restaurant has a creme custard with a mixed berry sauce on top. It is a French/Mediterranean place that is one of the hidden gems of our town. Their dessert is perfect - light, not too ...

Junket Rennet Custard?

by Douglas C. Ewing 17 years ago

Does anyone else remember this product? Is it still available?

Baking in Mason jars?

by pindert 4 years ago

I need to make about 80 desserts for a church event. I'm thinking of making coffee pots de creme, baked in canning jars. I have a variety of different brands (Ball, Kerr, Mason, and possibly othe...

Creme brûlée for 12 in small oven

by GeorgiaMom 4 years ago

Making creme brûlée for 12 for a dinner party we're attending tonight. I can only fit 6 dishes in the water bath on one rack of the oven. Should I: (1) put them in two racks & alternate, or (2) coo...

Bird's Custard Powder - Help!

by TrishUntrapped 12 years ago

I am making a trifle and bought a can of Bird's Custard Powder (From the "English" section in a Shaw's Supermarket in Connecticut) thinking it would make a nice component in the trifle. I've nev...

Hor Mok Pla

by outRIAAge 4 years ago

If you are the kind of person who smiles broadly when you select a dish and the waiter warns you away from it, this is the dish for you. I nailed the recipe about twenty years ago, but I warn you ...

Pots de creme - cover with lids, foil or both?

by suepea 4 years ago

I have pots de creme cups with lids. When I put them in the oven in their water bath should I just use the lids or also cover with foil?

Chocolate Pot de Creme - Baked vs. No Bake

by tc2012 4 years ago

To those of you who have made it both ways: which do you prefer and why? There's a Cook's Illustrated recipe (can anyone post it?) that is no bake and seems to be highly rated. Anyone try this?...

Can you transport mousse?

by leca 5 years ago

I want to have a taste off a few different recipes of chocolate mousse at a get together. It takes too long to cook there so I was thinking of making it at home and bringing it. I've got the cool...

what do you make/bake in custard cups?

by Gooseberry 12 years ago

My mother got me a set of beautiful, transparent glass cups. I said thank you, and then asked, "Erm, what are they for?". She made a flapping motion with her hand and said, "No idea. But aren't the...