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Looking for Massaman Curry Paste (specifics) in RDU area

by burgeoningfoodie 7 years ago

So I know that I can get at least two version at Li Ming. One is from Maesri and the other Mae Ploy. However they both contain ingredients that my wife is trying to avoid on a paleo like diet. O...

buying fresh curry paste - Asian Markets?

by emylou 7 years ago

I'm wondering if there is an Asian Market in the Boston area where I might be able to buy freshly made curry paste. Thanks!

Canning curry paste!

by Chefwhitney 7 years ago

So I've been water bath canning jams for a few years and I've just recently within the last year started pressure canning. I have successfully pressure canned chili, chicken broth, spaghetti sauce ...

Where to buy Nittaya Thai curry paste in SF?

by jimmysl 8 years ago

I've heard that Nittaya is better than Mae Ploy, the brand I usually use, and I wanted to give it a try. Anyone know where I can buy it in the Bay Area? I haven't seen it at New May Wah or Ranch ...

Cleaning out the kitchen - partial jar of curry paste

by jboeke 7 years ago

We're moving next month so I'm actively trying to use up old stuff in the back of my pantry and hidden in the depths of my freezer. But the biggest challenge is turning out to be the semi-used jar...

Thai Curry Paste

by jeff55432 8 years ago

I'm planning on making a Thai curry for a potluck tomorrow night, and I no experience cooking Thai food. I found what seems like a good recipe on the net, so I am going to go with that. Because ...

Math hurts my head--curry paste problem

by Thanks4Food 8 years ago

So I've got 37 oz of boneless skinless chicken breast and a 10oz jar of Patak's Concentrated Curry Paste. Directions say 3-4 Tb of paste per 8oz of chicken. Can anyone figure that out for me? I'm t...

Preethi or blender for curry pastes?

by nonaggie 8 years ago

I've started making Thai curry pastes, and I would love to have a blender / food processor / something to speed the process. I'm considering a Preethi Eco Twin ( http://www.amazon.com/Preethi-Twin...

Possibly obvious curry paste packaging question

by stgrove 8 years ago

Just bought a new container of curry paste. I usually just decant it into the plastic jar the first time I use it. Now I'm wondering: Is that the right thing to do? Are you supposed to leave it in...

Where to buy green curry paste & keffir lime leaves in Manhattan?

by horseofcourse66 8 years ago

Hi All, Where can I buy green curry paste & keffir lime leaves in Manhattan? Thanks! Also, is fish sauce easy to find?

Favourite Thai Curry Paste Available Locally?

Sam Salmon
by Sam Salmon 8 years ago

Anyone have a favourite tasty Thai Curry paste available locally that they'd like to share? Just had a Red Curry from Mae Ploy and I'm sure the meal exceeded my monthly salt intake-this has to...

Substitution for red curry paste?

by bwillia 14 years ago

I am making a thai beef dish tonight that calls for red curry paste, and I cannot find it at my grocery store. Any substitutions that would be easy to make? Thanks!

Where can I find Mae Ploy or Nittaya brands of Thai curry paste?

by luckyfatima 9 years ago

I guess I haven't cooked Thai curry since I have moved to NoVa, but I have volunteered to bring a giant pot of it for something and when I went to get my standard curry paste I tried Lottes-Ashburn...

Curries / Curry Pastes

by cacruden 9 years ago

I saw one thread asking for curry recipes, decided I would create a newer (new) thread and then post my curry paste recipes in a subthread under thai curries so that others can post curry related r...

When to make a curry paste?

by LiamKeane 9 years ago

I am cooking a cauliflower curry according to a very simple and quick recipe that I have used before. All I do is saute some onions, garlic and ginger, then add some dried spices and allow these to...

Looking for Mae Ploy Curry Paste in Central CT

by kattyeyes 9 years ago

Hi there. Has anyone seen this brand locally? My best guess is A Dong would have it in Elmwood/WH, but even better to find it closer to home (Middletown). The only brand I'm familiar with (and do l...

Curry paste in a can

by cheesehead in recovery 9 years ago

What other curry pastes are similar to the small cans that I have recently discovered? I think it is Thai and I tried the massaman flavor. I think the brand was Massis or something similar . Just...

Mae Ploy Curry Paste?

by Megan8178 10 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy Mae Ploy curry paste? I haven't seen it since I've moved here (to DC), and am willing to drive to MD or VA if necessary! I miss my curry so any help would be mu...

Thai Red Curry Paste - to refrigerate or not?

by jerseydiner 9 years ago

I just opened a container of it that I bought over the weekend. Do I need to refrigerate it once it is open or is it okay to leave it in the cabinet? I'm thinking that I'll use it periodically, but...

Thai green curry paste?

by taikan 10 years ago

Does anyone know a good place to purchase Thai green curry paste in the East Bay?