Don't Eat Homegrown Sweet Potatoes Until You Take This Critical Step

If you planted sweet potatoes this summer, it's time to harvest them—and there's another step you need to take before you bring them into the kitchen. Here's everything you need to know about how to...

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Philly/Bucks for pink curing salt sodium nitrate

by george2 5 years ago

Geromes sausage in Bucks doesn't carry it nor do a few butcher shops I called. Making a bunch of bacon and would rather buy pink curing salt locally than online. Any leads? Thanks

Curing Salt and Pickling Salt in N.O.

by Hungry4Good 5 years ago

A thousand thanks to anyone who can tell me where I can find curing salt and picking salt in New Orleans.

Cooking/Curing Costco Style Boneless Pork loins

by chefmikebenninger 5 years ago

Anyone have any ideas for cooking or curing those giant Costco Style Boneless Pork loins? they are on sale a lot and I recently bought two of them. I could either grilled them as chops or as a roas...

Chicken Pepperoni?

by egurock 5 years ago

Has anyone made homemade pepperoni using chicken instead of pork? I was at a restaurant recently that featured chicken pepperoni on the menu and I want to try to make it myself, but can't find a re...

Yearly "pork" sale at Fortino's and likely other Loblaw branded stores

by ylsf 6 years ago

Every year around January Fortino's (and usually other Loblaw branded stores) that is great for people that make their own sausages, cure their own meat, etc. This year it looks like they have add...

Triangle: Pink Curing Salt?

by meatn3 13 years ago

I thought I had some...and would rather not do mail order. Is there a local source? I am referring to the type used for curing meats, not to the pink colored finishing salts used in cooking or a...

Curing salt: sodium nitrite percentage seems high

by DLovsky 6 years ago

I need to buy some curing salt in the US for the first time. I look around, various types, the sodium nitrite percentage is 6.25%. In France, the salt is called "sel nitrité", same goal it seems, b...

Favourite methods for curing olives

by Allegra_K 6 years ago

In a very rare occurrence, I find myself with a couple of cases of (jumbo, if it matters) green sevillano olives. I am planning to experiment with a few different methods of curing, but as I have n...

Graved Eggs

by SoupforBreakfast 6 years ago

I never heard of graved eggs until I watched this video today: http://www.foodpeopleplaces.com/12-things-you-can-do-with-an-egg/ The related recipe uses sugar and salt (other recipes use only...

Curing olives

by AJDLiberti 6 years ago

There are fruit bearing olive trees all over the neighborhood where we live, every year I watch the olives turn black, fall from the trees and rot on the ground, this year I've been talking to peop...

ISO - (pink) curing salt

by Recyclor 14 years ago

Hey 'hounds, I am excited to try making confit pork belly this weekend but just realized I'm short a key ingredient and am not sure where to source it. It is salt that contains nitrite and goes by ...

Making Prosciutto!

by LocalFreshOrganic 13 years ago

I have just completed salting my 2nd leg of fresh, wild boar from Carmel Valley and it has been dry hanging for 7 days after 1 month of salt curing. My first go round went well, and the meat was t...

Custom Meat Curing Services?

by CountFrouFrou 6 years ago

Not having the space nor expertise for curing at home, I am hoping to source it out but cannot, for the life of me, find online if any butcher or charcutier offers this service. To simplify, this i...


by gpier66 8 years ago

Tough to find good deli-style gravlax in NC, so am endeavoring home done. My first batch last week, used abt 1 lb filet of sockeye, 1tbs each of sugar & salt, lime zest, dill, and cognac ála Julia...

Curing Ham Confusion

by Puffin3 6 years ago

My butcher gave me about 2 T of what he referred to as 'Pink salt' yesterday. The last time I wet cured a 3 pound raw pork loin he gave me less than 1 t and told me that was enough based on the we...

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