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curing salt

by kleinca 8 years ago

I have given up searching for peameal back bacon in Montreal and have decided to make my own. It's actually quite easy but I need curing salt for the brine. It has many different names but is essen...

ISO local source for pink curing salt #1

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 8 years ago

All - Does anyone know where in the NoVA/DC/MD area I can score some pink curing salt #1? Thanks so much! Cocinero Cubano

Pink Curing Salt or sodium nitrite source in Mexico City?

by JulietInDF 8 years ago

I want to start making corned beef from scratch and am looking for a source in Mexico City for pink curing salt or sodium nitrite. Does anyone have any advice for me? It's easy enough to find on...

Pancetta without curing salt

by Extelleron 8 years ago

I bought a 3 lb piece of pork belly today and am planning to make pancetta with it, but I have no experience curing meat. Based on the guanciale recipe I had seen (Batali's) I thought that I would ...

pink curing salt?

by cookfood 8 years ago

a little late on this one but wanting to make homemade corned beef...it will take a few days, but one of the ingredients is pink curing salt. anyone know where i can get it? and what would happen ...

Pink curing salt (sel nitrité?) in charcuterie and foie gras?

by kirikara 8 years ago

HI, So my big resolution of the year is to try my hand at foie gras and charcuterie. I am looking around a bit and was working on the recipe for foie gras torchon from Thomas Keller and Eleven M...

Pink Curing Salt in Southern NH?

by elctrnc 9 years ago

Does anyone know of anywhere where I can pick up some pink curing salt in southern NH? I saw the Boston threads where people mentioned Christina's, but I was hoping that someplace close to home car...

Where to find pink curing salt in Seattle

by vega4933 12 years ago

Working on a recipe to corn beef and looking for pink curing salt? know where I could find it? any reasonable substitution (ie sea salt, kosher)?

Meat curing salt

by ttoommyy 9 years ago

Does anyone know of a source in NYC to buy meat curing salt or something similar? I was watching an episode of Essential Pepin and now I want to try my hand at a country paté or sausage. I know I c...

Curing Salt/Pink Salt in greater Boston area?

by dbradley 9 years ago

I know I can buy it online, but I hate to pay as much in shipping as I do for the actual product. Anyone know where I can pick it up in the area?

Pink Curing Salt in NOVA?

by dcskinsfan 10 years ago

I tried Penzey's in Falls Church, to no avail. Maybe Whole Foods? I know I can order online but I'm looking to use it in the next day or so. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Where can I buy curing salts?

by loghia 13 years ago

I am having a hell of a time finding curing salts for chow's pancetta recipe. I don't want to order online, so has anyone seen or purchased curing salts in San francisco? With so many restaurants d...

Where can I buy curing salt?

by CindyJ 13 years ago

There's a corned beef recipe in the March Bon Appetit that calls for a curing salt called Insta Cure No. 1. Rather than buy a whole pound of it online, I'm wondering if this product (also called P...

Where to buy curing salt in Columbus?

by dreamers50 10 years ago

Trying to find out where I can purchase pink curing salt in Columbus, any suggestions? Thanks!

where to buy pink curing salt?

by JTSM 11 years ago

I've been experimenting with curing meats, etc. recently but have been unable to find pink curing salt. Does anyone know where I might find it locally? I've tried YDFM, Cook's Warehouse, the Bufo...

Source for pink curing salt in Boston area

by tpapa2 15 years ago

I've made sopressata with my in-laws in PA for years and am looking to do this on my own in MA but am having trouble finding pink curing salt. Does anyone have any sources or suggestions? I live ...

Bringing Curing Salt back from the US [moved from Ontario]

by Tam905 11 years ago

Hi Everyone, I will be traveling to Detroit in the next month or so and I know that butcher and packer is down in Detroit. I'm wondering if anyone knows if bringing curing salts across the borde...

Pink Curing Salt/Prague Powder

by yen 13 years ago

Hey guys, Wondering if anyone knows where one could pick up Pink Curing Salt - otherwise known as Prague Powder #1. Tried Halford Hide already...no luck. Thanks guys

ISO curing salts (sodium nitrate/nitrite) in the toronto area

by gegtik 12 years ago

Hi all, I've been on the hunt for meat curing salts and it appears nobody in the Kensington Market area carries any. I also checked several chinese grocery stores along Spadina and they all seem...