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Recipe for City's Hostess-Style Cupcakes

by Jeff 16 years ago

City, the restaurant formerly on La Brea, made a gourmet version of the classic Hostess cupcake. I have a hankering for them, but the place is no more. Does anyone have the recipe or know where I...

Cupcakes in Charlottesville, VA or thereabouts?

by teamkaty 16 years ago

Anyone know any good ones, pretty ones? (Taste more important than looks.) Thinking of having them instead of wedding cake, and I'm too long out of town to know the newest bakeries and cafes. Sorry...

Cupcakes for Birthday Party

by Melanie 16 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation of where I can buy 50 cupcakes for a birthday party? I'm looking for a good cupcake that won't break the bank (i.e. good bang for the buck). Thanks for any sugge...

Cupcakes in Charlottesville, VA?

by TK 16 years ago

Anyone know any good ones, pretty ones? Thinking of having them instead of wedding cake, and I'm too long out of town to know the newest bakeries and cafes.

NY Times loves cupcakes, but hates NYC's cupcakes

by xavier 16 years ago

I'm totally surprised that no one's posted this yet. NYT Dining section has a huge take on cupcakes, inculding separate reviews by Grimes AND Asimov. I'll have to reread the taste tests, but I thin...

Best cupcakes manhattan

by Tabitha 17 years ago

Hi, I'm thinking of having cupcakes at my upcoming wedding. I am not a fan of the Cupcake Cafe. Although beautiful the icing tastes like sweet crisco. Any other suggestions for attractive and mo...


by jilblu 17 years ago

Does anyone know of a bakery in SF that does great cupcakes? I am thinking of ordering around 120 cupcakes and arranging them in a nice way for a wedding cake.


by Dupont Diner Too 17 years ago

Does anyone know where to get good cupcakes other than Cakelove?


by hereayear 17 years ago

I'm looking for a place to buy cupcakes for my pup's second birthday party. I live in Los Feliz and would prefer not to travel far. Any suggestions? Thanks.

How do I attain perfectly domed cupcakes?

by La Dolce Vita 17 years ago

I love to bake all kinds of cakes, including cupcakes. My favorite cake book is Rose Levy Beranbaum's "Cake Bible" because I get consistently delicious results from her recipes. The problem is, w...

where to get really great cupcakes?

by wlw18 17 years ago

Hi all, I'm looking for bakeries in SF that have outstanding cupcakes--perfect light, springy texture, deep flavor, moist, and yummy. Although suggestions outside the city are appreciated, in the...

Cupcakes at Downtown Atlantic

by Dipsy 17 years ago

Holy heck. I've been holding off posting about their cupcakes because I'm selfishly worried that they'll have run out by the time I get there. And I've been hitting their bakery with alarming reg...

Where are the good cupcakes?

by Jennifer 17 years ago

I love cupcakes but Magnolia, Cupcake Cafe, and Buttercup Bakery are a little too out of the way for me--anyone have any recommendations on other places that have good cupcakes?

Can all cakes be cupcakes/mini-cupcakes?

by Kevin 17 years ago

Are there any differences in time/temp/type/etc? I would like to bake an assortment of mini- and regular for a birthday party. Unfortunately, the recipes I've seen so far all seem geared to the st...

where are the best Carrot Cake cupcakes

by swain 17 years ago

I am craving a good carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting. HELP, where can I find the best or at least an exellent version. I am in Soho and will be near Herald Square tonight, I would p...

cream-filled cupcakes query

by Paul Lukas 17 years ago

So let's say I wanna make cupcakes with a cream filling. And let's further say that I already have the cupcake and filling recipes. Two questions: 1) What's the best way to get the filling into t...


by Rossi 18 years ago

My 9 year old neice is coming to NYC for her birthday, and I want to get her some cupcakes. I love how the Cupcake Cafe decorates, but think the taste is awful. Any ideas where I can get some that ...

New York "spice cupcakes"

by jeff 19 years ago

When I lived and worked in Manhattan, my favorite thing to have with morning coffee was a dark cupcake that looked like chocolate but was in fact "a spice cake" that was covered with a dark chocola...


by Melissa 19 years ago

Anyone know of a great bakery that makes cupcakes for a reasonable price? I tried Sweet Lady Jane and they want $4 a cupcake!!!!!

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