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Cake or Cupcakes in Hells Kitchen

by Danielle 16 years ago

I am looking fo recommendations on where the best place in or around Hells Kitchen is for great cake or cupcakes for my sisters birthday.

A Tale of Three Cupcakes - Auntie Ems, Joans on 3rd, Alcove

by PhillipW 16 years ago

Reading past posts about cupcakes made me hunger for them so I tried these three. I also went to Clementine twice within the past week but they didn't have cupcakes available either time. The bes...

where can I get good cupcakes in NJ

by Karen 16 years ago

Does anyone know of any bakeries that sell good cupcakes in NJ?

Good cupcakes avail. by the dozen?

by LAmonkeygirl 16 years ago

I'm looking for a bakery (yeah, preferably Westside, maybe I should change my name to WestLAmonkeygirl) that can provide good cupcakes available by the dozen. Ideally, they wouldn't be very expens...

Muffins vs. cupcakes - what's the difference?

by Scotty Unbeamed 16 years ago

I don't see a whole lot of difference between cupcakes and muffins - both are often loaded with sugar and butter. Aside from rubbery low-fat bran muffins, most muffins seem like cupcakes without i...

Need 60-70 cupcakes next week in SF

by Hali Mundy 16 years ago

Help. I need to think of a SF bakery to order 60-70 cupcakes from for my daughter's boss' wedding shower next Wednesday. Should be nicer than Safeway, but not so nice that they can't afford it. ...

Cupcakes in SF?

by Chartb 16 years ago

I have to buy a cupcake this afternoon/evening for a friend's birthday. Any suggestions for delicious cupcakes preferably in the civic center, russian hill, marina, pacific heights, cow hollow, nob...


by abby 16 years ago

need help in finding good cupcakes other than the usual places - magnolia, buttercup, cupcake cafe, etc. i thought there was one that opened in LES but can't seem to remember the name... would...

Places for good cupcakes

by Suzanne 16 years ago

I keep on hearing about all these good cupcake places in Manhattan. Does anyone know any good places outside Manhattan?

last minute b-day cake/cupcakes in w'burg?

by m 16 years ago

so i need a birthday cake or cupcakes (yummy ones!) that i can pick up friday evening in williamsburg... any recs?? fortunato brothers was the obvious choice but im looking for something in the bed...

Magnolia Bakery cupcakes?

by Bowfinger 16 years ago

can someone explain this phenomenon to me? i finally went there to try their cupcakes and i thought they were, well, pretty bad. maybe i just don't like cupcakes enough or maybe i'm missing somethi...

What bakery makes the best cupcakes?

by Stacey 16 years ago

OK, so I know there are a milion bakeries in Manhattan that make cupcakes but are there any good ones outside Manhattan? (I tryed posting this yesterday but I don't think it worked so if this pos...

where are the best cupcakes in town

by stacey 16 years ago

Other than the usual suspects (cupcake cafe, magnolia, sugar sweet sundhsine and billy's) what are some of the best bakery's that sell cupcakes? Thanks


by Stacey 16 years ago

Other than the obvious ones (like magnolia, cupcake cafe, out of the kitchen, sugar sweet sunshine and billy's), I'm looking for names of bakeries in NYC. Anyone know of any other good ones? Thanks

best cupcakes in town

by stacey 16 years ago

Other than the usual suspects (cupcake cafe, magnolia, sugar sweet sundhsine and billy's) what are some of the best bakery's that sell cupcakes? Thanks

Making cupcakes with "regular" cake recipes

by Geordie 16 years ago

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone making cupcakes using a regular cake recipe? Aside from adjustments in baking times, are there certain things that I should watch out for? For instance...

Cupcakes - SFV to Downtown LA

by Greg 16 years ago

I'm looking for a bakery that will make about 150 cupcakes for a birthday party. Delivery is not important, but it would be helpful. If I have to pick it up, I'd prefer it not be on the westside ...

Cupcakes in SF

by Elizabeth 16 years ago

Any tips on where to find good cupcakes in SF? New York has great cupcake bakeries -- are there west coast counterparts?

Shower cupcakes/cakes

by Karen 16 years ago

I know this has been discussed before, but i can't find a good link. Best cupcakes in New York? Looking for fun delicious ideas for a bridal shower cake, and I'm thinking cupcakes are a nice/non-t...

Good cupcakes/cake for a shower

by Karen 16 years ago

Does anyone have any good suggestions for delicious cupcakes and/or cake in Boston (or west suburbs)? I'd like to do somethign a little different than the conventional "shower cake" for my friend...

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