You're Going to Fall in Love with Kushari, the National Dish of Egypt

Unless you’re Egyptian (or frequent Egyptian or Middle Eastern restaurants), you probably haven’t heard of kushari (sometimes spelled koshary or koshari). But, expect to see this unique menu item—which...

HELP! too much cumin in my chili!

by RiJaAr 12 years ago

I had a little accident, and now have way to much cumin in my chili. Not a horrible thing, except i only like cumin in moderation. How can i tone this down a bit?

Carrot squash cumin and allspice sauce

by nigelle 3 years ago

I made the recipe below tonight (just felt like winging it), and even though it was on the hob for ages, the squash and carrot didn't really seem to absorb the flavour of the spices, even though th...

Cumin seed vs. caraway seed

by stak 4 years ago

Posting this here because it is only in Montreal that I have noticed an apparent confusion between these two spices. To my knowledge, cumin (in french, cumin also) is used often in Mexican and Ind...

Anything like Xian Famous Foods?

by deif86 6 years ago

Google'd, yelp'd and asked some Alhambra/Monterey park natives with no luck. I'm looking for "Spicy Cumin Lamb Hand-Ripped Noodles". I did find one place that comes close but the reviews seem mixed...

Substitute for cumin seeds

by paulgardner 11 years ago

Is cumin powder a reasonable substitute for a recipe that calls for crushed cumin seeds?

Converting cumin seeds to ground cumin

by sue 13 years ago

A recipe calls for 3/4 teaspoon of cumin seeds. I only have ground cumin. How do I convert? Is there a general rule I could use to convert seeds to ground spices, and the reverse? Thanks

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