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Dominique Ansel Kitchen (not bakery)

by coasts 3 years ago

Now in it's second week, Dominique Ansel's Kitchen is serving equal parts savory and sweet, some made-to-order and ot...


coasts commented 3 years ago

Who makes the best CROQUE MONSIEUR?

by Atomic Betty 14 years ago

Hey Gang, Yes, I am a true Francophile (especially when it comes to food)! Does anyone know a place that does a C...


ZaZa commented 4 years ago

Croque Monsieur in Paris

by jabsykes 5 years ago

Any suggestions for a cafe or bistro that make fresh croque monsieur? Last few times to Paris I have disappointingly...


mangeur commented 4 years ago

Amandine: Croque Madame

by CharlesKochel 5 years ago

The recommendation for Amadine ( came from the thread, "ma and pa invade SM" and I final...


Servorg commented 5 years ago

Gruyere substitutions?

by kdlalib 6 years ago

I'm trying to make a croque monsieur and the recipe calls for gruyere. Unfortunately no supermarkets in my small-town...


Gastronomos commented 5 years ago

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Best Croque-Madame near Montorgueil

by madamebatignolles 6 years ago

I have friends that are staying near Montorgueil and they crave for a good good Croque-Madame any advice?

Best midtown croque monsieur for lunch tomorrow?

by elasticwaistband 7 years ago

This is my son's favourite and I want to take him for lunch. Didier actually has one on his Winterlicious menu (okay...


elasticwaistband commented 7 years ago

Croque monsieur and variations

by rworange 10 years ago

For the past few months I've been on a crawl ... or croque-off ... in the SF Bay Area to see how various restaurants ...


tiger330 commented 7 years ago

Best Croque Monsieur?

by whimsey 7 years ago

Hi Everyone, I just moved down to NOVA from the Boston area, and find that I'm missing some of the casual bistros we...


Steve commented 7 years ago

Croque Madame?

by misohungrychewlow 8 years ago

Where can I get a really good croque madame (or monsieur) in the greater Phoenix area? ----- Croque Cafe 5060 N 40th...


Lunchbox76 commented 7 years ago

Croque Monsieur

by sdnosh 8 years ago

Where is best version in San Diego? Also looking for a Croque Madamme.


vinosnob commented 8 years ago

Croque Madame?

by kansel 9 years ago

Bonjour chowhounders... One of my favourite meals is Croque Madame. I've heard that DBGB do a great one for Brunc...


roze commented 9 years ago

Crepes and Croque Monsieur in Paris

by Amy 17 years ago

I'll be in Paris in a couple of weeks and am looking for a good place to get crepes and or Croque Monsieurs. Any ideas?


joeswinehart commented 9 years ago

Best croque monsieur?

by frenchieva1 9 years ago

Does anybody have a recommendation as to where to find the best croque monsieur in Chicago?


ms. chow commented 9 years ago

Best croque monsieur?

by LeahBaila 10 years ago

Greetings to all... I will be in Paris next week and am in search of the city's BEST croque monsieur. It is my favo...


LeahBaila commented 10 years ago

Best Croque Monsieur in SF?

by lmarie 10 years ago

Looking for best high quality bread, cheese and ham, hot and crispy on the edges..... Thanks 'Hounds!


pumakat commented 10 years ago

Croque Monsieur

by Soop 10 years ago

My girlfriend had a delicious Croque Monsieur on Saturday. I always thought it was just a cheese and ham toasty, but...


Soop commented 10 years ago

I need a croque madame tonight (for dinner)! Help!

by donnival 10 years ago

Hey Chowhounds, I need the hivemind's help on this one. I really have a hankerin' for a croque madame with fries,...


donnival commented 10 years ago

Quick Croque Monsieur Question...

by mrsx 10 years ago

What's not to love about a croque monsieur? Crunchy toasted bread sandwiching savory ham and cheese, bathed in becha...


hsquare2southend commented 10 years ago

Croque Monsieur?

by wyf4lyf 13 years ago

I've been looking at my cookbooks and on the internet at Croque Monsieur recipes. Some use a bechamel sauce and other...


mjr45 commented 10 years ago