Cranberry Sauce

The History of Cranberries

Did you know cranberries bounce if you drop them? Or that they help support your memory function? Or that Native Americans were the first to cultivate cranberries and used them for food and dye? Or...

The Turkey Boat | Pajaro (Watsonville)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Though I've been visiting Watsonville my whole life due to family ties, I've never gotten out of the car in Pajaro, the community on the other side of the river. But who can resist an eatery called...

Yet Another Twist on Cranberry Sauce

by Kaymoz 2 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Just thought I would share a recipe I am trying out today. A piece of lemongrass was kicking around on the kitchen counter, so time for it to participate in our Tday...

Anyone know a recipe for whole berry cranberry sauce?

by fred furnari 4 years ago

back in the '80's and '90's my mom had a recipe for the nicest cranberry sauce ever. What made it special was that at the end of cooking, the berries emerged still whole, became somewhat tranlusce...

My cranberry sauce didn't thicken

by E_M 9 years ago

I made this yesterday: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Cranberry-Sauce-with-Dried-Cherries-and-Cloves-15656 The sauce never thickened. I did cook it for 20 minutes, like the recipe ...

Cranberry Sauce from Healdsburg's Downtown Bakery

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

To wrap up my holiday recap, I bought cranberry sauce from Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg. This was the second year I've served this. Mostly whole berries with a nice whiff of well-integrated orange...

Thanksgiving cranberry sauce

by kebeth119 3 years ago

My frozen cranberries have thawed and are soft. Will that matter in making cranberry sauce?

Help- Bitter Cranberry Sauce

by uzmoe 8 years ago

Hi there, I used a recipe for cranberry sauce with : cranberries raspberrys sugar water some orange zest (i made sure i zested it correctly) crystallized ginger Its turned out quite bit...

Can I make cranberry sauce from dried cranberries?

by seconds 10 years ago

I live overseas and we can't get fresh or canned cranberries here - but we can get Craisins. For Thanksgiving I thought maybe I could make a cranberry sauce out of them but I read somewhere that i...

Just made cranberry sauce, it's too sweet- help!

by ochound 3 years ago

I've made this recipe in the past, but don't remember it being so sweet. (Getting a jump on Thanksgiving; will put in the freezer until then.) It's from epicurious- Cranberry Sauce with Cherrie...

Leftover cranberry orange relish-need suggestions!!

by trolley 11 years ago

I have about 2 cups of delicious cranberry-orange relish leftover and not sure what to do with it. I think i would like to toss it with sliced plums and make a galette or does that sound too much ...

Cranberry sauce

by jackfredi 4 years ago

I am having a crowd for T'giving and want to do as much ahead of time as possible. I make cranberry relish and jellied cranberry sauce. How much ahead can I make it without freezing it? Like, this ...

HELP! My homemade cranberry sauce did not gel and is watery

by MrsD 13 years ago

I just made a cranberry sauce and for some reason it did not gel correctly. I put a little more sugar than what was required and added pears. I am not sure if I cooked them exactly 10 minutes, but ...

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