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Craft beer is a discerning drinker's dream. Chat with fellow beer-lovers about the best craft brews, where to find them, great new small breweries, and more.

What Is the Difference Between an Ale & a Lager?

When considering beer—and I'm often considering beer—there are really two overarching styles to consider: ale and lager. While the process for brewing both beers is similar, slight variations in the...

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NYT reviews great places to grab a craft beer in Westchester

by i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream 10 years ago

I was thrilled to see Birdsall House get a mention in the dining review yesterday. I could sit there with their cajun popcorn and a couple of beers all night. Throw in the cheese plate and I'm in...

Craft beer Market, Calgary....What a disappointment

by dollylovesshoes 10 years ago

On paper it would seem that Craft has everything working in its favor. However, our first visit (and likely our last), put all that hard work to shame. Firstly, the service was atrocious. I unde...

Craft beers in DC

by cosmopolita 10 years ago

Where I can buy craft beer in dc? I would like to find some of these: http://eater.com/archives/2011/01/04/top-ten-beers-from-2010-you-should-drink-in-2011.php Or can you suggest me other? I h...

Sports bar for NFL Week 1 with great food and craft beer selection?

by davidmmoss333 10 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for any recommendations for a sports bar for NFL Week 1 with great food and a nice selection of craft beers. Bar food is fine, but would prefer something a step up from Buffalo Wild...

Does anyone have any good info regarding the NY craft beer week?

by Spiritchaser 10 years ago

The website for it has been showing "website coming soon" forever. Trying to get a good roster of what events are going on and when.

What's the Interest in European-Style Craft Beers?

by Snarf 10 years ago

I understand that there may be an initiative to brew traditional beers in the styles of the various Lambic and other historic beers in the area. I'm a curious observer in the marketplace, and am w...

Craft Beer Event Boothbay ME July 30

by HDinCentralME 10 years ago

Just became aware of this event and thought I'd share... Sponsored by Maine Brewers Guild July 30 @Boothbay Resort, 1-4 pm $50 includes beverages, traditional southern BBQ and parking "...

Mt Kisco craft beer?

by burntwater 10 years ago

I'm in Mount Kisco for the week. I'm looking for a place that would have a good selection of local craft brew on tap. Also are there any shops with a good bottle selection in the area. ...

Today's Beer Drinkers and the Future of Craft Beer

by chuckl 10 years ago

I've been impressed by how many young Americans are drinking craft beer, at least in the bay area. They are much more discriminating than my generation ever was.

Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont Center

by EvergreenDan 10 years ago

I had noticed a new beer place on Leonard St in Belmont several times. Today I had an opportunity to stop in to Craft Beer Cellar. The narrow-but-deep store is well stocked with interesting beers a...

Craft Beer Tasting Menu Dinner @ The Lodge

by pickypicky 10 years ago

Has anyone been to one of these? My only experience with a beer-centric menu was at Stone, which I wasn't that fond of, as much as I like beer. The next Beer Tasting dinner features Lagunitas (...

Craft beer Imperial beach?

by ozbuc 10 years ago

I will be in Imperial beach during the first week of July. Any bars/restaurants with a decent craft beer selection in or near I.B.? Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Craft Beer Pubs or Food Specialty Stores in Charlotte

by camelrg9 12 years ago

I am looking at moving into Charlotte, and I have been reading all the posts about the great restaurants available, but I wanted to know if there any great craft brewers/pubs or specialty food stor...

Craft Beer Fans: WGBH event

by opinionatedchef 10 years ago

thought some of you might be inteersted in this event. http://auction.wgbh.org/Bidding.taf?e=rb&id=145669

Craft beer & worthy chow in downtown-ish Nashville?

by askdrtodd 10 years ago

Any such places, a la gastropub style? I see Arnold's looks great for lunch, anything to satisfy both my urges? :)

Casual spot for quality cocktails or craft beer

by cherrypicker1972 10 years ago

Looking for an understated spot that is known for its bevvies but doesn't expect you to be dressed to the nines to imbibe. I suspect the likes of Milk & Honey, Little Branch, Death & Co. are a b...

Stores that stock Italian craft beer

by Shannon 10 years ago

Hi.... I am visiting D.C. for a few days and I need to find some Italian craft beer for a tasting. I've seen some on menus at beer bars/restaurants, but this time I need to buy it to consume elsew...

Pliny the Younger sightings, 2011

by Pius Avocado III 11 years ago

First tapping I'm aware of (aside from the brewpub in Santa Rosa) will be this afternoon at the HopYard in Pleasanton. Barclays is planning to tap a keg Friday at 6pm. The brewpub is handling...

Best Store/Specialty Shop for Craft Beer

by imasnod 11 years ago

I'm an out of towner visiting Austin this weekend (staying downtown) and am l looking for suggestion on a retailer/specialty store that has a huge/best selection of craft beer. Thanks!

Craft Beer in Philly

by Cul_Sci_Guy 11 years ago

I'm looking for a bottle shop with a wide range of craft beers both domesitic and imported. Any suggestions on where to go? and what are your recommendations on what I should try? I just turned 21 ...

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