11 Couscous Side Dishes for the Ultimate Fall Meal

Couscous is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make a meal complete. A North African staple, couscous is actually made from semolina, a type of wheat, and comes in a variety of forms. You can choose...

Couscous 4+ years past its “best by” date

by masha 8 months ago

I just discovered a box of Israeli couscous in the back of the cupboard with a February 2017 best-by date. The couscous is inside a fully sealed plastic pouch that is inside of a sealed box. Is th...

Looking for Memorable Moroccan Couscous

by LRS 2 years ago

I just moved to the Cambridge area from NYC and am looking for a good moroccan couscous in Boston, Cambridge or MA in general. The last thread is form more than 10 years ago. Any help?

Advice on North African Food Near the Institut du Monde Arabe Please

by therealdoctorlew 2 years ago

We'll be near there and want a good couscous or tagine, but not at the Institut itself. We found three nearby: l'Atlas, la Bievre, and la Soummam. Any experience or advice would be appreciated.

Whole Wheat Couscous?

by saxie 2 years ago

Where can I get organic whole wheat couscous? I used to find it at Integral Yoga Natural Foods on 13th Street, but they're closed now and Whole Foods, for example, like every other store I've check...

(Need) to recreate the Couscous from Cafe Gitane - Help!

by CVHFoodie 4 years ago

Hello Fellow Foodies! Those of you who (have) dined at Cafe Gitane know and love the Couscous: Moroccan couscous with red peppers, potatoes, raisins, toasted pine nuts,hummus , & eggplant. Since...

Adding flavor elements to couscous

by Molly08 12 years ago

I am diabetic and found a source for whole wheat couscous. I watch the Food Network some and see them add things like cilantro and toasted pine nuts to their couscous dish. What are some other ad...

What does cardamon taste like?

by SLL1065 16 years ago

Hey everyone, Can someone tell me what cardamon tastes like? I'm creating my own version of dessert couscous and this spiece was suggested to me. Thanks in advance.

Aligot or a good couscous in Paris - tonight (Aug 10 2016)

by limegimlet08 5 years ago

Hi hounds Sorry for last minute post. Am looking for ideas for my visiting friend's final dinner in Paris tonight. I was thinking Atlas for couscous b/c it is down the street, tasty, and has a...

Finding Couscous and Mushrooms

by NateHevens 6 years ago

So Whole Foods sells couscous by the pound, and lets you weigh it out. Simply for variety, I would love to know of other places that sell couscous like this (as opposed to in boxes), and prefera...

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