Costco Food Finds

Costco is packed with good food bargains, and you can get the inside track on it all here. Chowhounds dish on everything from the best-kept Costco food secrets to which items are worth buying in bulk.

The Coolest (and Tastiest) Costco Frozen Food Finds

Tied with trying to figure out which will be the fastest checkout line, it’s the biggest Costco dilemma: There's an item you want at a price that’s too good to be true, only the portion is just way...

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Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2011 [old]

by greygarious 8 years ago

Just some "spring cleaning" here, rebooting the thread. To save your fellow Hounds the trouble of seeking new products in vain at their local Costcos, please include the location of your store wh...

Costco Food Finds - 1st QTR 2011 - Old

by njkori 9 years ago

On another poster's suggestion, I am starting a quarterly thread for food finds at Costco. I was there the other day, and picked up a 2 lb box of Medjool Dates (yum), a bag of dark chocolate co...

Costco Gourmet Finds?

by FamishedLady 11 years ago

A few weeks ago, on recommendation of other Hounds, I picked up the frozen crabcakes at Costco and found them to be quite delicious as well as convenient. I was stunned as I had not expected to fi...

SF Costco Finds: Spanish Saffron, Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

Xiao Yang
by Xiao Yang 11 years ago

Cruising the shelves at Costco today, I spotted Certified La Mancha Saffron from Spain in 5 gram bottles for $25.99. This is apparently going to be a regular offering by Costco. At the other end...

Costco finds

by Sonia 17 years ago

I've been frequenting this place recently and tried their rotisserie chicken. It was pretty darn good. Very moist and flavorful. Two of us had a feast then made chicken soup with the carcass and...

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