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Dinner in Costa Mesa, kid friendly

by Kelll 18 years ago

We're meeting some friends in Costa Mesa to see, "A X-mas Carole" at South Coast Rep. Theater. We'll be driving in from the San Fernando Valley. Does anyone know of a good place to eat in Coasta Me...

Desserts in OC - preferably Newport, Costa Mesa or nearby

by jsl 18 years ago

I am not a dessert eater usually and am not a baker. I am having a reunion at my home of about 25 people and am wondering if there is a wonderful bakery in this area that you can recommend. I have...

Costa Mesa Eats?

by Sweet Willie 18 years ago

New company I'm working for has a branch in Costa Mesa where I'm heading for training. I'm dreading the typical corporate restaurants that one usually finds themselves at in this situation. Any...

Golden Truffle (Costa Mesa) questions

by Key Lime Guy 18 years ago

Thanks in advance... What is not to be missed on the menu currently? Wines? How expensive is it? Are reservations needed on a Wednesday night?

Breakfast in Newport/Costa Mesa

by Frank 18 years ago

You know how L.A. has The Griddle and Tallyrand for pancakes? And how NYC has Normas for everything... Does O.C. have that one defining breakfast spot? I'm going down there for the weekend, ...

Westside Costa Mesa

by Honeyman 18 years ago

Just moved here and am looking for some tips, especially with Mexican restaurants and markets. Taco Mesa, Sushi Sabucho (sp?), and El Toro Bravo have been discussed quite a bit, but there are so m...

Ferdussi Taste of Persia - Costa Mesa

by Professor Salt 18 years ago

You've probably got a restaurant you've been meaning to try for years - always seen but never entered. One of mine was Ferdussi Taste of Persia in Costa Mesa. Gurlfren and I finally tried it this w...

Shibucho in Costa Mesa (review)

by salesgirl 18 years ago

I followed a number of recommendations and went to: Shibucho 590 W. 17th Street Costa Mesa What a find in this very unassuming neighborhood (mine in fact). The atmosphere might be a ...

Boba Smoothie - Costa Mesa

by Professor Salt 18 years ago

Maybe you love boba, or maybe you find it gross. I happen to love boba drinks and have been sampling them all over LA and OC for some time now. My favorite place, to date, is Boba Smoothie in Costa...

BTE Vietnamese Deli in Costa Mesa

by Lumpy Gravy 18 years ago

This is a really excellent (affordable) little spot on the corner of Harbor & Wilson in Costa Mesa. The main attractions are the BBQ Pork & Chicken on steamed rice & egg rolls. The marinade is a ...

Shibucho in Costa Mesa - address and phone number requested

by halo 18 years ago

tried looking for it online but the only shibucho i get is the beverly one. can anyone help me with a phone number or an address. greatly appreciated. thanks!

Sushi Island in Costa Mesa

by Honeyman 18 years ago

A few people have recommended this place to me, but it looks like a bit of a dump on Newport Blvd. Any input?

Village Bakery in Costa Mesa

by Emma 18 years ago

I dropped by the Village Bakery yesterday after reading about it on this board -- I was very excited to try a bakery that isn't commercialized here in OC because I think we seriously lack in this a...

Village Bakery in Costa Mesa

by kevin 18 years ago

has anyone been here? what are your thoughts? any good? do they serve good sandwiches or is it just bakery goods and stuff like that?

Sushi Shibucho in Costa Mesa

by Mark Lee 18 years ago

Though there are some dissenting voices on this board, I decided to follow Melanie's lead, and hunt down this place (since living now in Long Beach and working in Orange means that I can't do my cu...

Golden Truffle in Costa Mesa

by kevin 18 years ago

What are the signature dishes to order here? passed by once, but the atmosphere looked a little too pretentious for me. is it worth going for lunch when it is more low-key? thanks.

Tama Sushi, Sushi Shibucho(Costa Mesa), Caviar&Champange exploits at the Cheesestore---long rant

by LACheesemonger 18 years ago

Six months since my last trolling of these boards, time for more rants/controversial OPINIONS. 1. Decided to beat the New Years Eve rush, and start a day early today, Monday Dec 30. Champagne, th...

The Lodge-Costa Mesa

by alison 19 years ago

Has anyone been to The Lodge in Costa Mesa on Bristol Pkway? I think it's new & we're going there on Tuesday night for Grandpa's bday. Wondering what's good. Thanks!!

Memphis in Costa Mesa

by Jake 19 years ago

Anyone been to Memphis Soul Food place right by the Lab Anti mall off Bristol in Costa Mesa? I happen to love soul food and was wondering if the fried chicken was good there or if I should stick t...

Need help! unlisted restaurant in Newport/Costa Mesa

by linda 19 years ago

I hope that someone out there who can help me. I am trying to remember the name of a restaurant I used to frequent from time to time when I lived in the area. It has been many years and it came u...

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