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Where do I buy brioche bread loaves in Corpus Christi?

by xcalivr 6 years ago

I'd promise a girl I'd make her honey toast(It's a Japanese desert-esque toast with ice cream on top) and the recipe calls for a loaf of brioche bread. I don't know where they sell those in loaf fo...

Need a recommendation for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in the Corpus Christi, TX area. How about a caterer to pull off a shrimp boil on the beach?

by txduncan 7 years ago

Looking for a fun place to have a rehearsal dinner for 60-75 people. prefer casual for August temps. Would love to find a caterer to put on a shrimp boil on the beach.

(Corpus Christi) Ray's Restaurant

by raj1 15 years ago

Does anyone remember Ray's Restaurant in Corpus Christi. I know there were at least two--one near Six Points and one in a shopping center on Staples. Rays #1 and Rays #2. My family used to go there...

Visiting Victoria and Corpus Christi

by austineater 8 years ago

We will be in Victoria for a few days, with a side trip to Corpus. Any suggestions: seafood and local are always of interest.

Corpus Christi

by qbdave 9 years ago

I will be in Corpus on Wednesday evening. Looking for Corpus Christi's best seafood. Fried seafood that is. Thanks,

Who has the best seafood in corpus christi?

by ChefMcNeal 9 years ago

When I moved here 2 years ago I though there would be more seafood places, kind of like florida or north carolina. Like seafood shacks or ma pa places to get a real po boy or crabcake and gritsfor ...

Corpus Christi Recommendations Please

by grantham 10 years ago

My business partners and I will be in Corpus for a week in June and would appreciate fine dining recommendations. We are most interested in fresh seafood. I have not been to Corpus for years but...

Bachelorette party ideas in Corpus Christi

by Aaron D 19 years ago

My wife's throwing this party next month, but never having been there she's looking for ideas and suggestions. She had talked about some kind of girl's day spa gathering before whatever the nightl...

Flounder in Corpus Christi/Port Aransas

by Mister F. 10 years ago

I am soon to be in the above area on business, and am craving old-school whole stuffed flounder and whole fried flounder. What do you 'hounds think is my best bet for those dishes? Thanks in advan...

Road Trip Phoenix, AZ to Corpus Christi, TX on I-10 East any recs? might stop at Fort Stockton

by kat_dew 11 years ago

Hi All Just found out that I am on a road trip for work from Phoenix to Corpus Christi, TX. I will be on I-10E and I think I am stopping at Fort Stockton for one night. Any recommendations or su...

Where in Corpus Christi area did you eat this week?

by ccfoodie 12 years ago

I think it would be interesting to those who live in or are passing through the Coastal Bend area if we would share any good eats that we have had at area restaurants . My husband and I have ...

breakfast in corpus christi

by fionacw 12 years ago

Can anyone recommend a nice place to have breakfast in Corpus, somewhere that has fruit/yogurt or buffet on the menu??

Good Italian grocery in Corpus Christi

by Animato 12 years ago

Is there a good Italian grocrey in the Corpus Christi area? I am looking for a place to buy stellar olive oil and olives (not canned!)?

Trip to Corpus Christi & Port A - Will I Starve?

by margiehubbard 13 years ago

My husband and I are planning a trip to Port Aransas and Corpus Christi in September. I'm already worried about leaving my food comfort zone and going on the road. Anyone have any restaurant sugg...

Heading to Corpus Christi or Austin this weekend...

by tonicart 12 years ago

I've got the choice of either Corpus Christi (near the 359 and Airline) or Austin (near the 1 and Andersen) for work this weekend, first time in Texas, will only be available to explore/eat at nigh...

Corpus Christi to Laredo morning drive than Addison -- any recs?

by kat_dew 12 years ago

In Texas on business - Driving from Corpus Christi to Laredo and than off to Addison at the end of the week. Not looking for anything fancy - just good food. Any recs for all the meals? TIA K

Corpus Christi wedding rehearsal dinner

by tennreb 14 years ago

I need help finding a nice place in Corpus for a wedding rehearsal dinner. A private room in a unique environment with good food would be ideal. I know nothing about Corpus.

Fine Dining Recs. Corpus Christi

Bill Hunt
by Bill Hunt 14 years ago

I’ve been doing my reading and research on ChowHound, on restaurants in the Corpus Christi Area and, though many of the replies are related to articles from ‘02 - 05, there are a few that are more ...

[Corpus Christi] Taqueria Guadalajara

by jwynne2000 14 years ago

Austin chowhounder here. I'm in Corpus for 2 weeks for work, and I just stumbled upon some great chow up near where I'm staying (near 1-37 and Violet). Taqueria Guadalajara. I ordered the Carn...