15 Amazing Air Fryer Recipes You Did Not See Coming

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Colorado Cache Cookbook

by pdolanlv 1 month ago

My Colorado Cache cookbook is packed away somewhere. There is a recipe in their that has zucchini, corn, cheese, onions and I think Summer Squash. Could someone send me the recipe? Thank you!

CENA (Supper): Just to Keep You Going While You Sleep

by cristina 3 months ago

Cena (supper) in Mexico is a mixed bag. For an ordinary cena at home, it's a tiny meal: a cup of hot chocolate or hot milk, a pan dulce (sweet bread), or a quick taco made with what's left over fr...

What is worth the schlep?

by thecuriousone 3 months ago

Hi All So much is distributed by the big chains. My question is about places that stock locally produced items. I'm looking for the small supermarkets that stock rub/east coast sauce, fresh gro...

FRESH CORN SIDE DISHES! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (August 2015)

by Sandwich_Sister 4 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for the August Dish of the Month. This month we'll all be creating some tasty fresh corn side dishes. How will you prepare it and what ingredients will you use? Let ...


pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 2 years ago

Use this thread to report on recipes from the following chapters from DEEP RUN ROOTS: BLUEBERRIES, SWEET CORN; CUCUMBERS; TOMATOES (pp. 190-281) ****INSTRUCTIONS: If you are the first to repo...

Is the Corn Sweet?

by zackly 4 months ago

This time of year in CT we have corn on the cob shipped in from Florida or Georgia. I guess the varieties are called "Super Sweet" as they maintain their sweetness for a week or longer. Over th...

CORNBREAD & SPOONBREAD– Home Cooking Dish of the Month, September 2017

by masha 2 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for our September 2017 Dish of the Month. This month we will be baking Cornbreads & Spoonbreads (including baked hoecakes). Our chosen DOTM was the dark horse ca...

Is lard traditional in corn tortillas?

by Aromatherapy 4 years ago

There's a lively thread on the Boston board about a new Mexican restaurant that brags about using lard in its corn tortillas, with a lot of comments that lard is traditional. I'd always thought tha...

Whole grain corn in Ontario - growers or importers

by andy andersen 12 months ago

Looking to buy dried whole grain corn to make my own tortillas. Would love to find some heirloom varieties from the south but haven't been able to find a local source or importer to Ontario.

Tamales Liz | Rosarito, Baja California

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

From Popotla where we struck out on buying any tamales de elote https://www.chowhound.com/post/popotla-baja-california-1075792 , we continued south.

Farmer's Market: sticky corn

by amyzan 12 years ago

Our farmer's market opened today, and the Korean farmer was selling "sticky corn," which he also described as "waxy." I've googled and only found two references. One was a paper on a trial of the...

Mold on Corn

by nuraman00 1 year ago

I see some white spots on my corn, that's still packed in the plastic carton it came in. Can I cut or wash it off, and cook it?

Do you have a good corn & red pepper recipe?

by elsol 1 year ago

I had lunch at the Aria buffet in Las Vegas the other day, and had a dish I hadn't had in so long, I forgot how much I liked it. Basically I had mac&cheese with a slightly creamy corn & red pepper ...

Ideas For Chicos? (Not the clothing store!)

by PennyG 2 years ago

I bought some chicos at the Farmers Market on a recent trip to Santa Fe. I’ve been doing some research on the best way to use them and think I will probably throw some in with my next batch of Ran...

Fresh local corn near Cambridgeport

by daveinmd 2 years ago

Guys, where do you go to get farm-fresh (i.e. picked same-day or the night before) corn? I live in Cambridgeport (south Cambridge) - I usually go to Union Square Farmer's Market, but that's onl...

Chilean Corn from La Vega in Santiago - cooking help

by bhanac63 2 years ago

Hello, I recently came back from a trip to South America and I picked up some dried corn from the La Vega market. They are dried corn and I'm assuming they need to be soaked before cooking. Any ide...

Sweet Corn Shelf Life?

by zackly 2 years ago

So, it’s “local” sweet corn season here in CT. Around here, starting around May, we start to see corn shipped in to markets from Florida first then Georgia. They are sold as “Super Sweet” varieties...

Grilling Corn on Gas Stove

by somervilleoldtimer 2 years ago

I don't have a grill. I want to grill shucked corn on top of my gas stove, kind of like the way I roast marshmallows, and red peppers so I can slide the charred skins off. Any reason why this won...

Where can I get yellow corn in Manhattan?

by thebirdie 2 years ago

Hello, I've been looking for (good) yellow corn in Manhattan. There is one farmer at USQ Greenmarket carries it, but it's not that good yet. I need it this week. But, forget about the quality, i...