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Help. Fake All-Clad Copper Core?

by djt 14 years ago

I bought an brand new All-Clad copper for fry pan from a reputable ebay seller. I saved about 30 bucks, so I figured it was legit and not too good to be true. Well, the copper ring started chippin...

Cooking on electric, need copper/core skillet recommendations

by marys1000 14 years ago

I've been wanting a new large fry pan/skillet and thought I'd try stainless steel. Whoa, lots of styles, grades, types, doing lots of research. I came upon a review on Amazon where someone menti...


by meimei 14 years ago

I was recently given a copper mixing bowl. Can anyone tell me how to best care for it? Since its an mixing bowl, can I use an hand-held beater to it? Or should I have more coated wiskes prepared?

Charlotte update: Taverna 100; Mert's, Copper, and a BarBQue question

by janetofreno 14 years ago

Here are a few of my own impressions from my most recent trip to Charlotte. YMMV: First of all, Taverna 100 received mixed reviews on this board, but I really enjoyed the group dinner we had th...

Retinning copper pots in Western MA?

by hollerhither 14 years ago

Apologies if this is too off-topic -- Does anyone know of a Western MA-based retinning service for copper pots and pans? Northern CT or Central MA would be fine, too. Thanks!

Copper Pot - Edmonton

by anonymoose 14 years ago

Had dinner here for the first time this past weekend and throughly enjoyed it. The service was fantastic, the food was cooked wonderfully, and the view of the park and Legislature was beautiful. ...

Copper cookware from Sur La Table

by Cary 14 years ago

A few months ago I scored a 10" Sur La Table branded copper fry pan for $50. It was in their clearance section and from what I can tell, SLT discontinued their copper lineup. I was curious about wh...

On Copper Cookware

by pescetarian 14 years ago

I know there have been a couple of threads on cookware lately, but I wanted to get some feedback specifically about copper cookware. I've been looking at it lately, and it's all so beautiful -- and...

French Copper cookware

by Paliman 14 years ago

I think I know what I am looking for: French copper, probably tin lined. I know Mauviel, and Borgeat (sp). Does anyone have : 1) Another suggestion 2) A suggestion as to where to ...

Toronto: Cheap copper cookware at Homesense

by andreas 14 years ago

I normally hate Malls but recently my wife insisted that I had to come and take a look at something she's seen on one of her shopping expeditions. Homesense is selling seconds of Marco Pierre White...

Did I Ruin My Copper Mixing Bowl?

by Velda Mae 14 years ago

I have a copper mixing bowl that my mom brought me from France several years ago. I took it out of the box and found some greasy tarnish marks. Several articles I found on the Internet recommende...

Dinner between DEN and Copper Mountian

by DrSkimeister 14 years ago

My vegetarian daughter and I are flying into DEN and then driving out to Copper Mountain. I'd appreciate any ideas about where we might have dinner between the airport and Summit County. Thanks in ...

Tin Lined Copper Cookware & Electric Stovetop

by Atudorquene 14 years ago

I was hoping that the Board might be able to help me. I recently purchased some vintage Copral Tin Lined Copper Cookware with brass handles. They were made in Portugal, and are quite heavy. They...

MSP: Copper Bleu - Lakeville (Long)

by MSPD 16 years ago

Restauranteur spends ridiculous amount of money and plops an upscale restaurant in the parking lot of a strip mall in one of the suburbs-of-all-suburbs in North America. What's your prediction? M...

Please...copper cookware, what to cook?

by morla 14 years ago

Hi, a friend bought me a LOT of copper cookware....saucepans, saute pans, colanders...etc. What do you cook in copper???

Copper - best bang for the buck

by ziggylu 14 years ago

I have an opportunity to purchase some copper at a really great value. One of those too good to pass up deals. Most of the pieces are the Cuprinox line(2.5mm, stainless lined, cast iron handles)...

Tin flakes off from the copper cookware

by RunBe4UFly 14 years ago

I just got a tin-lined copper cookware, it's a winsor pan and it's 'hammered' to creat dents on the surface of the cookware (for reason I don't remember any more). Anyway, after I used it once, I n...

where to retin copper?

by bronweneas 14 years ago

Anyone know where I can get copper pans retinned in the city (Manhattan or Queens preferrably)?

Copper "S" heat diffuser for smooth top range

by Rickinpinpark 14 years ago

I want to order a copper heat diffuser shaped like an "S" to use with castiron cookware on my brand new smooth top range, but I've lost the site where I found one. Can anybody help?

Seeing a lot of Copper River Sockeye here in Cali. Gimmick?

by pushslice 14 years ago

Is this the real thing or at least a good deal at $9.99/lb? I thought Copper River salmon was always king/Chinook, and when I used to get it up in WA state, it was much closer to $20/lb. ...

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