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Copper or Cop-R-Chef

by krbtv 13 years ago

I recently purchased All-Clad's Cop-R-Chef. The Sautė pan worked really great but I returned the set because the amount of copper was really low. In its place I purchased a 2.5 mm Copper sautė pa...

copper pan

by Soop 13 years ago


asian options in Copper Square (PHX)

by lotuseedpaste 13 years ago

Next week I will be at a conference in the Copper Square/downtown Phoenix area - 4 days, no car. I've found some older threads about places in the Copper Square area, and the interactive downtown ...

Chloe, Copper Bistro or Sassafras?

by Billow45 13 years ago

We'll be in Philadelphia for the Flower Show on Saturday, and will be having an early dinner. Would prefer a BYO like Chloe or Copper Bistro, but also have old ties to the Sassafras from days gone...

Mauviel 1830/Professional/Copper

by polarflint 13 years ago

I have just started the process of registering and love all the great advice on these boards. Ironically, I think I am putting more thought into registering for cookware than actually getting marr...

Chicago Source for re-tinning copper?

by Hollister 13 years ago

Does anyone know of a good source in or near Chicago for re-tinning a copper pot?

Beka 5mm Copper Bottom Pans - Better than clad?

by justinandlaura1 14 years ago

Well I am on a quest to get a nice fry pan and saute pan to be the main pans in my kitchen. I am looking to do some searing, pan sauces, pilafs, pop it in the oven with blackened fish, etc. I am...

Is it true that beating egg whites in a copper bowl gives 33% more volume?

by foodsmith 13 years ago

So says someone quoted in this blog post: (scroll down to the section "How to whisk egg whites the Saint-Ange Way") http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/001315.html If this is true I wonder ...

dansk copper pans

by wilmot 13 years ago

I did not get any responses earlier and am hoping a new title might get me some info. I really have no experience with copper pots so any info would be great. I found a dansk copper fry pan that w...

is a $75 dansk copper pan a good buy?

by wilmot 13 years ago

I found a dansk copper fry pan that was 8 to 10 inches and in good shape. Has anyone ever heard of or used a dansk copper pan? Is dansk a good company for cookware? would you buy it for $75? I a...

copper hog?

by toadgirl 13 years ago

Has anyone eaten at the Copper Hog in Bellingham? If so, how was it?

Question about copper cookware.

by victoriashe 13 years ago

Just ordered my first copper pan -- a stainless steel-lined splayed saute pan from Mauviel. Having never cooked in copper before, I've been doing a little studying on the internet. I read that yo...

Copper pot, for candy - Toronto area?

by BamiaWruz 13 years ago

Anyone in Toronto/GTA area seen a nice copper pot, preferably for candy making. I can't find one -anywhere-! Thank you :)

Copper Angel, Erving MA?

by nuthatches 13 years ago

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has been to the Copper Angel in Erving, for brunch or any other time. Our friends have twin babies -- is the atmosphere and space OK for this? Thanks......

How's this paderno copper frying pan?

by sepandee 13 years ago

18/10 stainless steel Copper exterior Aluminum core Stainless-steel interior Riveted handle Diameter: 26 cm (10.24 in.) Dishwasher and oven safe http://paderno.com/us/products/product.cfm?...

Just One All-Clad: Copper Core Fry Pan or Stainless Sauté?

by maggiej 13 years ago

If you had to chose ONE all-clad sauté pan, would you choose: 10" Copper Core Frypan ($180) 10" Stainless 4qt Deep Sauté ($170) I feel like the depth is really nice on a sauté pan, but defin...

Mauviel Copper on sale at Rue La La

by dockhl 13 years ago

I am not familiar with this copper cookware, but the discounts look to be 30-50%. Anyone have experience?

Copper Windsor Pan?

by pepitos 13 years ago

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to where I can find a 3 quart Copper Windsor pan at a reasonable price? If you own one, what are your experiences with this style of pan? I am looking for a 3 ...

Copper Chimney in woodland hills

by tastebuds 13 years ago

Has anyone tried this place? I love good indian food and would love some feedback from anyone who has eaten here.

Copper Beach Inn & Environs-one more time

by Nonny 13 years ago

I have read all kinds of threads about the Ivoryton, Essex, Old Saybrook areas but some are old and some only give bits and pieces from years ago to current. Here's the thing...I trust this board ...

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