What cookbooks can you not live without? Chowhounds weigh in on the tomes they turn to again and again. Discuss your favorites, recipes from past books, and talk about upcoming cookbooks.

Learn to Cook with Help from 10 of the Best Cookbooks for Beginners

Due to restaurant closures and social distancing measures in place to help combat coronavirus, many people are currently cooking at home for the first time. But what if you have no idea how to cook...

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Mario Batali Cookbook signing

by James 18 years ago

Mario Batali will be at Fishs Eddy on Staten Island tomorrow (Saturday) signing copies of his cookbook, in conjunction with the Staten Island Waterfront Festival. (I hope this is okay to post. I...

Maida Heatter's Cookies Cookbook Mishaps

by Lisa C 18 years ago

So I got this book from the library hearing that Heatter is a cookie goddess. I've made two recipes now, completely throwing out one batch. The first batch, Carrot and Honey Oatmeal cookies, were...

How do you store your cookbooks?

by Sydney 18 years ago

We all have a collection of cookbooks which probably doesn't get smaller. How do you sort them? Where do you keep them (kitchen counter, cabinets, closets, stand alone shelves, shelves on the wall)...

Used Cookbooks...

by Hungry Celeste 18 years ago

Does anyone know of a good source for used cookbooks? I tried the little shop on Rampart (Kitchen Witch) but found the prices for used books to be quite daunting. Do any of the other used booksto...

Local Cookbooks

by Evangeline 18 years ago

Can anybody recomend some local cookbooks that are REALLY REALLY GOOD ! Tell me if you have used them....or if someone you know has an opinion... and how you like them.a I'd love to find a book or ...

Follow up to the cookbook thread

by DavidH 18 years ago

I finally found time to read through this thread. Although they were very good suggestions I felt that they left out some very practical everyday situations that needed to be addressed in a cookboo...

cookbook ideas

by susan 18 years ago

I am the mother-in-law to be of a very fine girl who is learning to cook and shows some real talent. I'd like to help equip her kitchen with some really helpful books. She has, or I've given her,...

Cookbook stores

by FED 18 years ago

I'm looking for stores that carry only cookbooks. I know of three: Cook's Library in Los Angeles, Kitchen Arts and Letters in New York and Powell's Books for Cooks in Portland. Any others?

number of cookbooks in your library

by raj1 18 years ago

On earlier thread about "cookbook ideas", a number of you mentioned that you were avid cookbook collectors and addicts. What a relief! I thought I was the only one. Is there a support group for thi...

Definitive ethnic cookbooks (update)

by Aaron D 18 years ago

Thanks for all the good posts. I've compiled a list that may or may not represent some degree of consensus as an easier frame of reference. There are a number of cuisines not covered, and I would...

Marc Veyrat Cookbook (WAS: Message to Chili...)

by Mike 18 years ago

My English language copy of Mac Veyrat's a Forkful of Magic arrived today from, get this, amazon.fr (for complicated legal reasons do not even try to get it from a bookstore here -- Canadians get s...

Definitive ethnic cookbooks

by Aaron D 18 years ago

I'm looking for a list of definitive ethnic cookbooks. Maybe this is too difficult, but I'd like to see us give it a try. I suppose I have in mind something like Julia Child's Mastering the Art o...

Heart-of-the-cuisine cookbooks

by Thi N. 18 years ago

So I've been reading Elizabeth David's French Provincial Cuisine, which I love, and thinking for a while about a certain sort of cookbook, and I thought I might throw out some ideas I had and get s...

Cookbook trading session?

by Thi N. 18 years ago

So - I was tooling around town, desperately on a search for Olney's Lulu's Provencal book, when I had an idea - Anybody interested in doing a cookbook trade-off? I've got a bunch that I grew out ...

good fish markets and cookbook store in LA

by okiespice 18 years ago

I'm coming to LA and desperately need to find some great fish markets in or around Santa Monica. Any suggestions? I also heard about a great cookbook store somewhere in LA...

Asian Cookbook recommendation

by Jim 18 years ago

I want to recommend a delightful cross-Asian cookbook I recently saw at a friend's house in Chicago and purchased cheaply on the net [about $16 WITH shipping]. It's called "The Essential Asian Cook...

Great Cookbook

by Caitlin Wheeler 18 years ago

Often on Chowhound I see posts asking questions like "What's the difference between bleached an unbleached flour?" or "How do I get my vegetables to keep their color when I cook them?" I personall...

New Gray Kunz cookbook?

by Rachel M. 18 years ago

I saw a thread from back in August mentioning Gray Kunz & Peter Kaminsky's new cookbook, Elements of Taste. From the relatively recent review in the NYT, it looks pretty interesting, but has anybo...


by Chris Dickman 19 years ago

Does anyone know what the name of the cookbook which has Portland restaurant's best recipes, and where you can get it?

Haitian Recipes/Cookbooks- Needed ASAP

by Edna 20 years ago

I'm having difficulty finding Haitian recipes and cookbooks on the internet. Any suggestions?

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