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What cookbooks can you not live without? Chowhounds weigh in on the tomes they turn to again and again. Discuss your favorites, recipes from past books, and talk about upcoming cookbooks.

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February 2017 COTM: The Tex-Mex Cookbook--Chapters 2 through 6 (reports)

by blue room 22 days ago

Post reports here, but please don't type recipes verbatim. Old-fashioned Breakfasts (24-37) Chili con Carne (48-6...


dkennedy commented 2 hours ago

Looking for Scandinavian cookbook recommendations

by MmeFleiss 16 hours ago

We have an upcoming trip to Iceland and Norway in late spring, so I've really wanted to familiarize myself with class...

rasputina commented 3 hours ago

Voting Thread: Cookbook of the Month, March 2017

by pistachio peas 5 days ago

It's time to vote! March is a long month. Think about what you'd like to explore over its 31 days. This round of nomi...

Goblin commented 3 hours ago

COTM Cookbook of the Month Nominations for March 2017

by pistachio peas 12 days ago

Good morning, everyone! It's that time again....Cookbook of the Month (COTM) nominations. We start nominations early ...

DuffyH commented 3 hours ago

What are your top ten favourite cookbooks?

by Allegra_K 3 days ago

Your most-loved, most-read, can't-do-without cookery books. I know this has been covered many times before, but this ...


Smokeydoke30 commented 4 hours ago

2017 Piglet Commentary and Cooking Thread

by MelMM 8 days ago

The Piglet nominees are up over at Food52, and here's your chance to comment, complain, and if you cook from any of t...


dkennedy commented 6 hours ago

Cooking from The Smitten Kitchen Blog and Book, by Deb Perelman

by Goblin 3 months ago

The Smitten Kitchen Blog and Cookbook was a very close contender for Cookbook of the Month, December 2016. Since the...

Goblin commented 8 hours ago

January 2007/2009/2016 COTM: Zuni Cafe Cookbook: Seafood/ Poultry

by redwood2bay 10 years ago

----------------------------------------------------- 2016 REVISIT NOTE: If you are the first in 2016 to comment on ...


walker commented 10 hours ago

DUNLOP March Cookbooks of Month: Vegetables and Bean Curd

by oakjoan 9 years ago

Land of Plenty has a chapter combining Vegetables and Bean Curd. Revolutionary Chinese just has Bean Curd. All disc...

pistachio peas commented 11 hours ago

Table Talk with Andrea Nguyen of The Pho Cookbook

by The Chowhound Team 20 days ago

Our latest Table Talk guest doesn’t need much of an introduction since she’s an active and beloved member of the Chow...

The Chowhound Team commented 12 hours ago

January 2017 COTM -- SIMPLE: Pulses; Pasta & Grains; 72-121

by blue room 2 months ago

Use this thread for reports from SIMPLE. Please don't copy recipes verbatim. You can go back to the main reporting ...

paulj commented 13 hours ago

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? February, 2017 edition!

by buttertart 20 days ago

I was pretty good last month -- I think I only indulged in one book, the pathbreaking Florence Lin's Chinese Regional...


inlovewiththedusk commented 14 hours ago

February 2017 COTM: The Tex-Mex Cookbook --chapters 7 through 11 (reports)

by blue room 22 days ago

Post here for these chapters, please don't copy any recipes verbatim. Mex-Mex (126-137) Dulces and Desserts (145-...

Berheenia commented 14 hours ago

Cooking from Fika The art of the Swedish Coffee Break

by MidwesternerTT 12 months ago

The Spring Baking 2016 runner-up book had enough interest that a few of us plan to cook from in March. Here's a pla...

paulj commented 1 day ago

Cooking from Diana Henry's Books

by Caitlin McGrath 4 years ago

Thanks to the enthusiasm several Chowhounds have expressed for British Author Diana Henry's cookbooks, it seems like ...

blue room commented 1 day ago

Favorite New Cookbook "Deep Run Roots"

by bsobel226 16 days ago

Over the past few months I have become a huge fan of the PBS show "Chef's Life" featuring Vivian Howard. My wife pick...


dkennedy commented 1 day ago

Cooking from Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks. Part 2

by DuffyH 2 months ago

Because the original thread has gotten exceedingly long, it's time to split it. Below are the guidelines TDQ set out,...

DuffyH commented 2 days ago

JUNE Cookbook of the Month: DELICIOSO by Penelope Casas

by oakjoan 8 years ago

Please remember to note the BOOK, CHAPTER, and PAGE of the recipe you are cooking each time you post to this thread. ...


qianning commented 3 days ago

"The Professional Chef" iPhone/iPad App

by Jim Leff 4 days ago

Did anyone else shell out $50 for this, to find that the Culinary Institute's ripped off their customers by retractin...

ChefTara commented 3 days ago

December 2016 COTM: Polpo (revisit) Fish and Meat 103 - 189

by blue room 3 months ago

Post reports here for chapters 3 & 4 Back to main page


Foxeyblue commented 3 days ago