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Chez Rene

by sarafinadh 9 months ago

We landed here on a friend's recommendation, who touted it as a solid choice for classic French Bistro fare and she w...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 8 months ago

Duck confit cooking temperature preferences?

by rezpeni 8 years ago

Cooking some confit today but my books seems to have a range of temps. Zuni and Keller both suggest temps of around 2...


TomMeg1970 commented 12 months ago

Duck Confit in DC

by Steve 1 year ago

For so long now I have seen 'duck confit' on menus being used in verious other dishes like tacos, eggrolls, and salad...


wineloverdc commented 1 year ago

Duck confit question

by letaylor96 10 years ago

Does anyone know why just the legs are used for *most* duck confit preparations? Are the other cuts just not as goo...


southofboston commented 1 year ago

Garlic confit botulism?

by killmanjaro 3 years ago

I just ate a dish of pasta with garlic confit drizzled over it, the garlic confit was made yesterday and left out ove...


PhilD commented 1 year ago

How long can I leave my confit duck in its own fat for?

by stef75 1 year ago

Hi Please can anyone help me? i know its a old post and im not expecting a rely. I made some confit duck legs, salted...


hotoynoodle commented 1 year ago

can I freeze duck confit?

by A Fish Called Wanda 13 years ago

I got a little carried away in the store today and bought too many duck legs for confit. I know it can stay for coup...


stef75 commented 1 year ago

Duck Confit Slow cooker?

by rkraus5 2 years ago

Thinking of making duck confit, I usually make it from a Bon Appetit recipe however I want to make it on a week night...


Madrid commented 2 years ago

duck confit

by dalewest 7 years ago

Dear Hounds, I purchased a small whole duck at my local coop 2 days ago. I was planning to cook the whole thing...


friendlycanadian commented 2 years ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Confit of Opah Belly?

by 4Snisl 3 years ago

I am currently poaching opah belly at a low temperature in the oven- seasoned it with salt, thyme and lemon zest over...

Rabbit confit cooking tips

by borntolovefood 3 years ago

Once in a party I was offered a taste of some rabbit meat from a can someone brought back from England. The taste was...


JudiAU commented 3 years ago

Duck confit?

by DevorahL 4 years ago

I just bought two duck legs for Pesach. I've never worked with duck before and I really want to get it right! Does an...


DevorahL commented 4 years ago

Duck confit

by NatashaDeAcutis 4 years ago

Can you purchase duck confit legs or breasts in a supermarket in toronto?


Ted Richards commented 4 years ago

Duck Confit - too salty

by yehudimenuhin 12 years ago

Can y'all help me troubleshoot my duck confit. I made a batch the other day and it was way too salty. It sat on t...


Mikeymoo commented 4 years ago

duck confit in slow cooker - can I use a liner?

by AdinaA 4 years ago

making duck confit in a slow cooker. My method is to immerse in duck fat, and heat it through at about 5pm, then turn...


AdinaA commented 4 years ago

Duck confit in slow cooker for Shabbat lunch?

by AdinaA 4 years ago

Would it work? No way to crisp the skin, of course, but if you put the duck legs and fat in on Friday afternoon, cook...


AdinaA commented 4 years ago

Can I confit duck and chicken legs together?

by Speechfish 4 years ago

I have a few duck legs+thighs that I would like to use for my first go of confit and was thinking about adding a few ...


Caroline1 commented 4 years ago

Storage of duck confit? [moved from Prairie Provinces]

by KitchenBella 4 years ago

I am making duck confit for the first time, and I am having an issue finding a consistent answer for how long you can...


thimes commented 4 years ago