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Any good eats off Hwy 4 between Concord & Pt Richmond?

by hhc 13 years ago

I'd like some suggestions on lunch or early dinner. Going to be going to the Concord Naval Weapon Station & Point Richmond. Anywhere between that route off Hwy 4? Thanks in advance. Meal will b...

Japanese in Pleasant Hill or Concord or Martinez?

by zenki 13 years ago

Any suggestions for Japanese food in Central Contra Costa County, not Walnut Creek preferably.

Dim Sum: Walnut Creek/Concord vs Oakland/Alameda

by zabecks 13 years ago

I used to go to Tin's Teahouse when they were in Oakland Chinatown and am contemplating trying the Walnut Creek location. Another post recommended Imperial Seafood in Concord over Tin's (http://ww...

Try El Gallo in Concord on Todos Santos Plaza.

by DCA 13 years ago

Our friend believes this is the best place he can find his favorites like home. Good carnitas, large servings, reasonable prices & always active. On Grant St.

Los Altos Tacqueria II in Concord

by djh 14 years ago

Had lunch there this weekend during an outing to Fry's. Had three regular tacos ($1.55/cilantro, onions, salsa) -- al pastor, carne asada and chorizo. All were good and authentic. Also tried the...

Eateries in Concord or Vallejo

by drmimi 13 years ago

My son is in the hospital in Concord, I live in Petaluma. Looking for some decent places to eat (not a chain) on the way there or back. It's a 60 mile drive each way- would be nice to get someth...

Hanging duck delis in Concord/Walnut Creek?

by Sarah 13 years ago

Will be visiting area first time and would like to bring a little something -- duck, chicken, and/or good steam table items. Any such place? Addr/cross street appreciated to mapquest from her hou...

A Gem Found in Concord for Chinese-Korean Food

by theSauce 13 years ago

Through a tip by a friend, he told me good Chinese-Korean can be had at Mandarin Garden on Monument Blvd in Concord. When I first arrived at this place, I thought to myself... no way they serve goo...

Mandarin Garden in Concord Chinese-Korean

by theSauce 13 years ago

I saw on another website there was a review for this restaurant and the poster touted that they have very good Chinese-Korean food (comparable to LA). Anyone been?

Concord, CA chow hole

by Vinnie G 18 years ago

I am looking for a place in Concord that is kid friendly, cheap (less than $8 per entree), good for a group of 10 and is fun

Prime rib halfway between Concord and SF?

by Jay H 14 years ago

It's my aunt's birthday and half of us live in SF and the other half reside in Concord. Any good prime rib places in between these two cities? Thanks!

Little Saigon in Concord.

by SamuelA.L. 14 years ago

I heard about this place in Concord with great pho that just opened up another place in Livermore. Anyone have any info. on it?

Concord -More on Namaste North & South Indian Cuisine ???

by rworange 14 years ago

In a post about another Indian restaurant, Kitchen Imp was quite enthusiastic about this restaurant mentioning they also have a great buffet. She likes it so much she drives from Berkeley to eat th...

Dinner near Concord (Sleep Train) Pavilion

by Nancy 14 years ago

Can anyone recommend somewhere to eat dinner prior to a show at the Pavilion? We're coming from the Peninsula, and just don't know the area.

Chopan Kabob in Concord

by Martin Strell 14 years ago

Today, Jing, Zelinda (our 3 year old) and I were in Concord and we decided to give the Chopan Kabab a try. There was an old report on the place: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/26545 It...

Good Asian Fusion/Thai restos in Concord or Walnut Creek?

by Wanderer 14 years ago

We're seeing a show in Concord this p.m. Can anyone recommend a good Asian Fusion/Thai, OK, even a French-Calif cuisine place, either in Concord or say, Walnut Creek? Private replies OK, too. ...

Dinner by Concord Chronicle Pavillion

by komquats 14 years ago

several people trying to get together before a concert in Concord at the Chronicle Pavillion/July. not too pricey early dinner hour so we can make the concert in time. many of us will have cars and...

Great place for Mexican food in Concord w/drinks?

by jay 14 years ago

Hi there, Well, the subject line says it all. I was hoping for something besides El Torito, I don't hate their food but was trying to avoid a big chain... Thanks

Rehearsal Dinner Possibilites in Concord

by Stephanie 14 years ago

Calling all Chowhounds! Need recommendations for a Rehearsal Dinner Spot in Concord (preferably near St. Bonaventure Church on Clayton Road). No specific requirements - about 20 -30 people. Thanks!