Comfort Food

Sometimes you just need some comfort food. Discuss your favorite favorites with like-minded Chowhounds, swap recipes, and find restaurants where you can indulge. You deserve it.

Get Cozy with These 15 Creamy Mushroom Recipes (No Can Opener Required)

Cream and mushrooms are a magical combo, and these creamy mushroom recipes celebrate it in all its glory—but without relying on a can. The power duo is nothing new, of course; cream and mushrooms have...

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Good Comfort food- davis

by amur 18 years ago

Im looking for some good comfort food in the Davis/porter square area. French Onion soup would be great.

post-bar-hopping late-night comfort food -- SaMo to downtown

by blima2 18 years ago

I went looking for comprehensive discussions of this issue but I was surprised not to find much recently. The scenario: you've been out drinking at bar(s) or club(s), you've been kicked out at ...

Comfort Food -- Los Angeles

by Darcy 18 years ago

Can anyone recommend some of your favorite comfort foods joints?

Southern comfort food?

by David Ahn 18 years ago

I miss the meat-and-sides restaurants in the South that serve meatloaf or fried chicken with things like turnip greens or fried okra. Can anyone recommend a place like this in the Bay Area, prefera...

No-brainer-comfort food

by Miss G 18 years ago

I just graduated from culinary school and my brain is maxed out recipes so I don't want anything difficult for home cooking. Anybody have any post-intensive-study-comfort food ideas? Thanks in adva...

comfort food in St. Louis

by ms mac 18 years ago

I know this isn't gourmet fare but is there anyplace that serves a really good meatloaf or liver & onions?

Where can I find Portuguese comfort food?

by Starving Student 18 years ago

So I've been studying in Montreal for two semesters and I have yet to find a churrasco similar to those found through out Toronto. It's rumoured that there is a small Portuguese district hidden in ...

Comfort food in West/Greenwich Village tonight for semi-ill me?

by eeee 18 years ago

Hi, all. Tonight I'm having dinner somewhere in the West Village. I need to choose a place. Normally, I'd get seafood or Asian, but I'm fighting this sort of nasty bug, and I think I'm looking ...

Malibu Inn review - new owners-southern comfort food & BBQ too!!

by imageraiders 18 years ago

Hi there, Saying a quick prayer as I tread lightly into this ever ongoing debate on whether or not there are good ribs to be found in LA - Please be gentle.... Give the under new management MAL...

help! - village comfort food idea

by Becca Benghiat 19 years ago

I need to take my husband out for comfort food (ethnic is fine...) dinner tonite - he hasn't slept for 2 days and no prospect of sleeping anytime soon (darn grad school). so, at least I should fee...

favorites for comfort food

by Adam Lerner 19 years ago

As the weather starts getting cooler and wetter, I start jonesing for some ol' fashioned comfort food. The recent thread about "gai pie" reminded me that I haven't found a great chicken pot pie in ...

ukranian comfort food

by zoehunter 19 years ago

Hello...I am addicted to Ukranian comfort food at Veselka in the East Village...am looking for other great restaurants for perogies/blintzes and borscht! Thanks, zoe Link: http://zoehunter-lee.tri...

Comfort food UUWS--125th & Bway, 145th and Bway

by Loeb 19 years ago

Someone recently posted about Floridita on 125 and B'way--we had an enjoyable breakfast there yesterday. Simple stuff; eggs and mangu (mashed plantains? with marinated onions on top) and the Florid...

Comfort Food at it's Best!

by smith27 19 years ago

Read a review on the reopening/renaming of JohnFrank as 'Home' on Market St. a few months back and decided to give it a try. Since then, I have probably dined there at least once a week. The pric...

Comfort Foods for Sick Chowhounds

by Lindsay B. 19 years ago

I can feel myself succumbing to the creeping crud that's already laid most of my friends low. Since my boyfriend had the bug last week, I've already stocked the house with our favorite chowish com...

Vienna comfort food

by huck hound 19 years ago

I have a friend who is going back to Vienna, his childhood home, for a week of chowhounding among other things. He talks of the wonderful herrings, the liver dumplings, the famous candy factory th...

Cold Fighting Comfort Food?

by ashley 19 years ago

Any good suggestions for take-out food in manhattan (preferably below 42nd street on the East side) that a)helps kick a cold that won't let go and/or b) at least provides some modicum of comfort/en...

Zon's = Delicious Comfort Food!!

by C. Simon 19 years ago

My fiancee and I were delighted by our meal last night at Zon's. On the corner of Perkins and Centre Street, Zon's is Jamaica Plain's answer to Franklin Cafe. Although it is a bit less ambitiuos t...

Dinerbar-great comfort food

by Buzzika 20 years ago

Amazing comfort food in a great atmosphere that's ridiculously cheap. I lived upstairs from this place until last month and shed a tear as it faded away in my rear view mirror. Great mac-n-cheese, ...

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