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M Fresh, Columbia SC

by SweetPea 9 years ago

It's nice to have another option for a late lunch (open 9 - 6) that is delightfully green and fresh. Michele's places seem to consistently dish out some quality choices. The citrus vinegarette wa...

Best Burger, Columbia SC, 2010 and beyond

by north2south 11 years ago

There's an old best burger thread for Columbia but it is time for an update. If you have some recent discoveries please post them. I recently visited Pawley's Front Porch on Hardin Street in Fi...

Help! Charlotte from Columbia (concert at Verizon Amphitheater)

by sethacke 9 years ago

Apologies for such short notice. My husband and I are driving from Columbia, SC to attend a concert tomorrow (06/21/2012) evening at the Verizon Amphitheater. I've done some general searching for...

The Basil Pot in Columbia S.C.

by byteme55 11 years ago

One of my wife's favorite restaurants was The Basil Pot, which is now closed. I am trying to find a copy of their cookbook. Any suggestions?

Eating in Charleston, Columbia, & Santee w/ kids

by tl4man 10 years ago

We will be staying in Santee the week of Memorial Day and are trying to plan, as best we can, where we'll be eating during our stay. We'll be spending 3 days in Charleston, 1 in Columbia, and 1 in...

Farmers' Market in Columbia, SC?

by staceyinNC 10 years ago

I'm going hiking near Columbia, SC, Saturday a.m. Anyone know of a good farmers' market in the area? Thanks!

Gift Certificate to Columbia, SC restaurant?

by uptownlibrarian 10 years ago

I'd like to purchase my brother and his girlfriend a gift certificate for Christmas, to a good Thai or Vietnamese restaurant in Columbia. Not necessarily upscale, just whatever is best. Any sugges...

Recommendations for Columbia, SC?

by kerrywa 10 years ago

Hey 'hounds, I'm headed to Columbia, SC for two days and want to know what I can't miss, food-wise. All manner of food is loved, from greasy spoon to fussy. Thanks!

Recommendation for a non-chain restaurant along the drive from Charleston to Columbia, SC?

by jennykc 10 years ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to stop for dinner on the road between Charleston and Columbia--we're looking for something a little upscale or at least beyond highway chain o...

DeLucca's Italian Grill and Pizzeria - Columbia, SC

by north2south 11 years ago

Anyone been to this restaurant lately? It's on Sunset, in the same strip as Mai Thai. I got a pair of great sandwiches from there a few years ago and promptly forgot all about the place. I think...

Food Truck Rodeo, Columbia 9/23/11

by SweetPea 10 years ago

Oh Boy! City Roots Farm $5 tickets but I hear groupon will have a 2 for 1 offer on Thursday. http://carolinagreenfair.com/columbia/events/?eid=28

Bone-In Artisan BBQ Truck, Columbia, SC

by north2south 11 years ago

In recent years, the most significant culinary development in the Columbia area, in my opinion, was the emergence of Heather's Artisan Bakery. With the appearance of this baker, Columbians could su...

Columbia, SC - Fish and Chips?

by archovist 10 years ago

Hi folks, I'm looking for fish and chips in the Columbia area. I've had them from both Delaney's and Liberty's, but have been unimpressed by both. Any little Brit pubs that I've missed out on? ...

Mojito's - Columbia, SC

by SweetPea 10 years ago

What a delight to find a good cuban sandwich in Columbia! Nice and moist with that perfect bread. The small resto itself has a delightfully bright, airy, colorful interior. And oh how I wish I h...

Great Mexican in Columbia, SC?

by GrillMaster 11 years ago

Hey Chowhounders, I'm new to the Cola area and I'm trying to find a good go-to Mexican restaurant. My wife and I love to eat Mexican and we've always had an easy Mexican option everywhere we ha...

Columbia, SC

by apwessen 11 years ago

Looking for recommendations. I will be staying in downtown Columbia July 12-16 and wanted to taste the local fare. What are some restaurants/foods I shouldn't miss?

Good BBQ around Columbia, SC?

by albini 15 years ago

I'm going to be travelling through Columbia and was thinking of sampling some 'cue. Where should I check out. I've heard very mixed things about Maurice's. I think there's a place called Shealey...

Croquembouche near the Columbia SC area?

by beth28 11 years ago

Does anyone know if there are any places that make croquembouche near Columbia, South Carolina? I have been searcing online to no avail. Thanks!

Bombay Grill in Columbia - Best Indian Food in the Carolinas

by UrDaddy 11 years ago

Bombay Grill at 245 Bush River Road in Columbia is EXCELLENT. I have recommended this place a time or two here on chowhound, but this place truly is outstanding and deserves a thread of its own. ...