Throw a Baller Big Game Party with This Super Expensive Menu

Reasons you may want to throw the ultimate luxury blowout Super Bowl bash this year: 1. You have recently come into some fortune and want to demonstrate to your friends and family just what kind of...

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by Gratin 12 years ago

We'll be there in January-does anyone have any recs for lunch and dinner? I would love to find a little auberge...

Best cognac, whiskey, or other digestif for about $50?

by Procrastibaker 12 years ago

My husband and I have a $50 cap on Christmas this year (grad students with a new baby). I've decided to get him a bottle of something decent for sipping. Any good values out there? He likes cognac,...

cognac advice

by Rachel 14 years ago

I'm looking to buy a bottle of cognac for my boyfriend. I don't want to go the high-volume-high-price route; I'd like to find something more interesting, and preferably ~$50. I am not a cognac dr...

Cognac tasting in Boston?

by Scottes 12 years ago

While my first love is rum, I also enjoy cognac and brandy. I run a rum review blog (http://scottesrum.com) and would like to enhance my skills in tasting. That is, learning more skills of tasting,...

Need $200+ gift cognac recommendations

by metaphora 12 years ago

Hi all, I'm looking to spend about $200 for a cognac lover, could go up as high as $280, but not much more. The problem is I know very little about cognac. A search of the boards pulled up som...

Where to get cognac in Ann Arbor?

by cheesenut 12 years ago

I'd like to get some nice cognac for someone as a gift (approx $100-$200 price range). Any idea where I can go in the Ann Arbor area that would have a knowledgeable staff to guide me? Also, any r...

Best value in a "special occasion" cognac

by BobB 13 years ago

For me, every day is a day to finish a meal with a decent (VSOP level) cognac, but for special occasions I like something better. I've never tasted an XO that I thought was worth the money, but Ma...

Grand Marnier vs. Cointreau in recipe; does it matter?

by takeoutgirl 13 years ago

My recipe for orange roasted capon calls for orange-flavored cognac. I have both Grand Marnier and Cointreau. Is one better suited for recipe over the other? Thanks!

Looking for a good guide to cognac (and also champagne)

by NYChristopher 13 years ago

I am a regular purchaser of Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book. What I appreciate is that in a sentence or two, I get a snapshot of the property and the (my observation) historic tendencies of the pr...

substituting for Grand Marnier?

by IrinaD 13 years ago

I am attempting a recipe for the first time that calls for 1 tsp of Grand Marnier. I would rather not buy a bottle for a single teaspoon, is there anything I can use to substitute for this? TIA!

HELP! Cognac substitution

by bananie 13 years ago

Can't get out to the store, recipe (for gravy) calls for cognac, what would you substitute? I thought I had a calvados in the house I could substitute, but don't. I have a cabernet, a dry sherry a...

Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac

by SanJoseHound 13 years ago

Disclaimer: I am a Cognac Rookie. A generous friend with a very extensive home bar suggested I take a sip of Louis XIII Cognac. I read the little booklet that came with it & admired the red sat...

reactions to cognac

by tilly 13 years ago

Does anyone know of any adverse reactions to drinking Cognac? I know that wine imported into the US has sulfites that can give a person some reactions. I am particurily interested in finding out ab...

Pierre Ferrand Cognac

by FrankJBN 13 years ago

I feel bad. A friend gave me a bottle of Ambre last Christmas. grand Champagne, blend of minimum 10 year old stocks. I found it to be the worst brandy I ever drank, so harsh that I can't tell yo...

need cognac recommendations

by mark 14 years ago

i like to get my dad a bottle of nice cognac for his birthday each year. i am not much of a cognac drinker & the stores around me are rather bereft of options, so i usually just go by price & get h...

Need advice on "flaming" cognac

by David Hammond 16 years ago

I’m making Steak au Poivre from my daughter’s birthday dinner, and I have what I think is a good recipe, but it calls for “flaming” the cognac after I add it to the meat juices. I have no idea how...

Cognac--cooking and drinking

by Tater 18 years ago

Just curious as to what brand, quality and age cognac is used by this group to cook? Do you drink it also or prefer a better quality? I cook with wine that I would drink, but I always prefer someth...

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