Finding good coffee spots in any city is an essential. Ask other Chowhounds where they love to get their caffeine fix, and share your favorite coffee recipes, tools, and brands.

The Most Delicious Valentine's Day Food Gifts Under $50

As George Bernard Shaw once said, “there is no love sincerer than the love of food.” Which is exactly why we say skip the overpriced roses for her and ditch the cologne for him and instead give your...

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Green coffee beans, now what?

by leeson 16 years ago

Received green coffee beans in a gift pack. No instructions included - how do I roast coffee beans at home? Signed, Victim of a gift pack

coffee beans

by imaminer 16 years ago

Recently moved out to LA and have yet to find great coffee beans. So far I've tried Say Cheese and Urth Caffe, but I'm not satisfied. Who roasts the best beans?

Green coffee beans

by Mirekina 16 years ago

Hi there, Know of any local green coffee bean purveyors? I've been mail ordering for some time, but it would be great if I could go somewhere in person to buy them. Any suggestions? Thanks!

coffee beans

by Spresso 16 years ago

Where do the caffeine addicts buy their green beans in the Toronto area? I am new to this game and have bought some from Merchants of Green coffee and was wondering how many others there are. TIA

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

by Parrot Mom 16 years ago

Okay. so what do you do with them...put them in coffee, decorate a cake??

coffee beans

by Paulette 17 years ago

Yesterday I was told that oily or moist coffee beans was caused by over roasting. I have always found this type of bean to be more flavorable and fresher than dry beans. Whats the opion. Are dry...

Good coffee beans in Tucson?

by Peter Tillman 17 years ago

For 25 years we relied on Coffee Etc. for coffee beans to go. They had their ups & downs, but went out of business this fall. We like dark French roast. Since then, we've tried Coffee Xchange, Ca...

coffee beans

by Christopher 17 years ago

I will be visiting San Francisco a few days in January and I want to pick up some coffee beans. Yes, I live in New York City and still remember the beans I brought home from the Horseshoe Cafe in t...

Roasted coffee beans

by Bill 17 years ago

Any opinions out there on the best places in Manhattan to buy roasted coffee beans?

where to have dessert, coffee/cocktails and just lounge after valentine's dinner?

by shants 18 years ago

We are having dinner in the Richmond district. Nothing fancy in terms of the restaurant. A great pasta place recommended on this site. Afterwards, we'd love somewhere comfortable (and dare I ho...

Best Source for Coffee Beans in Bay Area??

by Jaakko Kokko 18 years ago

Does anyone have recommendations for where to find high-quality coffee beans for someone who likes strong, rich, flavorful coffee that is smooth (i.e. without the bitterness of say Peet's coffee)? ...

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

by Swingline 18 years ago

I am looking for a store in NYC that sells chocolate covered coffee beans. I was hoping to find a store rather than an on-line resource. Any ideas?

coffee beans from PDX to LGA

by Christopher Armstrong 19 years ago

Hey, fellow coffee lovers. I recently gave up New York coffee, deciding instead to order my beans from cities where coffee is more of a religious experience than a necessary chore. I ordered a ...

Coffee Beans

by Nat Siegel 18 years ago

Most often, I buy my coffee beans at one of the Portorican Coffee places. Quality and price seem good to me although their service is often surly. Any suggestions where else to shop for coffee be...

Coffee beans in Astoria?

by Jennifer 18 years ago

We moved to Astoria a couple of months ago and need a recommendation of a good place to buy coffee beans. Up until now have been planning ahead and getting them in Manhattan, but a supply emergency...

spanish coffee beans

by frances 18 years ago

bought some great beans from Novell Cafe in Barcelona...you can TASTE the coffee...where can i buy beans from spain in manhattan or nj? someone suggested columbian beans from starbucks, but it is s...

Coffee Beans ?

by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

I just made a shopping trip to the Beacom Market in Brookline -- just over the City of Boston line on Beacon St. They sell a wide range of roasted coffee beans for prices ranging from $2.99 per lb ...

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